Reading 3 personal trainer romances: An Experiment

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! It’s been a while since I’ve done an “I Read 3” post and this time, I wanted to spice it up. Rather than focus on a certain subgenre or author, I wanted to go with a trope I’ve noticed a lot recently. A lot of books are romances between a personal trainer and their client so I figured it’d be fun to read 3 and share my thoughts about them.

The three books I read for this experiment were The Fastest Way To Fall by Denise Williams, The Dating Playbook by Farrah Rochon, and Hunger by Nicole Falls. All of these books are vastly different, but all follow a personal trainer x client relationship so let’s get into my thoughts.

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Book #1: The Fastest Way To Fall

The first book I finished for this experiment was The Fastest Way To Fall by Denise Williams. This book follows Britta, a journalist who joins a fitness app as part of a story for work. She ends up getting paired with Wes, not realizing who he actually is. The two have a major push-and-pull with them eventually getting together, but this one is a bit of a slow-burn with some friends-to-lovers mixed in.

This book does an excellent job of showing a unique take on a personal trainer. While Wes didn’t push Britta to make changes, he did suggest things and worked with her one-on-one to help her feel healthier and stronger. For Britta, it wasn’t about losing weight, it was about feeling stronger which I loved. This book was just incredible but the only thing I disliked was the conflict/third-act breakup because it felt entirely too predictable. However, I really did enjoy this one. 5/5 stars

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Book #2: The Dating Playbook

The next book I read was The Dating Playbook by Farrah Rochon which is a romance between Taylor, an intense personal trainer, and Jamar, a former NFL player. Jamar hires Taylor to help him get back into shape and hopefully return to the NFL after a knee injury. Of course, sparks fly and the two end up falling for each other and doing a lot more cardio than they originally planned lmao.

This book definitely features Taylor being a hard-ass so Jamar could reach his goals but I enjoyed that aspect. What I didn’t love was how committed Jamar was to getting back into the NFL and the sacrifices he made. It was frankly gross and as someone who wrote about the NFL and knows the side effects, I wasn’t impressed. However, I enjoyed their romance especially after not loving the first book. 4/5 stars

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Book #3: Hunger

The final book I read for this challenge is Hunger by Nicole Falls. Now, this book is one that I was pretty excited about when it first was released but I kept putting it off. This book follows Troian and Tyson who meet because Tyson is her trainer. For Troian, she hired a personal trainer to help her get stronger.

However, this book just didn’t work for me. I think I just wanted more and it was a little too sparse on details and a little too focused on the steam. Weird for me to be saying that, but I just didn’t love it even though I’ve loved other books by this author. 3/5 stars

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Honestly, this experiment was just for fun and to see if I enjoyed this trope/dynamic. I can confidently say I do and I really do think it’s a trope that each of these authors did well. Of the three, my favorite was definitely The Fastest Way To Fall but I didn’t dislike any of these. If you’re in the mood for this trope, any or all of these books would be a great choice for ya.

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