10 most disappointing 2021 reads

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Welcome to another post and this time, we’re talking about my most disappointing reads of 2021. When it comes to disappointing reads, I actually have a decent amount. For the most part, I have a pretty good handle on my taste and know which books will work for me.

However, sometimes, things don’t work out exactly as I hoped for. Sometimes, I end up thinking I’m going to love a book and it just doesn’t work for me. Honestly, that’s the case with most of these or there were books that I was highly anticipating and they didn’t live up to the hype so let’s get into them.

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10. The Love Hypothesis

The first book on this list might surprise some people as this one was a super hyped romance book this year. However, I was super disappointed when I read it as I felt like it read entirely too much like fan fiction. I know it was based on Reylo fanfic but when I found out, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. In the end, this book was just okay to me but nothing spectacular. I do appreciate all the hype it’s getting in the romance community but overall, it wasn’t anything special to me.

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9. The Intimacy Experiment

This book is one of those unfortunate cases where I loved the first book and didn’t enjoy the second book. This one was Naomi’s story with Ethan who is a rabbi and honestly, it just didn’t work for me. I didn’t feel the chemistry between these two and I just didn’t enjoy the relationship between the two. I especially didn’t like the way that Ethan treated Naomi at times.

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8. The Heart Principle

Let’s get this one over with and that’s The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang. I was obviously super hyped for this book as most of us were. However, this book just didn’t give me the fun and sweet rom-com vibes that were promised. While this book was hard-hitting and intense and arguably a good story, it just didn’t deliver everything that was promised. While it was a great book, it was a disappointment when it came to being a romance.

56767436. sy475

7. Happy Endings

Alright, so this is a book I saw at my library and was immediately invested in. It’s a second-chance romance featuring a woman who sells sex toys and a guy taking over his family business. Sounds like it’s going to be a fun sexy time but alas it was not. This book felt entirely too long and honestly, was pretty boring.

54736834. sy475

6. Yes & I Love You

This was a book I saw being hyped up for having great representation and being a super-steamy read which I was about. However, this is another one that just fell flat for me. I didn’t feel the connection between the two characters, the conflicts felt forced and the steam just didn’t live up to the hype. I do want to give Roni Loren one more try but honestly, this book was just not it for me.

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5. How To Find A Princess

The next disappointing read for me was How To Find A Princess by Alyssa Cole. While I haven’t loved this series, this one was another one that didn’t work. The romance took too long to develop and it felt like neither of the characters had particularly redeeming qualities. This book just felt like it had entirely too much story instead of focusing on the romance.


4. Well Matched

The next disappointing read for me is a recent one and that’s Well Matched by Jen DeLuca. This is book 3 in her Well Met series and honestly, it should have been a hit for me. Once again, I felt like the romance was a secondary plot to the rest of what April had going on. Plus I just didn’t enjoy April as a character, it felt like Mitch deserved much better treatment than he got. Sigh.

48846018. sy475

3. The Beast

I am SO sad about this one. Also, Katee Robert is pulling double-duty, being on my disappointing list and my favorites. Either way, this is Belle, Beast, and Gaeton’s book which sounded like it was going to be right up my alley. However, it was just okay to me. I enjoyed the relationship and the steamy scenes, but that’s really all it gave to me. I’m just sad about it but I am excited to read the next two books. This one was basically just a me problem tbh.

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2. All The Feels

This is a book that I was super excited for as it felt like it was going to be the perfect companion to Spoiler Alert but I HATED this. This book is supposed to be a romance between Alex and Lauren, but the two have no chemistry whatsoever and honestly, can’t even talk to each other. It was just painful to see how they interacted and how the “relationship” between them developed. Plus he was painfully obsessed with making comments about her appearance which I hated.


1. The Rehearsals

The final book and easily my most disappointing/worst read of the year was The Rehearsals which was pitched as You Deserve Each Other meets Groundhog Day so I was DOWN. However, this book lacked all of the charms of YDEO and honestly, gave me a romance I didn’t care about or root for. These characters barely even liked each other, did horrible things to one another, and used their do-overs to act like assholes. It was so off-putting and I absolutely hated this book. Nothing about it made me happy and it was a pain to actually sit down and read it. Such a toxic and unlikable couple along with unlikable characters and just generally, this book was awful to me.

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If you couldn’t tell, 2021 was not the year for me and traditionally published books. I enjoyed some but for the most part, I read a lot of indie books. No doubt that trend is going to continue into 2022 so I’m excited to see how that goes.

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Betty White-Out Weekend TBR

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Welcome to a TBR post and this time, I’m featuring my TBR for the Betty White-Out Weekend readathon. This is part of the Golden Girls readathon and it’s something I’m super excited about. As we all know, Betty White passed away at the end of 2021 but we still wanted to celebrate her.

With that being said, let’s get into the details. This round is going from January 14th until January 17th and it’s inspired by her name. According to the website, the prompts include “Read a book with white in the title,” “Read a book with white in the author’s name,” “Read a book with white on the cover,” “Read a book about Betty White” and finally, “Read a book by Betty White.”

Honestly, I’m super excited and my plan is to try and read a book each day of the readathon so let’s get into my TBR.

Read a book about Betty White 


The first book I chose for this round is How To Be Golden: Lesson We Can Learn From Betty White. I saw this cover and I was all over it. This book is basically little tidbits from and about Betty White. It was the first book I saw and knew I had to read it for this round.

Read a book with white in the title 

57113819. sy475

For this prompt, I decided to go with White Smoke by Tiffany D. Jackson. I’ve read other books by Tiffany D. Jackson and enjoyed them so this was one I saw and knew I had to use it. I’ve heard mixed things about this one so I’m nervous but I want to check it out.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

At this point, those are the only books I have picked out. However, I don’t think it’s going to be hard to pick out two books that feature white on the cover. Either way, I’m excited to be able to celebrate Betty White in my own way. 🙂

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My Top 15 Books of 2021

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! After much waiting and finally sitting down to do this, I’m going to be talking about my favorite books of 2021. I was going to make it a top 10 but I honestly had SO many books I read and loved this year that it wasn’t happening. Instead, I’m going to be featuring a top 15 and honestly, it might surprise some people.

Either way, this is going to be a long post so I won’t talk much but let’s get into my top 15.

49199814. sx318

15. Sweat and Soap Vol 1

Originally, I was going to do a top 10 but since I decided to do a top 15, I could feature this book. I decided to pick this up because a Booktuber I adore LOVES this series so I picked it as a Hoemance selection. This is a romance manga about two co-workers, one who works in the accounting department and one who is head of the scent department for this perfume company. It’s super steamy and fun, definitely a favorite manga series.

59009928. sy475

14. There Are No Saints

My next favorite book of 2021 was one I read in December and I was obsessed. This is a romance between two artists: the heroine who is poor and struggling and the hero who is rich and successful yet a serial killer. It’s basically a toxic romance between the two and the drama that comes from his rival who wants to kill the main character. It’s dramatic and over-the-top but I adored it.

51500614. sx318 sy475

13. A Worthy Opponent

My next favorite is A Worthy Opponent by Katee Robert. This is book 3 in her Wicked Villians series and it follows Hook and Tinkerbell. This one is super steamy and features such a lovely dynamic between the two with Tink being a brat and Hook being a “brat tamer.” Honestly, this was super hot, super fun, and was another one I read while at my boyfriend’s so it holds a place in my heart.

58911816. sy475

12. Battle Royal

The next favorite of 2021 is Battle Royal by Lucy Parker. This is a romance between two bakers who are competing to make a wedding cake for the royal wedding. It’s a lot of fun and features the sunshine-grumpy dynamic that I love. Even though it was a bit long, this book made me so happy and I felt like it was the perfect book I read during that time.

56177991. sy475

11. Bombshell

The next favorite of mine in 2021 was a major sleeper because it’s historical and that’s Bombshell by Sarah MacLean. This is a romance book focused on Sesily who is a “wild child” and is known for having many lovers and Caleb, her sister’s best friend. It was super fun, steamy, and honestly, didn’t feel bogged down like historicals can be for me.

50311527. sy475

10. Wolf Gone Wild

The next favorite on my list is Wolf Gone Wild by Juliette Cross. This is a paranormal romance between a witch and a werewolf. The major conflict of the story is that Mateo can’t shift and he asks for help from Evie and it snowballs from there. This is a lot of fun, features tons of nerdy references and honestly, just made me SO happy. It’s relatively long but I LOVED it.

58019972. sy475

9. The Professor Next Door

The next favorite of 2021 is The Professor Next Door by Jackie Lau. Since I decided to dive into her backlist in 2021, I knew that one of her books would end up on this list. This one is book 3 in the Cider Bar Sisters series and it follows a group of friends who each have a romance. This one is super fun as it’s about a girl who ends up having a romance with her neighbor who overhears her having sex. This was steamy, short and yet featured an incredible romance. Jackie Lau just keeps getting better and better.

55052300. sy475

8. Truth or Dare

The next book is one I read early in 2021 and it stuck with me. This one is a friends-to-lovers romance between Simone and Kingston who reconnect at an old college friend’s wedding. This one is another relatively short yet super-steamy story. It’s also Black love, too. Honestly, this book was one I finished on Valentine’s Day and I LOVED it.

57488034. sy475

7. Run Posy Run

The next favorite of mine for 2021 was Run Posy Run by Cate C. Wells. This is a mafia story between Dario, a sociopath, and Posy, who gets wrongfully blackmailed and it’s basically him chasing her to the ends of Earth to have her. It’s a dark romance but honestly, it didn’t really bother me. This was super fast-paced with a few steamy scenes but it impressed me SO much.

55817097. sy475

6. Twisted Love

Moving onto another sociopath romance, this one is between Alex, a wealthy businessman/sociopath, and Ava, his best friend’s sister. This is another case of the grumpy-sunshine trope and I adored it. It really felt like Alex melted when Ava came into the picture and I loved it. While the family drama was a bit much at times, this book was super fast-paced and kept me entertained the entire time. Plus it was another super-steamy read.


55929228. sy475

5. Ever After Always

The next favorite on my list is Ever After Always by Chloe Liese. In 2021, I decided to read her entire Bergman Brothers series and was a delight it was. My favorite of the bunch was Ever After Always which is actually their sister, Freya’s story, and her husband, Aiden, making it a marriage-in-trouble story. It was super angsty, emotional and dealt with SO much while showcasing a beautiful romance redeveloping between the two. While I didn’t love all the talk about pregnancy and fertility during this one, it was still the best of the bunch for me.


4. A Dowry of Blood

The next favorite of mine might come as a surprise since it’s not a romance. Rather, it’s a Dracula’s Brides retelling and it follows one of his brides, writing him a letter after something happened. It’s such a beautifully written story. It’s so short yet doesn’t spare any details and it just made me so happy when I was reading it. While it does focus a lot on abuse and toxic relationships, it captured my heart immediately. I honestly can’t wait to get a physical copy of this one, either.

57091457. sy475

3. Her Soul To Take

Moving onto my top 3 reads, Her Soul To Take by Harley LaRoux was such a sleeper hit for me. I never thought a book as long as this one would capture my heart. However, the romance mixed with the horror elements really worked for me. It was amazing seeing Rae’s character develop and seeing her relationship with Leon bloom. This was another super dark romance and I LOVED it. I’m so excited to see what Harley LaRoux does next.


2. Act Your Age, Eve Brown

The next favorite book of 2021 has to be Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert. This one is the third book in the series and it follows Eve’s romance with Jacob. It’s a grumpy-sunshine story along with a workplace romance. It’s incredibly fun, steamy, and honestly, featured some of my favorite steamy scenes in a book ever. Honestly, I love Talia Hibbert and I can’t wait to see what she does next.


1. The Reinvention of the Rose

My favorite book of 2021 is easily The Reinvention of the Rose by Christina C Jones. This is a major surprise for me as I picked this book up on a whim. This one follows Tempest who is a former Rose who was basically a secret organization and it’s her rebuilding her life along with the romance she has with Tristan. This book really gut-punched me and made me feel so connected to Tempest and rooting for her happiness. This cemented two things for me which is that CCJ is a new favorite author and that sometimes a side romance isn’t always bad.

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Those are my top reads of 2021!!! If you have any thoughts, I’d love to know them below or if you have some books you read in 2021 you want to rec. 😀

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January 2021 TBR

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Welcome back to my blog and today, we’re talking about the books I have picked out to read in January. For me, January is definitely about a fresh start and reading some books I might have missed out on in 2021 along with catching up with some series. I also plan on diving into some authors’ backlists as well. 

First of all, let’s start off with the book clubs and challenges I’ll be doing in 2022. First is obviously the Hoemance Book Club that I co-host with Ellyn. I’ll also be participating in her “Romance Buzzword” challenge every month. Additionally, I’m a member on a BookTube channel where we buddy-read a book each month. Last but not least, I decided to do the Golden Girls Reading Challenge for 2022 as well. 

With that being said, let’s get into the books I have picked out for each and some other books I have on my TBR. 

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

January Hoemance Book Club Pick 

57968219. sy475

For January, we’re going to be reading Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon. This is a book I’m super excited yet nervous about. I did enjoy The Ex Talk but it didn’t end up being a new favorite so I’m excited but I’m also a little bit anxious, too. 

Happy For Now Members Pick 

55532233. sy475

For Happy For Now, we’re buddy-reading Three of Hearts by Lillian Lark. This is a series that’s connected to another book we read last year. Honestly, I really enjoyed that book so I’m excited to read more from Lillian Lark. 

Romance Buzzword Pick: “Royal/Royals (Royal Terms”)

57814137. sy475

For this one, I’m going to reading Queen which is the final book in Katee Robert’s Bloodline Vampires series and I’m so excited to get to it. I binged the last two while at my boyfriend’s so I’m excited to finally finish this series. 

Golden Girls Reading Challenge: City/Country Name 

58094337. sy475

I decided to go with Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean for this one. Spoiler alert: I already read it and enjoyed it. Even so, it gave me major Princess Diaries vibes and honestly, made me feel like I was in Tokyo. Everything was so beautiful and lush, definitely a huge surprise for me in 2022 already. 

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

In addition to reading those books, I do plan on reading all of Christina C Jones’ backlist in 2022 so don’t be surprised if her books come up a lot. I’m also participating in a readathon which you’ll see a TBR for soon. I also might read the rest of Jack Harbon’s backlist, too. Either way, I’m excited to kick off another year of reading. 🙂 

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December 2021 Wrap-Up

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Long time, no talk, and this time, I actually found a solution to my problem. For the longest time, WordPress wouldn’t let me type as fast as I’m accustomed to so I decided to download the WP app on my computer. With that being said, I knew I wanted to finally talk about my December reads.

For December, I decided to jump totally into reading Christmas books. If you saw my last post, you’ll see that I was in a major Christmas romance mood. With that being said, I wanted to give a shout-out to the few Christmas books I read that weren’t featured in that post.

The three additional Christmas romances I read were Melt For Us by Molly Doyle, The Toy King by Adriana Herrera, and Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey. As far as Christmas romances go, these were all solid reads and honestly all VERY steamy. Easily some of my new holiday favorites.

As far as reading months go, this one was pretty tame. I ended up not reading as many books as normal and most of my focus was on reading some holiday stores. The only other major standout for me in December was reading Sophie Lark’s Sinners Duet which was just everything. 

Honestly, this post is pretty short and sweet because I’m just getting back into the groove of things and I don’t have much else to say TBH.  December was a very busy month for me and I’m just happy I’m finally getting myself together. It’s such a nice feeling to get back into writing posts for this blog and to hopefully, have a few people who are out there, reading them. 🙂 

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December Reading Plans (2021)

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Welcome to my December reading plans/TBR post. I honestly don’t have many books on my TBR for the end of this year. I’ve read almost all of the ones I planned on for the year but I do have some I know I need to get to.

To celebrate the end of the year, I decided to participate in the Merry and Bright readathon. It’s a Christmas-themed readathon hosted by three Booktubers: Zoey, Spencer, and Chandler. It’s going to run from December 9th until December 15th and honestly, I’m super hyped for it.

Mostly, I’m going to be reading all of the Christmas novellas I have on my Kindle. I don’t think I’m going to be doing an official TBR post for it because it’s not really that big of a deal but I did want to preview a few of the books on that list. Some of the books I have picked out are The Worst Wonderful Time by Evie Browning, Her Christmas Cookie by Katrina Jackson and High Stakes Holiday by Christina C Jones.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Wrapping things up, I wanted to talk about the two books I have to get read in December and that’s our pick for the “Hoemance Book Club” and the members pick from “Happy For Now.”

50892287. sy475

For Hoemance, we’re reading In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren. I’m a little nervous about this one as I haven’t loved all of the recent CL I’ve been reading. I do love a Christmas book though so I’m excited on that front.

58830350. sy475

As for the Happy For Now members pick, we voted and decided on Santa Claus Is Going To Town On Me by Marie Lipscomb. This is a Santa smut story and I’m totally down for it. I think Sexy Santa is such a fun concept and I LOVE it so I’m going to try to read as many of these as possible.

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Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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The End of The Year Book Tag (2021)

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Welcome to another post and actually, this one will be going up while I’m at work. It’s also Black Friday so hopefully, if you’re looking for deals, you found some. For me, I already have my gift or I should have it by the time this post goes up.

Either way, I wanted to cap off this month by finally doing the End of the Year Book Tag. This is a hugely popular tag and it’s one that I see people do on all different platforms. With that being said, I won’t waste more time so let’s get into it.

1. Are there any books you started this year that you need to finish?

That’s gonna be a no for me, dog. I don’t have any books left unfinished that I want to finish before the year ends. I very rarely DNF and if I do, I have no intention of picking those books back up.

2. Do you have an autumnal book to transition into the end of the year?
58943206. sy475

Rather than doing an autumnal book, I decided to go with a Christmas book and that’s Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey. I love reading Christmas books and this is one I’ve been highly anticipating. It seems like it’s going to be super sweet, steamy, and Christmasy which is exactly what I want.

3. Is there a new release you’re still waiting for?
59567857. sy475

The only book I’m still anticipating is The Mistletoe Motive by Chloe Liese. This is her Kobo original story and it’s an enemies-to-lovers Christmas story. Honestly, I feel like Kobo kills it every year with their Christmas originals. I enjoyed Talia Hibbert’s last year so I’m excited for Chloe Liese’s this year.

4. What are three books you want to read before the end of the year?
58830350. sy475

For the most part, I’ve read almost all of my planned reads for 2021. However, the three books I have left are the two mentioned above which are Window Shopping and the Mistletoe Motive. As for the final one I want to read before 2021 ends, it has to be Santa Claus is Going To Town on Me. I honestly love Christmas romance books so I’m excited to get to all of these before the year ends.

5. Is there a book you think could still shock you and become your favourite book of the year?

I really don’t think so. Maybe but I don’t have high hopes lmao.

6. Have you already started making reading plans for next year?

Yes! I already have so many ideas and TBRs picked out for 2022. 😀

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The 80s Movie Book Tag

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! This is a tag I did two years ago now but I wanted to re-do it so here I am. This one is super fun and has some great ideas. It’s fun to look back and see how my answers have changed so let’s get into it. 🙂

Nightmare on Elm Street: A book that kept you up all night
53328856. sy475

I very rarely stay up anymore to read books. However once Midnight Sun came out, I stayed up to finish this. I basically read in one sitting without only breaks to eat and pee. Maybe I’m just a cynic but I enjoyed this for what it was.

The Princess Bride: A wonderfully quotable book
58305560. sy475

For this one, I went with Swiftly which is a poetry collection inspired by Taylor Swift songs and I adored it. I honestly want the author to write more as I feel like there’s a massive catalog she still has to work with. I just thought these poems were beautiful so this was an easy answer.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: A character who loves breaking the rules
58930992. sy475

For this one, I’m going with two characters and that’s Juniper and Zane from Her Soul from Revenge. These two have no problem breaking the rules and don’t care what has to be done for their revenge to be exacted. It’s super sexy while also being dark and gritty. Honestly, this series has such great characters who basically say fuck the rules and do whatever they want.

When Harry Met Sally: A book couple that took an eternity to get together
55076069. sy475

The couple I’m going with for this is Poppy and Alex from People We Meet on Vacation. I know this book is super hyped but I didn’t really feel the romance between these two. I honestly felt like it took too long for them to get together and for their history to unravel. It wasn’t a bad book but them taking way too long to get together annoyed me.

Back to the Future: A book that involves time travel

I’m not sure if this one counts but I’m counting it. The Eternally Tethered series by Christina C Jones follows characters who have a certain quality that allows them to “time-travel” in a way so I knew I had to include this one. Plus this is perfect for the fall season and the most recent book just came out so it’s perfect for the end of this year.

Pretty in Pink: A character with a unique style
56653002. sy475

For this one, I chose Bridget from Twisted Games. Even though Bridget’s a princess, she really doesn’t act like it. Even though she comes to embody that role, it’s clear she’d rather just do her own thing and have fun rather than be a queen. Even so, Bridget is able to accept her fate and eventually, get her HEA despite her bucking a lot of the customs.

The Karate Kid: Favorite book involving training/mentoring trope
36199084. sy475

How could I not reuse this one?!

Die Hard: A book with a trip that doesn’t go to plan
57057111. sy475

The first and most obvious answer I came up with was Love Scammed by Rilzy Adams. This is originally supposed to be a trip between friends until the two find out their friends ditched them to cause the two to date. It’s pretty sneaky but it ends up being super-steamy and fun. No surprise as Rilzy Adams is the queen of steamy books.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark: A book with the central character’s name in the title
48658876. sy475

I honestly could’ve gone for any of the books in the series for this one. However, I decided to go with Lenora: His Omega Mate. I just loved the dynamic between Lenora and Adrian. They’re grumpy-sunshine and plenty of angsts plus fated mates. It’s all just so delicious and enjoyable but yet is under 100 pages. I’m not sure how Chencia C. Higgins does it but she knocked it out of the park with this one.

Dirty Dancing: A female character who comes out of her shell
58699823. sy475

The character I chose for this is Esther from A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor. I feel like we really watch Esther come out of her shell throughout the story. She goes from being pretty shy and timid to be a very strong and sexual woman. Watching her journey was just so amazing and I loved getting to see her come into herself.

Top Gun: A death that took you by surprise
58503867. sy475

Did not see these deaths coming at all…

ET: An ending that left you both happy and sad

The book I chose for this one is Make It Sweet by Kristen Callihan. This book does feature a pretty decent ending but I honestly wanted a little bit more in the end. While I do think our characters got a decent resolution, I do feel like there should have just been a little more. Maybe it’s just me but I wanted to know more about their future rather than just a short epilogue.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Hopefully, you enjoyed seeing a revamp of this tag by me. Also, feel free to do it if you want. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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Rebecca Recs: 5 romance books focused on food

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! I’m introducing a new series on my blog and that’s “Rebecca Recs” in which I recommend books with a certain theme. For this round, I decided to focus on romance books focused on food. Whether it’s in the title, in the book, or just a general theme, I have read quite a few books focused on that this year so I wanted to write a post so let’s get into it.

57042143. sy475
1. Donut Fall In Love

The book that actually inspired this post was Donut Fall in Love by Jackie Lau. This is a book I’ve been highly anticipating since I love Jackie Lau. Her books just make me so happy. Plus her books usually feature food as a major plot point. This one is a romance between a donut shop owner and a celebrity trying to learn how to bake. The food descriptions are delightful but their romance is the real sweet treat.

55237206. sy475
2. Sweethand

The next book I have to rec is another baker romance and it’s basically her romance with a celebrity who is her childhood enemy. This one is a super short yet sweet story but it features a lot of angst despite being a short book. Cherisse absolutely despises Keiran while he enjoys her but doesn’t realize why she hates him so. It’s such a delightful combo and it’s hilarious watching the misunderstandings between these two. It’s also super-steamy and set during the backdrop of a wedding which is incredibly fun.

48747627. sy475
3. Mangos & Mistletoe

This is the final baker book and this one’s an f/f Christmas baker romance. It features two women competing on a Food Network type baking show and it’s them getting paired up as a team. As you can guess, they fall in love and it’s super short, festive, and steamy. While I do think the conflict was meh, I really did enjoy this one. It’s the perfect book to help you kick off the Christmas season.

55779209. sy475
4. ATE

The next book is not technically a romance but rather erotica but I’m counting it. It’s a story featuring a personal chef and his client hooking up. This one is less than 100 pages and is basically just meeting, eating, and banging. I won’t get into much detail but I enjoyed it. If you want a super short story with little to no plot this one is for you.

56051250. sy475
5. A Feast For the Senses

Keeping with the short theme, this one is actually a Thanksgiving romance and it features a second-chance romance between a girl and her friend’s brother. They end up getting stuck together Thanksgiving week and it’s basically them reconnecting. It’s nothing groundbreaking but it’s really fun and is perfect for this week. With Thanksgiving coming up, I knew I had to include this one.


Revisiting my 2021 Five-Star Predictions (2)

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For this week’s Monday post, I decided to talk about my five-star predictions and if I ended up giving them five stars. Honestly, I had a lot of fun picking out these books and I’m excited to talk about them. I will probably have a 2022 post coming up at some point but we’ll see when I actually post it so let’s get into it. 🙂

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1. The Heart Principle ❎

The first book I predicted would be five stars was The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang. This one was one I was super excited about and it was a Hoemance book club pick. However, I didn’t end up loving it as much as I thought. It had a great romance but it focused a lot on caretaking and emotional topics so I didn’t love it nearly as much. Even so, I enjoyed it so 4/5 stars

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2. From Lukov With Love

The next book from my five-star predictions was From Lukov With Love by Mariana Zapata. I usually read one of her books a year and this one was of course, incredible. It’s a slow-burn romance between two skaters and it was so angsty but also sweet at times. I absolutely adored it. I can’t wait to read more of her backlist. 5/5 stars

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3. Equivalent Exchange (Night Shift) ❎ 

This is probably not the Christina C Jones book I should’ve picked. However, I did enjoy it but it wasn’t a five-star read. This is a romance between two people who are dealing with messy personal lives and then eventually coming together to help each other. This was an intense yet quiet read which I enjoyed. While not my favorite CCJ book, I did like it. 4/5 stars

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4. Today Tonight Tomorrow ❎ 

The next book I read was Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon. This one is an academic rivals-to-lovers YA romance and it was SO good. The story focused on these two teaming up to have a great big last hurrah before graduation and I LOVED it. It felt a little bit long though so it was only a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

5. Make It Sweet ❎

The final book I read for this was Make It Sweet by Kristen Callihan. This book is a grumpy-sunshine romance between two people who are really going through it. While this book was fun and had an excellent romance, some of the characters’ actions really bothered me and it took me out of the story. However, this one does feature a hero who bakes which I adored and it made for a quick read on my day off. 4/5 stars

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

I was basically 1 for 5 in this round. However, I did enjoy all of the books I picked out. I feel like this is super fun and I always end up getting excited to see if I know my taste as well as I think I do. I can say that all of these authors are definitely ones I’ve come to love or have backlists I want to check out so that’s good. Either way, I’m excited to get into my 2022 5-stars predictions.

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