Recommending books based on the Jonas Brothers It’s About Time album

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! If you haven’t been following me, then you might not know this. Last year, I met the Jonas Brothers on August 31st and since I already have a post planned, I knew I wanted to have a post dedicated to them. They really do mean so much to me and meeting them/being at their concert was everything. I always get such a boost of serotonin when I think of them lmao.

In honor of my concert and the Jonas Brothers being my faves, I wanted to do a second part to recommending songs based on their albums. Earlier this year, I did one with their Happiness Begins album. This time, I’m going back to their first album, It’s About Time and recommending books based on those songs. Without further ado, let’s get into the songs and the books I’d pair up with them.

Track 1: “What I Go To School For”

“That’s what I go to school for/Even though it is a real bore/You can call me crazy/She is so amazing”


The book I paired up with this song is Lucky Caller by Emma Mills. I feel like this book perfectly sums up the relationship between Jamie and Nina. These two were childhood friends who grew apart until they’re paired up for a podcast at school. It’s basically the catalyst for their relationship and I feel like the lyrics really match up with how Jamie feels about Nina. While it wasn’t my favorite Emma Mills book, I really feel like this song goes with this book really well.

Track 2: “Time For Me To Fly”

“Time for me to live/ It’s time for me to sing Time for me to lay down all my worries and I’ll spread my wings/Time for me to fly”

36596442. sy475

The book I paired up with these lyrics is Hello Girls by Brittany Cavallaro and Emily Henry. This book is a retelling of Thelma & Louise and it features our two MCs finally getting the freedom they want. While things don’t go as planned, I think these lyrics would be something they could relate to. I feel like Winona and Lucille really didn’t care what happened as long as they could fly away from their lives.

Track 3: “Year 3000”


I wasn’t sure which lyrics to pair up with this book but it’s one of the few futuristic books on my Goodreads. If all the books I read, I feel like time machines would be most likely featured in this world. Maybe I’m wrong but I knew this one was going to be tough lmao. Hopefully no one minds that I cheated a little bit. Lol

Track 4: “One Day At A Time”

“And I die/One day at a time/Cause I just cant seem to get you off my mind”

18775359. sy475

The book I paired up with this song is After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid. This book focuses on a married couple who decides to separate for a year and then after a year, decides if they want to get back together or still separated. These lyrics really reflected a lot of what the main character, Lauren was feeling. She didn’t realize how much she loved and missed Ryan until he was gone and this song perfectly encapsulates that.

Track 5: “6 Minutes”

“This party’s lame and now I’m running out of time/I’ve only got six minutes if I’m gonna make her mine”

53820256. sy475

The book I paired up with “6 Minutes” is Nordic Daddy by Lara Kinsey. These two meet during a coffee break so it’s an incredibly quick conversation and then them realizing they want to go on a date. It really felt like 6 minutes or less before the two decided to go out together. This book is also 23 pages so things move pretty quick but it pairs so incredibly with this song.

Track 6: “Mandy”

“Mandy always laughs when I act stupid/I am unaware that I’m a nuisance/With her it’s never wasted time”

44569988. sy475

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a book where the MC was named Mandy. In place of it, I chose Untouchable by Talia Hibbert. I think those lyrics really describe how Nathaniel feels about Hannah. While Nathaniel isn’t a nuisance, it’s clear that he can’t get enough of Hannah and would do anything for her. Throughout the book, he became more and more invested in her and I feel like that’s exactly what this song represents.

Track 7: “You Just Don’t Know It”

“I don’t want to see you/ Be near you/You’re a million miles too close”

45163257. sy475

The book I’m pairing up with this song is Love Her or Lose Her. I feel like this book really expresses Rosie’s feelings for Dom. As much as she loves him, he’s too close and he doesn’t realize how damaged their marriage is. It was such a prevalent part of the first half of this book and I feel like those lyrics would work for her. Even though the tides turn, I think it’s a great song to pair up with this book.

Track 8: “I Am What I Am”

“I am what I am/I can’t help myself/And if you don’t like it/Get with somebody else”


The book I’m pairing up with “I Am What I Am” is I’ll Be The One by Lyla Lee. This book is all about Skye knowing who she is and what she wants. She deals with a lot in the book but doesn’t let it get her down. Instead, it motivates her to work harder and achieve her goals. If there’s one character who embodies this song, it has to be Skye.

Track 9: “Underdog”

“She’s original/Never trying to fit in/She’s got a way to always go/Against the grain”

39828159. sy475

The book I chose for “Underdog” is I Love You So Mochi. I feel like those lyrics really go with Kimi. Kimi’s life isn’t perfect and she’s dealing with growing up along with feeling like she’s disappointing her parents. She really is an underdog in a lot of the situations she ends up in but she tries to make the best of it. While she isn’t nearly as much of an underdog by the end of the book, I feel like it pairs nicely with her character.

Track 10: “7:05”

“Tonight you called me on the phone/Said you had to stay at home/Is there something I should know?”

52776397. sx318 sy475

I feel like these lyrics perfectly go along with The Boyfriend Project. The beginning part of the book is basically these three women finding out a guy is three-timing them. The lyrics above seem to sum up all of their feelings. While it doesn’t continue into the rest of the book, I don’t read many break-up books so I needed to get a bit creative 😉

Track 11: “Please Be Mine”

“I will not disappoint you/I will be right there for you/’Til the end/The end of time/Please be mine”

53133786. sx318 sy475

The book I chose for “Please Be Mine” is Xeni by Rebekah Weatherspoon. I feel like these lyrics perfectly describe Xeni and Mason’s feelings for each other. Originally, they don’t think being married is the best idea but they realize how much they love each other. It really feels like they belong to each other and they just make me so happy. This used to be my favorite Jonas Brothers song too so I knew I had to feature a special couple 😛

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Anyways, those are the books I would pair up with the songs from the Jonas Brothers first album, “It’s About Time.” I know that some answers were a little bit off-the-wall but it’s hard to pair up some of these songs with books. Hopefully you guys like this post so I know if I should do another version. Before you finish reading my post, please take time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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