November 2019 TBR

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! I can’t believe that it’s November and time for another reading month to start. It doesn’t feel like I’ll be making my best-of list next month lmao. Regardless, the year has almost come to a close so I’m deciding to do something a little bit different.

This month, I decided to participate in Kathy’s “Remember November” challenge. It’s basically all about remembering all the goals, lists or challenges you set up for yourself earlier in the year and trying to fulfill them. For me, I wrote a list of 10 books I wanted to read in 2019 which I’m not going to tackle but rather, focusing on my top 5 Tuesday post as inspiration.

In particular, I’m going to focus on my Top 5 Books I NEED to Read in 2019.  I did give it a valiant effort and read 2 of the 5 but I want to read the rest of them so let’s get into them and any other books I plan on reading!

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1. Pride

This book has been on my radar forever and I’ve used every excuse in the book not to pick it up. Since looking at that post though, I’ve really wanted to read it. Thankfully, my library has both the e-book and the audiobook so I’ll have my pick. I think I might go with the audiobook since Elizabeth Acevedo narrates it which is guaranteed to be a great reading experience. Plus one of my fantasy football friends just read it and liked it so I’m taking her word plus Meeghan‘s for it. 😉

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2. A Very Large Expanse of Sea

This is a book that got a lot of hype last year and since then, I’ve been eagerly anticipating reading it. Earlier this year, I tried listening to the audiobook but I think I just didn’t like the narrator so I returned it. With that being said, I plan on checking this out on ebook from my library. I know this book focuses on a Muslim teen in high school after the 9-11 attacks and it’s basically a coming-of-age story…I think. Regardless, it sounds like a powerful read.

38244389. sy475

3. A Heart in a Body in the World

As far as books on this list, this is one that I’m most excited yet nervous about. I’ve never read anything by Deb Caletti but I know this book follows a girl who is running to Washington DC from Washington state I believe to advocate for stricter gun law. I might be wrong, but I think that’s how everyone has described it. Everyone I’m friends with on Goodreads that reviewed it said about how powerful it is so I think it’ll be a good chilly November read.

41746595. sy475

4. Block Shot (Hoops #2)

If there’s one book I’ve been dragging my feet on, it’s this one. I read Long Shot in 2018 and I enjoyed it even though it was a tough read. However, I did take a break in the middle of Long Shot and ended up waiting a while to pick it back up. That’s part of the reason why I’m so hesitant about reading this one but I’m going to stop dragging my feet finally. In November, I’m going to read this and hopefully, love it. 😛

1162543. sy475

5. Breaking Dawn (Twilight #4)

Tentatively, I’m adding this one to my TBR because I know Ellyn and I are planning on reading it. What I don’t know is when so I could have already finished this by the time this post goes up. Either way, I wanted to include it since we’re planning on finishing the series before 2020 gets here. 🙂

Those are all the books I plan on reading in November and I’m super excited to finally get to these. I’m crossing my fingers that they all end up being solid reads.

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