Rebecca Recs: Queer Romance Reads

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Rebecca Recs” post and this time, I knew I wanted to do one in which I recommend some queer romance reads. While I don’t pick up queer romances nearly as much as straight romances, I do have a lot of them that I love and or have ones that are on my TBR. However, these are some queer romances I want to recommend if you’re looking for some new pride month reads. 

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1. American Dreamer

This is actually a book I picked up on a whim because I’ve heard people talk about it but I saw that Sean Crisden who is one of my favorite audiobook narrators was narrating this. This is an m/m romance between a food truck owner and a librarian who meet and honesty can’t stay away from each other. While the plot felt slightly predictable, I adored the romance in this and it honestly made me want to pick up the rest of the series ASAP. 

Also if you’re reading this, make sure you don’t do it on an empty stomach as the food Nesto cooks sounds amazing. 

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2. Bidding for the Bachelor

The second m/m romance I have to rec is Bidding for the Bachelor by Jackie Lau. This is Cedric’s book and it basically follows him as he gets bid on for a date auction by one of his brother’s friends. Things ensue from there as they end up becoming roommates and of course, eventually falling in love. This one was very low-angst but I really did enjoy it as it was sweet and fun. Plus it’s basically a complete standalone from book 1, too.

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3. Meet Cute Club

I honestly haven’t talked about this book in forever, but I knew I had to include Meet Cute Club for my last m/m romance and this is such a fun sweet story. It’s a romance between a bookshop worker and a guy who comes in to buy books for his romance book club. The two eventually start to get closer and sparks fly which was just delightful. I might not talk about this one much, but I adored it. 

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4. Read Between the Lines

For my first f/f romance rec, I decided to go with Read Between The Lines by Rachel Lacey. This is an f/f retelling of You’ve Got Mail between a bookstore owner and the person who is essentially taking it away from her. However, we also find out that the other woman has a secret and it unfolds from there. This was another pretty low-angst story but it was sweet yet super hot at times too. 

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5. Four Letter Word

The next book is actually a Black love f/f romance and it’s a romance between two co-workers who finally decide to take the plunge and try to be together. This one is relatively short and once again, pretty low-stakes but I did enjoy it. Plus I know I don’t talk about it much so I figured maybe someone would enjoy it. 

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6. Being Hospitable

The final f/f recommendation I have is Being Hospitable by Meka James. This is a short yet steamy novella featuring a romance between a girl and her best friend’s sister. The two end up becoming roommates and it’s basically a competition for them to seduce each other. This one was super hot and super short but definitely worth the read. 

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7. Something Like Love

As for this final category, I didn’t want to talk about certain identities but just some queer books I’ve loved. Of course, I had to include some Christina C Jones as Something Like Love is an m/f romance in which both characters are bi. While that was explored in the book, a lot of the story focused on their romance and realizing their feelings. This is such an amazing addition to the series and easily one of my favorite CCJ books. 

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8. Coffee Boy

The next book I have to recommend is Coffee Boy by S.A. Chant. This is a short little romance novella about a trans guy and his boss who is a bisexual man. This one is super duper short but it’s pretty fun and steamy. It’s also one of the few releases this author actually has on Kindle so it’s worth a try. 

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9. Unmasked by the Marquess

The final queer book I have to recommend is Unmasked by the Marquess which is a historical romance featuring a non-binary character and a male love interest. Honestly, I sometimes forget that I read this one, but I do remember it being a super unique and fun historical romance. Plus I’m pretty sure Cat Sebastian is known for writing queer historicals but this is just the only one I’ve read of hers. 

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

I tried to give a good mix of all types of queer romance books so hopefully, you’re able to find something you enjoy. For me, I’m pretty sure I rated all of these between 4 and 5 stars so they’re solid recommendations from me. 😀 

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