The Superlatives Tag

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! I told you I’d be posting a lot of tags and here I am, posting another one. Then again, it’s Sunday and that’s usually tag day on my blogs! Oh well, I’m here with another tag!

Today, I’m doing the Superlatives Tag! I was tagged by my lovely friend Ally of AllyWritesThings. She’s one of my favorite people in the blogging community, one of my first friends and a wonderful human being. Just go follow her already ❤

Most Likely To Be In The Movies: The book that would make the best movie


Personally, I think Royals by Rachel Hawkins would make a great movie. It would make a great lifetime movie or just a cheesy rom-com in general.

Biggest Drama King/Queen: The most (overly) dramatic book or character


Cassie from Changes in Latitudes is the most annoying book character! She was a complete brat to everyone around her. I’m not sure why her love interest even liked her and she was especially rude to her mother. She wasn’t ever happy and blamed everyone else for it.

Best Dressed: The book with the best cover

Anything by Emma Mills, of course!

Most Creative: The book with the most unique plot, characters, and structure


Before THUG, there was All-American Boys. This book’s plot focuses on an unarmed black teenager assaulted by police. As for the characters, it has two MCs: Rashad who is assaulted and then Quinn, his white classmate who is friends with the officer who assaulted him but also witnessed it.

I found the structure particularly unique as we saw chapters from both Rashad and Quinn’s perspectives. We watched Rashad and Quinn evolve as characters as they changed, matured and grew throughout the novel. It was such an incredible read and one of the most unique stories I’ve ever read.

I think it was even more authentic as it was written by Jason Reynolds who is black and Brendan Kiely who is white. Please do yourself a favor and read All-American Boys!

Most Popular: The book with the most ratings on Goodreads

Obviously, this goes to Harry Potter like Ally mentioned!

Most Likely to Succeed: The book that is going to be appreciated for many years to come

*I don’t want to steal Ally’s answer, but THUG is a great one!


Am I in love with Jason Reynolds: A Memoir. Anyways, I had to include another one of his books on my list and that’s Long Way Down. Told in verse, it’s an incredibly powerful story and one I know will be appreciated for years. It tells such a compelling story with so few lines and the ending left me gutted.

Class Clown: A book that made you laugh out loud


This book is incredibly hyped and I believe partly because it’s such a funny book. It had me cracking up multiple times when I was reading.

Most Improved: A book that started off slow, but really picked up


For me, I found the first half of The Cruel Prince incredibly slow. It really picked up in the second half, though and I couldn’t put it down!

Cutest Couple: Cutest couple in a book


This is in the running for my favorite summertime read! That being said, I loved the couple: Andie and Clark. They complimented each other so well and I think Morgan Matson wrote them in a pretty realistic way too.

Biggest Heartbreaker: The book that broke your heart


This book didn’t just break my heart. It ripped my heart out of my chest and smashed it into a million pieces.

I’m tagging: LauraRachael, and Courtney!

What book do you think would make the best movie? 🙂



Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 books that lived up to the hype

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! It’s Tuesday and that means: It’s time for another Top 5 Tuesday post. I thought last week’s topic was really cool and I have to say: this week is just as cool. Once again, Shanah is killing the game.

Before I get into it, here’s how you can participate. All you have to do is write up your own post and make sure you pingback to Shanah. Make sure to link to one of her posts and just her blog so she can add you to the list.

Without further ado, let’s get into some books that lived up to the hype and ones I’m personally glad I read. 🙂


5. The Hate U Give

There’s no way I couldn’t include this book on my list. I heard so much hype around it and it was all completely deserved. Angie Thomas wove such an important and necessary tale while still looking at teenager’s life. Everything about it felt so raw and realistic.

THUG also helped me get back into reading. It was the first book I read in 2017 after not reading for years. I can easily say I wouldn’t have my own blog if it wasn’t for THUG.


4. Tiger Lily

I will admit: I love a good retelling. Sadly, I haven’t had much luck when it comes to retellings but Tiger Lily changed that. A few booktubers and fellow bloggers hyped this book up so I was excited. Once I finally sat down and read it, I fell in love with.

I loved seeing Jodi Lynn Anderson’s writing style and how she decided to tell the story. If you’ve read Tiger Lily, you know what I mean. This book gave me such a unique perspective on Peter Pan’s story and brought new life to Tiger Lily.

She’s mostly seen as a Disney stereotype but this book dismisses it completely and makes her into a lovely and likable character.


3. Stalking Jack the Ripper

I want to slap myself for not reading this book earlier. Much like Tiger Lily, I heard a lot of booktubers and fellow bloggers hyping this one up. I’m not big on historical fiction but I decided to take a chance. I bought Stalking Jack the Ripper and once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it back down.

Even though it was a tad bit predictable, I loved everything about the story. I especially loved Audrey Rose, her relationship with Thomas, the setting and how it could be creepy for a second and then romantic the end. Kerri Maniscalco is slowly becoming one of my new favorite authors, too.


2. The Female of the Species

Once again, why the heck didn’t I read this earlier? This book was one of my Contemporary-A-Thon picks and it was so good??? I knew the book was hyped up because it was incredibly feminist and featured some dark element which it did.

Mindy McGinnis wrote such a compelling story, full of flawed characters and tons of mystery and secrets. Like I mentioned above, she was able to incorporate a lot of feminist themes, talk about relationships and how deep a bond can go. I could go on and on about this book.

If you haven’t read this book yet, please do. The hype is real and it’s one of my favorites I read in February. I still can’t believe I waited this long to read it!


1. My Lady Jane

As soon as I saw this prompt, I knew I had to include this book at #1. I haven’t heard this book as hyped up on the blog-o-sphere. On Booktube, it’s basically a huge hype train for this book especially the humor.

After waiting a few months, I picked it up after Christmas. In February, I finally cracked it open and I couldn’t put it down. It’s almost 500 pages and I think I read in 2 or 3 days. It was such a funny retelling and gave life to an otherwise shamed Jane.

What I enjoyed most besides the humor was how seamless the authors blended. I couldn’t tell who wrote which section, everything just flowed so nicely. It reads like it’s written by one author.

I know I mentioned I don’t normally read historical fiction, but My Lady Jane might change that. If everything is as good, feminist and fun as it is, I don’t see why I haven’t always been reading it. If you haven’t read My Lady Jane, believe the hype and read it already before My Plain Jane comes out.

What are some books you read that lived up to the hype? 🙂

Little side-note but I reached 200 followers on here! I’m so excited and happy and proud and I could cry. I never thought this blog would go anywhere or anyone would follow it but here I am 200 followers later. I honestly cannot believe it and I just appreciate everyone who followed me or left a comment, tagged me in something or became my friend ❤

I’m so happy to be apart of the bookish blogging community and I wish I could thank all 203 of you who followed me. I know this was snappy, but I’m just so darn happy 🙂


February TBR

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! It’s February, the month of love and the month of me finally reading the books on my shelf. I can’t believe it’s already February and I have a pretty busy month.

I have a decent amount of hours at work, have my boyfriend & I’s 2-year anniversary and of course, the Olympics. It’s going to be a fun and hopefully, a productive month of reading.

Before I get started, I’ll only be including a few books on my TBR. Why you ask? Because I’ll be participating in the Contemporary-A-Thon this month! A TBR post will be coming soon, but I love Chelsea, Julie, and Natasha so I can’t wait to participate this round.

I’m also trying to read some feminist books for Jane’s Feminist Lit Feb. I’ve included links to all the videos for the Contemporary-A-Thon and Feminist Lit Feb. Here are the books I plan on reading in February!


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Considering how long this book is, I’m planning on reading this all month. I loved Goblet of Fire so much and I can’t wait to see where the story goes next. I’m just excited to see where Harry’s story goes next and if I’ll love Order of the Phoenix as much.


Stalking Jack the Ripper: I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book. I can’t wait to see if it lives up to the hype and if I like Maniscalco’s writing style. I’ve heard the main character is a strong female character so I’m just excited.


My Lady Jane: This is another book I have yet to touch since I’ve bought it. I’ve heard such awesome things about My Lady Jane and hope it’s as funny as I’ve heard. I haven’t read any of these authors other works either so it’s going to be a big surprise.


Batman: NightwalkerThe second to last book on my list is Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu. This is the second book in the DC Icons series and I’ve heard awesome things about this one. After how much I loved Wonder Woman: Warbringer, I have high hopes!


The Loneliest Girl in the Universe: This is a buddy read I’m doing with Kat of PaperbackDreamer. We originally planned this in January but pushed it back so I can’t wait to pick it up. I haven’t heard much buzz about it, but I’m excited to finally get started on it. 🙂

The day I’m writing this post, I did buy another book but you’ll hear more about it in my Contemporary-A-Thon TBR. I’m just excited to read all of these books and hopefully, succeed in the Contemporary-A-Thon.

What books are on your TBR for February? 



Waiting on Wednesday #11

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! I’m back for another Waiting on Wednesday post and this was hard to narrow down. There are so many books I’m looking forward to this year and books I just want to have my hands on already.

Without further ado, let’s get into the meme and talk about an upcoming release I’m excited about and hopefully, you will be too! Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine and it focuses on upcoming releases we can’t wait for.

Smoke in the Sun by Renee Ahdieh


The highly anticipated sequel to Flame in the Mist–an addictive, sumptuous finale that will leave readers breathless from the bestselling author of The Wrath and the Dawn 

After Okami is captured in the Jukai forest, Mariko has no choice–to rescue him, she must return to Inako and face the dangers that have been waiting for her in the Heian Castle. She tricks her brother, Kenshin, and betrothed, Raiden, into thinking she was being held by the Black Clan against her will, playing the part of the dutiful bride-to-be to infiltrate the emperor’s ranks and uncover the truth behind the betrayal that almost left her dead. 

With the wedding plans already underway, Mariko pretends to be consumed with her upcoming nuptials, all the while using her royal standing to peel back the layers of lies and deception surrounding the imperial court. But each secret she unfurls gives way to the next, ensnaring Mariko and Okami in a political scheme that threatens their honor, their love and very the safety of the empire.

Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books //  Anticipated Release Date: June 5, 2018

I know a lot of people didn’t love Flame in the Mist but I personally loved it and I can’t wait to pick up where the story left off. There were so many unanswered questions and plots and things I don’t want to spoil.

Regardless, I’m excited about this book and I cannot wait to see what happens next for Mariko. Oh, and I love the cover change. It’s so gorgeous ❤





Waiting on Wednesday #10

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! It’s Wednesday and alas, another weekly meme post from me. This is easily my favorite meme of the two but I still enjoy WWW. It’s awesome to share books I’m excited about and hopefully, introduce someone to something new.

Without further ado, let’s get into the meme and talk about an upcoming release I’m excited about and hopefully, you will be too! Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine and it focuses on upcoming releases we can’t wait for.

My So-Called Bollywood Life by Nisha Sharma


Winnie Mehta was never really convinced that Raj was her soulmate, but their love was written in the stars. Literally, a pandit predicted Winnie would find the love of her life before her 18th birthday, and Raj meets all of the qualifications. Which is why Winnie is shocked to return from her summer at film camp to find her boyfriend of three years hooking up with Jenny Dickens. Worse, Raj is crowned chair of the student film festival, a spot Winnie was counting on for her film school applications. As a self-proclaimed Bollywood expert, Winnie knows this is not how her perfect ending is scripted.

Then there’s Dev, a fellow film geek, and one of the few people Winnie can count on to help her reclaim control of her story. Dev is smart charming, and challenges Winnie to look beyond her horoscope to find someone she’d pick for herself. But does falling for Dev mean giving up on her prophecy, and her chance to live happily ever after? To get her Bollywood-like life on track, Winnie will need a little bit of help from fate, family, and of course, a Bollywood movie star. 

Like an expertly choreographed Bollywood dance scene, Nisha Sharma’s off-beat love story dazzles in the lime light.

Publisher: Crown BFYR // Antcipated Release Date: May 15, 2018

Obviously, this cover is gorgeous. There’s no way I couldn’t have picked this book for the cover alone. The synopsis makes the book sound like it’s going to be fun and a perfect summer read. Not to mention, it’s diverse so there’s nothing to really complain about with this book.

Just a question: Would you rather I switch off memes or stick to just one? I prefer this one, but I’m not sure what you guys would be interested in. I’d love to hear your thoughts below. 🙂



Twenty Questions Book Tag

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Heading into 2018, I’m planning on catching up on tags and hopefully, posting them all on Sunday. I should be caught up by February but some of my awesome friends and fellow bloggers keep tagging me. It’s such an honor and I feel like I’m finally becoming friends with some you lovely people.

All the sappiness ahead, let’s look at the Twenty Questions Book Tag. This tag was originally created by Goodreads user, buydebook and I was tagged by the lovely Jenna of bookmarkyourthoughts. Her blog aesthetic is #goals, she’s such a sweetheart and has a lovely blog so check her out. Thank you, Jenna!

1. How many books is too many books in a book series?

I’m going to go with 10. I personally haven’t read many series, but I think anything more than 10 books in a series is just too much. Stop it at a nice even number 🙂

2. How do you feel about cliffhangers?

Cliffhangers are the worst. I especially hate when you’re reading a book and they end it on a cliffhanger, but you have to wait years for the follow-up. That’s so rude and just infuriates me more than anything.

3. Hardcopy or paperback?

I’ve already really loved paperbacks. The main reason why is because they’re a lot cheaper. They might not be as durable, but I’d rather buy a lot of paperbacks for the price of one hardcover book.

4.  Favorite book?


No explanation needed!

5. Least favorite book?

Where do I even start with this? Some of my least favorite books have to be classics I was required to read in college. Here’s a small list: Middlemarch, Anything by James Joyce, Mrs. Dalloway and Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

6. Love triangles, yes or no?

I’m sort of meh on love triangles. I don’t have an absolute hatred for them, but I don’t particularly love them either. They’re more of a middle-of-the-road thing for me.

7. The most recent book you just couldn’t finish?


Basically just a rehash of the movie and if I wanted that, I’d just watch the movie so this book was an absolute waste to me.

8. A book you’re currently reading?


This is the book I should be reading when this is posted or one I’ve hopefully read by then! #schedulingprobs

9. Last book you recommended to someone?


No way I wouldn’t recommend this. I’m a huge fan of Wonder Woman and this book was everything I wanted and more!

10. Oldest book you’ve read?


Had to read this for my Shakespeare class in college and it was alright.

11. Newest book you’ve read?


Slated to release on January 16th.

12. Favorite author?

How could it be anyone but the talented and amazing Ann M. Martin?

13. Buying books or borrowing books?

100% borrowing books! I only wish my library had more recent releases so I could take advantage of it more. I’d rather borrow books than have to buy them. It saves money and allows me to support my local library.

14. A book you dislike that everyone else seem to love?


I wouldn’t say I hated this book. I just didn’t love as much as everyone else did Personally, I don’t see why it got all the hype it did. Maybe it just wasn’t for me.

15.  Bookmarks or dog-ears?

Bookmarks all the way! I used to dog-ear books when I was younger but no more. I will always use bookmarks from now on.

16. A book you can always reread?

Anything by Mindy Kaling! I think I might do a reread of her books this year and fall back in love with her and her writing style.

17. Can you read while hearing music?

It all depends on what I’m reading and how invested I am so sometimes.

18. One POV or multiple POV’s?

I enjoy one POV as I can truly connect with that character and follow their story a lot easier. I don’t mind multiple POVs in a story though but I prefer a single POV.

19. Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days?

Once again, this depends. It depends on how long the book is, how invested I am and if I have the time. I prefer to read them in one sitting, but it doesn’t always happen.

20. One book you read because of the cover?


Tag! You’re it!

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Wonder Woman: Warbringer spoiler-free review


Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Heading into this book, I had sky-high expectations. I’m a huge fan of Wonder Woman as a character, loved the movie in 2017, have a ton of merch and I’m just a huge fangirl for her. Considering this book is a retelling of sorts, I was a little skeptical.

Thankfully, I did enjoy Wonder Woman: Warbringer. It was such a pleasant surprise considering I don’t really read fantasy. Overall, it was a wonderful book but let’s get into the nitty-gritty. This is a spoiler-free review so no need to worry if you haven’t read! 

Like I mentioned above, I’m a huge Wonder Woman fan so there was no way I wasn’t going to pick up this book. I might be a few months late, but a good way to start off the year. Reading the synopsis, there wasn’t much to go off of. That’s one thing I enjoyed about the book because even if you’re a WW fan, you have no idea what to expect.

Starting off with the writing style! I’m by no means a huge fantasy fan so I was a little skeptical heading into this. As a first-time Leigh Bardugo reader, I did enjoy her writing style. She built such a fantastical world, lifelike characters and brought an entirely new depth to the origin story of Wonder Woman.

The only issue I had with her writing style was sometimes she did more telling than showing. I know it’s hard at times, but I would have liked her to show us more instead of telling. It’s just a small nitpick, but I truly did enjoy her writing style and can’t wait to pick up more from her.

Next is the plotline of the story. I won’t give away anything about the events, but the plotline of the story was incredibly unique. It gave us a look at who Diana was before she was Wonder Woman and how she came to be. As for the other major plotline, we watch Alia and Diana team up to try to save the world.

As much as I loved seeing Diana’s character growth, the plotline of trying to save the world and stop the Warbringer had me on the edge of my seat. Every time I thought I knew was happening, it would be a left turn or a huge plot twist. The plot twist at the end…oh my lord. I was so shocked, I had to put my book down!

If you’re not a usual fantasy reader like me, you might be a little discouraged. There’s quite a bit of world-building at the beginning and it takes a while to get to the action. Just be patient and make your way through it. Trust me, it will be worth it in the end.

Last but not least is how I felt about the overall story. It was a slow start for me, but once it picked up, I couldn’t put the book down. There were so much action and adventure but also lovely moments of friendship and girl power. It was a fierce, fun and feminist read.

Before I talk about my rating, I’d like to mention I’m participating in the 2018 PopSugar Reading challenge. This is my first year participating and what better way to announce it than in my review? Wonder Woman: Warbringer fulfills the challenge of a book with alliteration in the title.

I give Wonder Woman: Warbringer a 5 out of 5 stars.

Do you plan on reading Wonder Woman: Warbringer? If you have, what did you think and lastly, are you participating in the PopSugar Reading Challenge this year?


WWW Wednesday #9

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! It’s Wednesday so it’s time for me to switch off memes. I forgot to last week, but oh well. Time for another WWW post and this is such a quick and easy post. Probably one of the reasons why I don’t mind doing it on short notice.

Here’s a look at what WWW is and how you can join in on the fun.

Here’s the deal with WWW Wednesday. WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking on a World of Words! To participate, all you do is answer the three questions she provides and pingback to her. It’s a piece of cake!

The Three Ws are:
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

1. What are you currently reading?


I’m going full-steam ahead with my Harry Potter goal and also knocking out a lot of my Popsugar Reading challenge, too. I’m only a few chapters into this book so I’m not sure what I think yet!

2. What did you recently finish reading?


On Sunday, I finished The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed. This was such a wonderful book and I’m so glad I received it for Christmas. It was an incredibly powerful feminist read and just made me so happy and sad and angry and feel so many things!

3. What do you think you’ll read next?


This is the only book I have yet to read that’s on my TBR, still. I don’t know anything about this book besides that it follows the characters from the first book and it’s a direct sequel to that one. At least from what I’ve heard other people say, but I’m just excited to read this. Hopefully, it lives up to the hype of the other two.

What book are you currently reading? 




Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 books on my 2018 bucket list

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! It’s finally time for another Top 5 Tuesday post, the first of 2018. As per usual, Shanah came up with some awesome topics for this month and I can’t wait to tackle all of them. This one is an especially cool one and a post idea I actually had.

Thank goodness it’s now a Top 5 Tuesday post, though! If you want to participate in Top 5 Tuesday, all you have to do is fill out the prompt, make a post and then pingback to Shanah’s blog. Make sure you pingback to one of her posts and not just her blog.


5. Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

One of my favorite booktubers, Jane Lindsey has been raving about Emma Mills all year and I feel like I’m missing out so much. I really trust Jane’s opinion and she makes it sounds like Mills has such an awesome writing style. Considering how much I love contemporaries, there’s no way I won’t enjoy her work.

The obvious reason why I want to read her is that we share the same last name. It’s such a weird coincidence but still cool. I’m crossing my fingers I love this book as much as Jane does and fall in love with Mills’ writing.


4. The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis

Feels like I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about this book. Whether it’s the blogosphere, booktube or friends, this book has been everywhere. This will also be my first time reading Mindy McGinnis, I haven’t heard much about her writing style but have heard she writes some strange books.

Regardless, I’ve heard it’s a feminist novel so I’m crossing my fingers I love it. I’m always down for a fun, feminist read and this looks like it’s right up my alley. I can only hope I love it as much as everyone else does. Even if I don’t, hopefully, I don’t despise it as much as others do lol!


3. The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

Do I really need to go into detail with this one? Almost everyone in the world has read Harry Potter and fallen in love with it. I have yet to read them or watch the movies minus one I got for Christmas many years ago.

I also included this as one of my bookish goals for the year. The good news is a lady I work with is letting me borrow her copies. I’m hoping to finish a book a month and get them back to her by summer. Even if I don’t, I just want to have the entire series read before the end of the year. 🙂


2. Anything by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Maybe this is cheating, but I’ve been thinking about reading Ta-Nehisi Coates for a long time. I’ve watched a few interviews he did and listening to him talk has me so excited to read some of his work. Currently, he only has a few books out but he wrote a Black Panther comic series so I could really read anything.

I’m just excited to read his work and finally say I’ve read something by him. I’m also planning on doing a buddy read with Ally so maybe we’ll pick up this one or maybe Eight Years in Power. Who knows? All I know is I have to read something by him before 2018 ends!!


1. Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

Have I mentioned I love Jason Reynolds? Maybe a few times, but I really do love him, his writing style and everything I’ve read by him. It’s only one book, but shhh. I already know I’ll love anything else he writes.

I really wanted this book for Christmas but didn’t get it. Thank goodness for gift cards so I can pick it up. I’m excited to read another book of his and I’ve heard such awesome things about this book. I don’t know too much about it besides it’s written in verse and I’ve never read a book like that. Fingers crossed I love it as much as I loved All-American Boys.

What are some of your books on your 2018 bucket list? This is such an awesome topic and I can’t wait to hear your answers in the comments/see your posts! 



December Wrap-Up

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! It’s that time of year again to look back at my December reads. December was a relatively slow reading month for me. I was incredibly busy with work, the holidays and life, in general.

Basically, I didn’t want to burn myself out before the beginning of the year. I did read all 5 of the books on my TBR and even a few extra. Here’s a look at some of the books I read in December and some spoiler-free thoughts about each.


  • The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae: I wanted to love this book because I do love celebrity memoirs. While I enjoyed the book, I wanted more from it. Considering how many memoirs I’ve read, I was just a little disappointed with this book as a whole. 3.5/5 stars
  • Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire: The second book in the Wayward Children’s series, this was such a huge surprise. I loved the writing style, learning more about the twins the world. My only complaint was how slow of a start the book had. 4/5 stars
  • Hold Still by Nina LaCour: As Nina LaCour’s debut, I wasn’t sure to expect but this book was incredibly lovely despite the heavy subject matter. I enjoyed the main character Ingrid and how LaCour wrote about the grief she was experiencing. The only issue I had was I wanted more time focusing on the person who caused the grief. 4/5 stars
  • My New Crush Gave To Me by Shani Petroff: One of my two Christmas reads for the season, My New Crush Gave To Me was basically a Hallmark movie in a book. A cheesy and predictable plot but nevertheless a feel-good read. 3.5/5 stars
  • Stardust by Neil Gaiman: This was the book I received in my gift exchange with Lysette. Even though I’m not a big fantasy fan, I loved this book including the world, the characters, and their small connections. Can’t wait to read more from Neil Gaiman. 4.5/5 stars
  • The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour: Are you sensing a theme here? A little different form LaCour’s other work, this was a more lighthearted contemporary with some dark themes. I enjoyed everything minus the characters who acted a little pretentious at times. 3.5/5 stars
  • Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson: A book I received from being an Epic Reads Insider, Truly Devious was the true-crime YA book I’ve been waiting for. I enjoyed the mystery and true-crime element, but some of the plotlines and characters felt too unrealistic along with the huge plot twist. 4/5 stars
  • Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe by Melissa De La Cruz: My second Christmas read of the month and I hated it. It was completely predictable, had annoying characters and shouldn’t sully the good name of the original work. Easily my least favorite read of December. 2/5 stars

Goodreads Challenge

As a special added bonus, I figured I’d include my Goodreads goal for this year. I set my goal for 75 books in 2017. *Drumroll please* I actually read 120 books so I surpassed my goal by 45 books. I’m incredibly pleased with that and can’t wait to set my goal for January. 🙂

How was your reading in December? Did you surpass your Goodreads goal for the year and what do you plan on setting it as for 2018? Here’s to another year of good books