I’m back + blogging changes + my June Wrap-Up

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! It’s been a while but I’m finally back. It’s felt like forever since I’ve sat down to write a post but I knew it was time. I’ve done a lot of thinking while I was away and honestly, made some necessary changes to my life. It was much-needed and I’m happy to finally be back to my blog.

With that being said, I knew I wanted to make some changes to my blog. Rather than posting three times a week, I will cutting that down to two posts a week. While it doesn’t seem like much, I know that those three posts were stressing me out. Two seems much more manageable as I’ve taken on an entirely new writing job and need some extra time to devote to that.

As for my two posts a week, I’m going to be posting on Mondays and Fridays now so hopefully, no one is too upset by that. I’d rather cut down on my posts than give up this blog. With that announcement out of the way, let’s get into June wrap-up. 🙂

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June 2021 Reading Stats

  1. Books Read: 30
  2. Star Breakdown: 5-stars (4),4.5 stars(1), 4-stars (18), 3-stars (7)
  3. Format Breakdown: E-books (27), Audiobooks (3)
  4. New Favorite Author: Alexandria Bellefleur

3 Disappointing Reads From June 2021

53918331. sy475
1. Get It Right

The first disappointing read for June was Get It Right by Skye Kilean. I really wanted to love this book but it just didn’t work for me. While I loved how the two met and reconnected, it lacked the spark I was hoping for. I did enjoy the romance, but this book felt like it could have been so much more than it was.

44229940. sy475
2. Best Friends With Twice The Benefits: A Novella

The next disappointing read had to be Best Friends with Twice the Benefits. I read this for Hoe-A-Thonn and I really wanted to love it. There was just something about the extra family drama that turned me off. All I wanted was a smutty romp and instead, it was filled with tons of extra shit that I couldn’t care less about. However the smut was pretty excellent when that happened.

50158185. sx318 sy475
3. A Gift for a Ghost

The final disappointing read for me in June was A Gift for a Ghost. This one was just not it as it didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t realize how the two timelines connected and I couldn’t connect to any of the characters. I LOVED the art style though so I couldn’t be too mad. I’m just sad this one wasn’t as good as it could have been.

My 3 Favorite Reads of June 2021

56155465. sy475
1. Hang The Moon

My favorite read of June had to be Hang The Moon by Alexandria Bellefluer. I read this book and her debut but this one blew me away. I not only adored the two MCs but I loved them so much as a couple. I especially loved how bound and determined Brendon was to prove Annie wrong. Plus the extra element of her being his sister’s best friend was so perfect. I honestly could gush about this book for hours and I still can’t get over how great of a love interest Brendon is like easily my new favorite of 2021.

40032369. sy475
2. We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This

My next favorite of June was definitely We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This by Rachel Lynn Solomon. This book is a second-chance romance between two teenagers whose parents work together in the same wedding circuit. What I really enjoyed about this book was the main character, Quinn and how she was so jaded over love and romance but managed to find her happy ending. I feel like this book won’t be for everyone, but I enjoyed it.

57488034. sy475
3. Run Posy Run

My final favorite read of June was Run Posy Run by Cate C. Wells. This is a mafia romance between Posy and Dario in which Posy is framed for cheating and it’s basically Dario trying to protect her while also apologizing for not believing her. Honestly, this book was pretty dark but the hero was a sociopath and I was instantly IN LOVE. That sounds fucked but once I started read, I couldn’t stop. Definitely a book that lives rent-free in my mind.

Biggest Surprise Read of June 2021

57957051. sy475

My most surprising read of June had to be Feed by Aveda Vice. This was a faerie-succubus romance and I adored it. It was super short but incredibly steamy and the relationship was just so great. Honestly, I can’t wait to read more from Aveda Vice and I hope I’ll be picking up their backlist ASAP.

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After a month off of blogging, I’m happy to be back and finally hopefully figuring out a better plan for the rest of 2021. Plus I missed doing my wrap-ups as they’re a lot of fun. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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April 2021 Wrap-Up

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! I’ve been eager to do my April Wrap-Up as I unfortunately didn’t have the best reading month. April ended up being a really busy month for me and I knew that my reading really took a hit. I also felt a bit overwhelmed but I’m hoping that May is much better and it ends up being a much better reading month for me. 🙂

April 2021 Reading Stats

  • Books Read: 18
  • Star Breakdown: 5-stars (3), 4-stars (8), 3.5 (3), 3 (4)
  • Format Breakdown: Physical (1), Audio (4), Ebook (13)
  • Total Page Count: 4,486

3 Disappointing Reads from April 2021

48846018. sy475

1. The Beast

The first disappointing read I had in April was The Beast by Katee Robert. This is an m/f/m romance that I’ve been dying to read. However, this book fell flat for me. It just felt like the relationship wasn’t as strong as I wanted it to be and the book went by too fast. Plus it wasn’t nearly as steamy as I hoped for. I’m sad because I love this series but I’m keping my hopes up for the next book.

55080080. sy475

2. The Intimacy Experiment

The next disappointing read for me was The Intimacy Experiment by Rosie Danan. I saw so much hype for this and it just didn’t work for me. This book is a romance between Naomi and Ethan who is a rabbi and maybe i’ts just me but I didn’t love the religious aspects in the book. I also didn’t buy their romance as I didn’t feel like the two had chemistry. I’m sad as I loved The Roommate but I’m not ready to give up on this author yet.


3. Office Hours

The final disappointing read for me was Office Hours by Katrina Jackson. This book follows a romance between two professors and I don’t know if it was just slow or I couldn’t get into the writing style but this book just didn’t work for me. I’m sad because I love Katrina Jackson but thankfully, I didn’t rate it too low as it was still a 4 but I was hoping for it as 5-star read.

My 3 Favorite Reads of April 2021


1. Act Your Age, Eve Brown

My favorite book of April 2021 has to be Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert. I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone since I love Talia Hibbert. I also have a full post about this book and why you should read it. 😀

55929228. sy475

2. Ever After Always

The next book I loved in April was Ever After Always by Chloe Liese. This is the Bergman Sister book and I adored it. This book had amazing mental health rep, featured a marriage-in-trouble story line and gave me everything I wanted. Considering that I’m pretty anxious about something and this book talked about pregnancy, I ended up not loving it nearly as much. It was still a 4.5 read though so it wasn’t that bad.


3. Miss Meteor

My final favorite book of April was Miss Meteor by Tehlor Kay Mejia and Anna-Marie McLemore. I talked about this during my #ReadFatPositive wrap-up and it had two friends-to-lovers romance which I adored. Plus it had a great female friendship which was everything to me. As per AMM’s books, there is also a small magical realism story line if you were worried about that. 🙂

Biggest Surprise Read of April 2021


My most surprising read from April was Bookish and the Beast by Ashley Poston. This is book 3 in the Once Upon A Con series and I loved it. This was such a cute Beauty and the Beast retelling featuring one of the side characters from the first two books. This was super short with a great audiobook and had the perfect amount of BATB references without being annoying. I know I don’t read YA much anymore, but I feel like I’m doing a great job in picking ones I know I’ll enjoy.

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Those were my reads from April. Like I said, I didn’t have the best reading month but I plan on trying to change that in May. Either way, I’m not unhappy with the books I’ve read and I’m extremely happy that I branched out when it came to formats this month. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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#ReadFatPositive Round 1 Wrap-Up

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For my Wednesday post this week, I decided to post my wrap-up for the #ReadFatPositive readathon. Personally, I’m a little bit disappointed with myself as this week ended up being a lot busier than I thought. Either way, I’m happy to say that I reached my goal of reading 5 books and I’m so happy to talk about all of them.

I usually break this up via certain days but I ended up having a somewhat hectic week so I’m going to be ranking my reads instead. That’s a lot more fun and I personally feel like it gives me more time to talk about these books so let’s get into my five reads for #ReadFatPositive.

54884122. sy475

5. Hefty

The first book I have to talk about is Hefty by Jessa Kane. This book is a short little 80-page novella featuring a romance between a plus-sized hero and the heroine. While I feel like this book had a lot of potential, it seemed a little bit too cheesy for me and a bit too insta-lovey for me which sometimes works but here, it didn’t. Plus this book is set during high school so it’s kind of weird, reading about two teenagers getting it on. While it wasn’t as over-the-top as this author’s other books, this one missed the mark for me. 3/5 stars

43528183. sy475

4. Being Neighborly

The next book I have to talk about is Being Neighborly by Meka James. This was a case where I’ve loved this author’s other books but this one didn’t work for me. It was steamy and smutty which was excellent but I didn’t feel the connection between these two. I also felt like the third-act breakup was pretty stupid and could have been solved easily. The book could have been so good but it just didn’t work for me. 3/5 stars

55516888. sy475

3. The Lady’s Champion (Hearts of Blackmere #1)

The next book I have to talk about is The Lady’s Champion by Marie Lipscomb. This book follows a romance between a champion and Lady Blackmere which is slow-burn and does feature some questionable things including the heroine hiding her identity plus a lot of shitty actions by the villain and a few incidences of murder. While I loved their romance and the few steamy moments, it felt like it was a little too slow for me. 3.5/5 stars


2. Miss Meteor

This was the hardest thing to decide and it’s if I wanted to feature this book a second or first place but I decided to feature Miss Meteor as my second pick. This book is about two girls who team up to take down a local beauty pageant and prove that they deserve to be there. It’s such a great story about friendship, falling in love and realizing your place in the world. Plus this book features two friends-to-lovers relationships which is my favorite trope. I also adored this audiobook as the narration was amazing. 5/5 stars


1. Act Your Age, Eve Brown

The final book I have to talk about is Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert. I do have a post coming out about this book next week but I’m sure you all can guess that I loved it. Talia Hibbert just wows me with how well she writes the relationships in her books and these two are no exception. Eve and Jacob were a sunshine/grumpy pairing and I couldn’t get enough of them. I really didn’t want this book to end although I was slightly disappointed we didn’t get to see the festival the book kept hyping up. Either way, I LOVED this and I’m happy I decided to read this one rather than re-read Chloe Brown. 5/5 stars


Books Read: 5

Star Ratings: 5-stars (2), 3.5 stars (1) and 3-stars (2)

Average Rating: 3.9

Favorite Read: Act Your Age, Eve Brown

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Those were my reads for the first round of #ReadFatPositive and honestly, I’m really happy with how I did. I’m glad that I was able to read all of the books I had picked out even though I could have read more. Either way, I found two new favorites so I can’t really complain. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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2021 Love/Hate Challenge: March Wrap-Up

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For March, Ellyn and I are once again doing our Love/Hate Challenge. For this month, the theme was our favorite authors/actors which was a lot of fun. For me, I had a fun time, picking out Ellyn’s reads and movies. Basically, we pick a theme every month and then use that theme to pick one thing we hated and one thing we loved. The catch is that we don’t tell each other and instead, try to guess to see how well we know the person.

As I said, March’s theme was our favorite authors/actors. I knew immediately who Ellyn was going to pick for her favorite actor but wasn’t sure about authors. With that being said, let’s get into the books first, and then we’ll talk about movies.

Love/Hate Challenge: Books Written by Ellyn’s favorite authors


My Guess: HATE

My Thoughts: I really wish I would have loved this book. The premise seemed like it was going to be executed so well and it just wasn’t. This book felt like it was entirely too long and entirely too flowery. I really wish we could have gotten more of the sister relationship and not as much magical stuff?? Personally, I felt like this book could have been done so much better but it seemed to fall off the rails with all the different perspectives and how confusing it was. 3/5 stars

Why Ellyn picked this for me: I love Wild Beauty to the point where I forced Rebecca to read it last year so I figured this book would probably throw her off because I truly, truly disliked this book with a passion. It’s about two sisters who are pretty much pitted against each other from birth by their family but despite all this, they love each other and would supposedly do anything for each other but I’m calling BS on all of that. I’m a sibling so I thought I would really relate to this book because I would quite literally do anything for my brothers but apparently, we’re all just saying that superficially because that’s not what happened at all and honestly that just bugged me. This felt like the worst kind of sibling relationship + the addition of the miscommunication trope and I was not thriving.

Verdict: HATE


My Guess: LOVE

My Thoughts: I went into this book not knowing much but I ended up loving it??? This book follows two girls who become unlikely friends and it’s basically a coming-of-age story for both of them along with their romance. What I really adored about this book though was K. Ancrum’s writing style. She was able to tell things in such a short and concise way without feeling like I was missing something.

This book was hard-hitting at times especially since the MC Ryann was basically a single mother to her brother and a baby they adopted. It did feature a lot of talk about space travel and losing parents if you’re sensitive to that. However, I really adored this book and I’m hoping Ellyn loved it because it really made for such a perfect spring read.

Why Ellyn picked this for me: 10/10 👌👌 5 stars. 😍😍😍 Perfection. I don’t know how K Ancrum did it but she managed to write a space story set on Earth that was so perfect that I truly did cry. I love the found family elements as well as the focus on friendship. I truly adored everything about this book to the point where I don’t even know how to formulate coherent sentences to explain my love for it. It’s a perfect soft-sci fi about the different types of love and I love it with my whole heart.

Verdict: LOVE

Love/Hate Challenge: Movies featuring Ellyn’s favorite actor Speed 27 x 40 Movie Poster - Style A: Lithographic Prints:  Posters & Prints
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My Guess: LOVE

My Thoughts: Speed was actually a rewatch for me as I watched this movie a lot when I was younger and my dad always seems to watch it when it’s on TV. Thankfully, it was on HBO and I turned it on so I could get refresher. Truly such a great movie and honestly probably one of Keanu’s best roles. It has action, romance and lots of suspense as it’s basically a love or death situation. I will say that if Ellyn hated this one, our friendship is dissolved. Lol jk but I’m hoping she loved this movie as I love it, too!

Why Ellyn picked this for me: Okay so this is actually the best movie in all of cinematic creation and if you don’t agree then I’m sorry but you’re wrong. I can be in the absolute worst mood – like stomping and angry but then I turn this movie on and I’m quite literally a whole other person. It’s spooky and I’m not exaggerating. I love how soft Keanu Reeve’s in this movie and I love how cute Sandra Bullock is, also straight up, I love me a ridiculous plot that manages to pull itself off as well as some banging dialogue. I really really hope Rebecca at least enjoyed this one!!

Verdict: LOVE

Much Ado About Nothing (1993 film) - Wikipedia
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My Guess: HATE

My Thoughts: I’ve never watched an adaptation of Much Ado about Nothing as far as I know. I was a bit nervous going into this one and I have to say that it wasn’t a bad movie. However, it didn’t feel like Keanu played as big of a role and that sucked. Mostly because he looked so dashingly handsome but he didn’t stand out in this movie. I’d honestly probably call this a Denzel Washington movie before I’d say it was a Keanu movie. Either way, it was fine but nothing amazing.

Why Ellyn picked this for me: This movie has Keanu Reeves in it so I should love it right? It’s an adaptation of my favourite play of all time so I should love it right? Well, apparently Kenneth Branagh just hates me because he managed to make this awful awful movie and I genuinely have lost respect for him because of it. I wish this didn’t sound so dramatic but I’m really not joking.

Verdict: HATE

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That’s my wrap-up for our March Love/Hate picks. You’ll have to check out Ellyn’s post to see what she thought of my picks for her. Overall, I feel like it was a good month for this challenge and I can’t wait to dive into her picks for April. Before you finish reading my post, please take time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter

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March 2021 Wrap-Up

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! If you saw my wrap-up for last month, I’m going to do something similar but instead of just featuring that breakdown, I’m going to feature some stats also. Basically, it’s a way to make my wrap-ups shorter as there are some books I don’t want to talk about or don’t have a lot to say about them. Either way, let’s get into my stat breakdown for March 2021. 🙂

March 2021 Reading Stats

  • Books Read: 23
  • Star Breakdown: 5-stars (3), 4-stars (13), 3-stars (7)
  • Format Breakdown: E-Books (23)
  • Total Page Count: 4,025
  • New-To-Me Favorite Author: K. Ancrum

3 Disappointing Reads of March 2021

53399607. sy475

1. Release Some Tension

The first book I was disappointed by was Release Some Tension by Nicole Falls. While I wanted to love this book, it just didn’t work for me. I don’t know if it was because I couldn’t understand why the characters acted like they did or if I just couldn’t get into the writing style. Either way, I was bored and I’m sad because I love Nicole Falls but I’m hoping this is just a fluke or maybe my man was just distracting me by looking over my shoulder lmao.

55335030. sy475

2. Curious

This is a book I picked out for #SpringIntoLoveBingo and it seemed like it was going to be amazing. However, I feel like the execution wasn’t there. This was supposed to be an m/f/f romance and it didn’t really deliver in that regard. Yes, it was steamy at the end but I didn’t feel the angst or tension that would have taken this to the next level.

25507389. sy475

3. Priest

The final disappointing read I had in March was Priest by Sierra Simone. This is a romance book between a priest and a woman who comes to him to confess. While I wanted to enjoy this book, it felt like there was entirely too much angst and that I had a hard time, trying to suspend my disbelief. I love taboo romances but this one just didn’t work for me.

My 3 Favorite Reads of March 2021

54125750. sy475

1. Always Only You

My favorite read of the month has to go to Always Only You by Chloe Liese. This is book two in the Bergman Brothers series and it features a romance between Ren, a hockey player and Frankie, the social media specialist for the team he plays for. This book featured disability rep as Frankie was autistic and also had a chronic illness. What I love most about this book though was their grumpy/sunshine dynamic and how much the two of them really learned to love one another over time. It was so beautiful to watch their walls come down and see them fall in love.

To Be Alone With You

2. To Be Alone With You

My second favorite read of the month is hand-down To Be Alone With You by Jodie Slaughter. I know this book won’t appeal to everyone, but this is a quarantine second-chance romance between a girl who confessed her feelings to a guy who was 10 years older than her and knew she needed to mature. It’s basically them getting a chance at their HEA amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic/quarantine. Super steamy and beautifully written like Jodie Slaughter is definitely a new favorite author.

57387835. sy475

3. Maybe This Time

My final favorite read of March was Maybe This Time by Christina C Jones. This is a short little novella and it’s a friends-to-lovers story about two best friends who get married in Vegas and the aftermath of that. Despite being so short, their relationship felt extremely well-developed and I was really rooting for them in the end. This was also incredibly steamy and was perfect for reading on the flight back from my man’s house.

Biggest Surprise Read of March 2021

51198427. sy475

For me, the most surprising read of March was A Dash of Spice by Jessa Kane. I’ve read a few books by Jessa Kane including the first book in this series and felt meh about them. This one was still over-the-top and cheesy but it didn’t have that same cringey themes as the previous books which made it much more enjoyable. I especially loved that both of the characters were virgins which was a nice change of pace. If you don’t mind insta-love and some steam, I’d recommend this one.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

That was my new-look March 2021 Wrap-Up. I can’t lie, I had a lot of fun doing this and I enjoyed it much more than the old way I used to do wrap-ups. I might try to mix it up next month when it comes to format as I was an e-book monster this month. With that being said, I’d like to know if you have any book recs from your March reads. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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February 2021 Wrap-Up

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Welcome to my February wrap-up and honestly, I have a lot to talk about when it comes to this wrap-up. If you didn’t see my TBR post, then you won’t know that I tried to read 28 books in 28 days in February. At the time I’m writing this post, I’m hoping I will have met my goal and at this point, I’m a few books ahead of schedule.

With that being said, I knew I wanted to do my wrap-up a little bit differently than normal as 28 books is a lot to talk about and I honestly have some books I don’t want to talk about. Maybe I’m just starting to feel the burn-out when it comes to certain books but I’m just not feeling it. Either way, I’m going to split this up into three different categories.

The first category is going to be my top three favorite reads of the month, then my three biggest disappointments and then my biggest surprise read of the month. It’s a little bit different than what I usually do but hopefully, you all don’t mind too much. I’m actually going to start off with my disappointments and then get to the good stuff.

3 Disappointing Reads from February 2021

34629572. sy475

1. Better at Weddings Than You

My first disappointing read of the month came via Mina V. Esguerra’s Better At Weddings Than You. I just couldn’t connect with this book and I’m upset because the premise sounded amazing. I talked about it more in my Golden Girls wrap-up but this book just wasn’t it for me.

48887871. sy475

2. Set (Them Boys #1)

My second disappointing read came via Set by Alexandria House. I actually started this book on audio and then got the ebook as a freebie. However, I really couldn’t get into this book either as it felt like things were entirely too dramatic. I do love a good novella but this one just felt like things were entirely too dramatic for me and it read more like a soap opera for me. I’m actually in the minority with this one, but I do plan on reading more from Alexandria House in the future.

54772918. sy475

3. Take It (On the Clock #1)

The next book I was disappointed in was Take It by Shae Sanders. I read her Halloween novellas last year and ADORED them so I’m sad about this one. It’s an office romance between a girl and her boss which was hot. However, it once again felt like some unnecessary drama was thrown in and it didn’t need to be. Plus it did feature some “Me Too” jokes which could have easily been edited out. I do plan on reading the rest of this series though but I’m just sad this one wasn’t as great as I’d hoped for.

My 3 Favorite Reads from February 2021

55052300. sy475

1. Truth or Dare

My favorite read of the month had to be Truth or Dare by Danielle Allen. This is a friends-to-lovers story about a group of friends who bonded in college, remained friends and are getting together because two of the friends are getting married. Honestly, this book was incredibly well-written, super steamy and gave me everything I really wanted. Even the drama didn’t bother me too much. I just think this was the perfect book if you love friends-to-lovers and it was such a unique way to feature truth or dare as that becomes a big part of the book.

50285433. sy475

2. A Big Surprise for Valentine’s Day (Holidays with the Wongs #4)

My next favorite read from February was A Big Surprise for Valentine’s Day by Jackie Lau. This is the fourth and final book in the Holidays with the Wongs series. This one follows Amber who has a romance with a guy who used to be her brother’s friend. They reconnect as adults while buying condoms and honestly, it goes from there. I appreciated this book for so many things including how sex positive it was, how accepting the two were of each other and how everything worked out. This book is easily my favorite of the series.

51975973. sy475

3. Only When It’s Us (Bergman Brothers #1)

My final favorite book from February was Only When It’s Us by Chloe Liese. I’ve heard a lot of hype about this book and I actually used it as a blogger rec pick from Sofia. This book ended up being so much more than I thought. It was a great new adult romance but also focused a lot on growing as a person, dealing with grief and honestly, just being better in general. This is easily one of my new favorite series and I can’t wait to dive into the rest of the books. If you’re waiting to read this book like I did, do yourself a favor and read it already!

Biggest Surprise Read of February 2021

50170971. sy475

My biggest surprise in February was easily Candy Hearts by Erin McLellan. This is the second book in the So Over the Holidays series and the final one I had to read. This book follows Benji Holliday and the romance he has with William, a friend of his sister’s. I normally don’t read much m/m romance but this book just made my heart sing with how adorable the romance was. There was something about how willing Benji and William were to accept each other despite their quirks along with lots of cute pet-names and just pure unadulterated Valentine’s Day goodness. This book was just a delight and easily my biggest surprise of the month.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

That is my condensed February wrap-up and honestly, I really love how it came out. I might do this every month but with some stats mixed in there. Either way, I hope you all had a good reading month in February and I’m hoping for another good read month in March. I’m also hoping I’ll have some more exciting news to share then, too. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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Golden Girls Galentine’s Wrap-Up

Hello friends and fellow book lovers and thank you for being a friend. I’m so excited to talk about all the books I read for the Golden Girls Galentine’s Day round. I was super excited for this readathon and I knew I wanted to give it a wrap-up all its own. While I planned on watching the episodes, I ended up just reading instead which I’m not mad about.

If you’ve been following me, then you’ll know how I set up my wrap-ups for readathons and since I’m pre-writing this intro, I don’t know how much I’ll get read but I’m breaking it up into the different days of the readathon. This round went from Feb 12th to Feb 15th which is relatively short. You can check out my TBR if you’d like but let’s get into the books I read. 🙂

Day 1: February 12th

55052300. sy475

I had a slightly busy day on Friday but I was able to squeeze in some time in between work, watching my nephew and finalizing my Valentine’s Day plans to read this one. It’s the longest book on my TBR and I’m happy I started with it. This book follows a group of college friends who reunite to attend a wedding and it’s a romance in the group. Honestly, this book felt like it was tailor-made for me as it featured so many tropes I loved.

This is a friends-to-lovers story which is my favorite trope plus it was super steamy but also had its sweet moments, too. It’s almost 200 pages but I don’t want to talk too much about it because I think it’s best to go in not knowing much. As for my GG prompt, I used this one for “The Competition: A book with a bet or game” as it features the group playing Truth or Dare multiple times. 5/5 stars

Day 2: February 13th

34629572. sy475

I was feeling super optisimic today and honestly, what a dumbass I was because my day ended up being an absolute shit-show. To try and lift my spirits, I decided to read Better at Weddings Than You which is a romance between two wedding planners and honestly, I didn’t enjoy my time, reading this. I don’t know if it was because of my mood but I couldn’t mesh with the writing style and I didn’t feel a connection to the characters enough to want to root for them.

This book wasn’t bad, but I just think it wasn’t for me. Nothing about this really wowed me and that made me sad because it seemed like such a fun book. For the Golden Girls prompt, I used this one for “Guess Who’s Coming to the Wedding?: A book set around a wedding.” If you’re looking for a book featuring a wedding, then this could be a good one for you. 3/5 stars

Day 3: February 14th

51256582. sy475

Originally, I was supposed to be at my man’s house for Valentine’s Day but plans changed and it ended up not working out of us. However, I was still determined to successfully complete this read-a-thon so I didn’t end up skipping today even though I wanted to. With that being said, I decided to read A Dirty Valentine by Nicole Falls. This follows two people who knew each other when they were younger and it’s basically them getting a chance now that they’re a little older.

This was only about 40 pages and felt entirely too short for me? I would have liked to see more of their relationship in the past and then them eventually hooking up. Maybe I went in with different expectations but it didn’t work for me as her previous works have. As for the Golden Girls prompt, I used this for “A Little Romance: A book with less than 200 pages.” 3/5 stars

Day 4: February 15th

34466860. sy475

For the final day of the read-a-thon, I decided to save my graphic novel as I originally planned on being elsewhere so I wouldn’t have as much time to read. With that being said, I’m happy that I ended the readathon by reading this. If you didn’t know, Giant Days follows 3 best friends in college and it’s basically their day-to-day lives which are mostly full of shenanigans.

Of all the volumes I’ve read, this one has to be my favorite. It was just so fun and felt like it was a perfect representation of each character and their friendship as a whole. I can’t wait to read more of this series and finally finish up with it as I normally only read these during read-a-thons. I used this one for the prompt of “The Flu: A “contagious” book you see everywhere” which is a pretty good pick for series as it’s incredibly popular. 5/5 stars

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Wrapping up this readathon, I have to say that I’m very happy with how I did. I had 2 5-star reads and 2 3-star reads which is honestly not bad. It would have been a lot worse lmao but I’m happy with how I did this round and I’m happy to participate in the next round in June. This was a super fun idea and I’m just happy I got a chance to participate in it. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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Ranking my January 2021 Reads

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! I was really not in the mood to write a traditional wrap-up this month so I wanted to take a page out of Sofia’s book as she does this with her wrap-ups so all credit goes to her. It’s a lot of fun and I feel like this has the potential to be a lot of fun than my normal wrap-ups.

Before I get started, I wanted to talk about how I read 22 books in January but I won’t be including any of my GraphicsAThon reads as I’ve already wrapped them up. With that being said, let’s get into the other 14 books I read this month and see where I’d rank them.


14. The Glass Hotel

Starting off with my least favorite book of the month, I’m going with The Glass Hotel which was one of the books Ellyn picked for our Love/Hate Challenge. I have to say that I think Ellyn hated this one because I did too. This story was completely confusing and it felt like it had no plot. Frankly it was super annoying and I’m confident in saying that Ellyn hated this one lmao. 2/5 stars

53851680. sy475

13. Rapper’s Delight (The Mogul #1)

Another book I really didn’t enjoy was Rapper’s Delight which follows a romance between two former lovers who reconnect as adults. While it seemed like a solid concept, this book suffered from a lack of editing, had too much drama and it felt like the author was trying to do too much. However, I do plan on writing this author’s other works so I’m not writing them off just yet. 2/5 stars

51456270. sy475

12. Muffin Compares to You (The Way To A Man’s Heart #2)

Getting into my middle-of-the-road reads, the first one has to be Muffin Compares To You which was a short insta-love story between a baker and the businessman who comes into her bakery. This series follows a pretty similar formula and this one was no expectation but I can’t complain. It was fluffy which was what I wanted but it wasn’t anything overly impressive. 3/5 stars

35134472. sy475

11. Love, Hate and Other Filters

The next average read for me was Love, Hate and Other Filters which is about a Muslim teen who has a pretty average life until a supposed terrorist shares her name and it’s basically how the world starts to treat her from that point on. Honestly, I felt like this book was split into two parts, the first part which was fun while the second part was incredibly heavy. That balance really threw me off but it wasn’t a bad read. 3/5 stars

45010932. sy475

10. Disfigured: On Fairy Tales, Disability, and Making Space

This was my other read from Ellyn for the Love/Hate Challenge. This one is a non-fiction essay collection by Amanda LeDuc which focuses on the presence of disabilities in fairy tales along with the lack of disabled characters who get happy endings. It’s such a unique read although I felt like it was a bit long at times. However, I do have to say that I feel like this would be Ellyn’s love book as the other was just annoying lmao so at least I think I have that right. 3/5 stars

56350727. sy475

9. My Dad’s Best Friend (A Touch of Taboo #3)

The next is one that was slightly above average and that’s My Dad’s Best Friend. This is the third book in A Touch of Taboo series by Katee Robert. If you couldn’t tell, this is a book where a girl hooks up with her dad’s best friend and honestly, it felt a little formulaic at this point. While it was a fun and sexy read, it wasn’t anything I haven’t read from her before. 3.5/5 stars

55935243. sy475

8. His Beauty

Moving onto my 4-star reads, my least favorite of the bunch was His Beauty by Jack Harbon which is his Beauty and the Beast retelling. It follows a girl who takes her father’s place as per the story but it takes a turn from there. It’s a much darker take on the story than the “Disney” version and in the end, the Beast stays a beast. It was a bit long for me, but I enjoyed my time, reading. 4/5 stars

43699943. sy475

7. The Ultimate Pi Day Party (Baldwin Village #1)

My next 4-star read was The Ultimate Pi Day Party by Jackie Lau. I read the prequel to this series in December and enjoyed it. This is a romance between a girl who owns a pie shop and the guy who hires her to cater his pi day party. It’s such a cute and fun romance although I do feel like the love interest was too worried about others rather than himself. He really put a lot of stock into his father who frankly was pretty terrible to him.

It was an incredibly cute read and made me even more excited to read the rest of the series. Honestly, I don’t really have much to complain about but it wasn’t a perfect read for me. 4/5 stars

56254859. sy475

6. Worship

My next 4-star read was another one by Jack Harbon and that’s Worship. This one is a second-chance friends-to-lovers story between two people who reunite at their high school reunion. Honestly, I felt like this one featured such a loving and adorable male character who pined so much for the heroine. It was so sweet but this novella was also SO steamy which I adored. Easily my favorite of all of Jack Harbon’s books I’ve read. 4/5 stars

55779209. sy475

5. ATE

The next 4-star on my list is ATE by Rilzy Adams. This one follows Tempest who hires a private chef to cook her and her best friend a meal. Her friend cancels and she ends up having a lot of fun with the private chef, Russell. This is just over 50 pages and basically sex from the start which I wasn’t mad about. Tbh I read this while I was sitting on my man’s lap the whole time if that show you how quick it was lmao. 4/5 stars


4. Snapped (Playbook #4)

Moving onto my 4.5 star reads, Snapped is the final book in the Playbook series and honestly, I was skeptical to read it. This book focuses on Elliott and Quinton’s romance in which Quinton is the first NFL player to kneel during the national anthem and Elliott is his “PR manager.” Though the book focused on that, the book also focused on Elliott realizing that racism exists outside of her bubble and realizing her white father rasising her to be “color-blind” to races has harmed her a lot.

I can see why this book wasn’t loved by everyone, but I do think reading the author’s note really helped in understanding why Elliott acted the way she did. Honestly, I feel like this was the perfect end to this series (if it is the end!) and I’m so happy Alexa Martin decided to tell this story. 4.5/5 stars

56556852. sy475

3. Deeper

This was actually the last book I read in January and this was honestly SO incredible. It was a short “sequel” to Go Deep as it follows the couple from that book getting married. I really enjoyed getting to see these characters again, loved see their wedding and I especially loved hearing their vows. As per Rilzy Adams’ usual style, this is super steamy too considering it’s only 37 pages. Easily a new favorite of hers. 5/5 stars

54698575. sy475

2. Make A Scene

I wrote a review of this one so if you want to know my thoughts, be sure to check that out. 🙂

51500614. sx318 sy475

1. A Worthy Opponent (Wicked Villains #3)

My favorite book I read in January was A Worthy Opponent which is the third book in the Wicked Villains series. I saved this book to read at my man’s house since I kne he was working one of the days when I was down there. This is Tink and Hook’s book which was incredibly delightful and I really enjoyed the tropes Katee Robert used with these two. I also LOVED how bratty Tink was and how much she “fought” Hook but you could tell the two had incredible chemstiry.

Once again, the only complaint I have was the major complaint I’ve had with all of these books. The conflict seems to come out of nowhere at the end and seems to detract from the rest of the story. Either way, I LOVED these two and their relationship. 5/5 stars

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Those are the 14 non-graphic books I read in January. Personally, I feel like I had a great reading month and I read a lot of books I enjoyed. Even though I did have some 2 star reads, I do feel like I have a better handle on what I plan on reading in February. Also what do you guys think of this wrap-up style? Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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GraphicsAThon Mini-Round Wrap-Up

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! If you didn’t catch Ellyn’s post or our Twitter, there was a mini-round of Graphics-A-Thon starting on the 16th and ending on the 19th. For me, it was a rough start but I eventually found my footing. However, I’m still excited to talk about the books I ended up reading and to see if I can get to the 8 books I predicted for myself so let’s see.

Day 1: January 16th


On Day 1, I had to work so I didn’t get much time to read. However, I did finish one book and that was Diana: Princess of the Amazons. This graphic novel follows Diana being the only kid on Themyscira and what happens when she tries to make matters into her own hands with things. While this was pretty cute, it wasn’t anything amazing and it was clearly made for a different audience than me. Ultimately cute but not much else. 3/5 stars

Day 2: January 17th


The first book I finished on Day 2 was Aquicorn Cove by Katie O’Neill. This book follows Lana who goes to visit her aunt with her father and it’s basically her learning how important the sea is and how she can help to protect it. This had Katie O’Neill’s signature cutesy art-style and still had an adorable message. Easily one of my favorite reads of this round and I can’t wait to read more from her. 4/5 stars


My second read on Day 2 was Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma, Vol. 1 which is one I didn’t have on my radar until I saw it at the library. This one follows a guy who gets into a culinary school and it’s basically him trying to prove that he’s an incredible chef and will finally be able to beat his father. As odd as it might seem, this book was overly sexual for my tastes (which is saying something lmao) but I felt like I would have enjoyed more of the competition aspect. 3/5 stars


My third and final read for Day 3 was Pretty Violent which is about a superhero who grows up in a family of villains and it’s basically her trying to be a hero but inevitably fucking it up. Honestly, I enjoyed the art style but this book felt super boring to me and a little bit too wordy. Maybe I’m just picky but this one didn’t wow me as I hoped. 3/5 stars

Day 3: January 18th


Moving onto my next read, I finally read Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me by Mariko Tamaki and Rosemary Valero-O’Connell which is about Freddy who keeps getting broken up with Laura Dean and not getting over her. Honestly, I feel like this graphic novel did a great job of illustrating toxic relationships and how we can fall into a trap with someone. However, it wasn’t a lot of fun although I enjoyed the art style. 3/5 stars

55043957. sx318

The second book I finished on Day 3 was Séance Tea Party by Reimena Yee. This was about a girl who has a séance tea party and befriends a ghost. I absolutely adored the art style in this one and I felt like it was a warm hug. While it dealt with topics such as grief, growing up and moving on, it was still cute. I can’t wait to read more from this author and I thought this was enjoyable. 4/5 stars

Day 4: January 19th


The first book I finished in Day 4 was The Truth about Stacey which is a graphic novel version of the Baby-Sitters Club. It’s basically a retelling of the novel but told in graphic form and it was enjoyable. I really enjoy getting to see the story as it’s been forever since I’ve read this one and I also loved the art-style. 4/5 stars


The final book I finished for this round was Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed which was probably my favorite read of this round. It follows a 16-year-old Diana as she leaves Themyscira and ends up at a refuegee camp before going to the US where she finds out how harsh the outside world really is. Honestly, I loved the art style for this, the message and how it wasn’t afraid to handle tough topics.

This was obviously written with a younger/teenage audience in mind but I wouldn’t be mad if there was an adult version that was a little bit gritter and darker. This one didn’t push the envelope but it easily could have. 4/5 stars

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Let’s get into my stats for this round of Graphics-A-Thon and then we can move on to get excited for the next full-length round.

Star Ratings: 5-stars (0), 4-stars (4) and 3-stars (4)

Average Rating: 3.5

Favorite Read: Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed

Least Favorite Read: Pretty Violent, Vol. 1

Those are the 8 books I read for this mini-round of the Graphics-A-Thon. I really enjoyed this round despite me not having a 5-star read in the bunch. However, it does help me decide what I want to read for the next round and get me hyped for some books I know I have saved up for it. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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December 2020 Wrap-Up

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! It’s hard to believe 2021 is here since 2020 felt like it was never going to end. Before we close the book on the year though, I wanted to talk about all the books I read in December. A small disclaimer that most of these books are holiday themed so you might end up finding something for next year and I have a lot of books to talk about so let’s get into it. 🙂

Before getting into the books, I’m going to count Sweet On You, A Second Chance Road Trip for Christmas and Booked For Christmas as my first three reads. If you want to know my thoughts, then you can check out my reviews of them.

48747627. sy475

4. Mangos and Mistletoe

Another Christmas book I read in December was Mangos and Mistletoe by Adriana Herrera. This is an f/f romance set in Scotland during a Christmas baking competition and it’s delightful. This is a pretty quick read as it’s relatively short while also being incredibly sweet and steamy. Easily one I know I’ll recommend for next year. 4/5 stars


5. Time Of Our Lives

The next book I read is a surprisingly non-holiday book and it’s a story about Fitz and Juniper who meet during a college tour and it’s basically them forcing a friendship and then possibly more. Honestly, I feel like this book lacked the direction of this duo’s other books. It was slightly disappointing as I gave their last book 5 stars. However, I am excited for their 2021 release. 3/5 stars

40947502. sy475

6. Marriage of Unconvenience

I wrote a review of this one if you want to check it out!

53491996. sy475

7. The Gift (Falling like a Johnson #1)

The next book I finished was The Gift by Rilzy Adams which is about a woman who becomes her friend’s surrogate and then has to deal with the aftermath including breaking the news to her husband. This is such a heart-breaking and emotional read which I wasn’t really prepared for. I do plan on continuing this series even though this one was a bit too much for me. 4/5 stars

43228383. sy475

8. One Bed for Christmas (Baldwin Village #0.5)

The next book I read is another Christmas novella and that’s One Bed for Christmas by Jackie Lau which is a friends-to-lovers romance between two people who were friends in college and then eventually, their feelings start to grow around Christmas. This features the one bed trope and it’s just delightful. Super cute and steamy albeit I would’ve enjoyed a full-length novel of these two. 4/5 stars

49592919. sy475

9. Home for Christmas: A Short Holiday Love Story

The next Christmas read I finished was Home for Christmas: A Short Holiday Love Story which focuses on an estranged couple spending Christmas together per their son’s request. This is incredibly short but also very sweet and steamy. 4/5 stars

49436862. sx318 sy475

10. How to Catch a Queen (Runaway Royals #1)

The next book I read was actually a non-holiday read and that was How to Catch a Queen by Alyssa Cole. This is a romance between an already established couple and it’s basically them getting to know each other and falling in love. This book is also incredibly political so if you’re not into that, then I’d avoid this book. While it was a bit of a slow-burn, I really did enjoy their relationship. 4/5 stars

56235820. sy475

11. The Naughty List

My next Christmas read was The Naughty List by Ellie Mae Macgregor. It’s about a woman who is spending her first Christmas without her kids since her divorce and it’s basically her hooking up with a sexy version of Santa. It’s incredibly short but super sexy. It’s also written by a bookstagrammer and it’s clear that she’s an avid romance reader because she seems to avoid the traps some debut authors can fall into. I really hope she continues to write more since I absolutely loved this debut. 4/5 stars

*Reads 12-16 were for Smutathon so if you want to know my thoughts on them, then be sure to check out my wrap-up 🙂

52593900. sx318 sy475

17. Stocking Stuffers (So Over the Holidays #1)

My next Christmas read was Stocking Stuffers which is the first book in the So Over the Holidays series which follows the romances of the Holiday siblings. This one is a Christmas grumpy/sunshine story between Sasha and Perry who are just the absolute sweetest. I couldn’t get enough of these two although it did feel like Sasha was just looking for reasons to not be with Perry. It was frustrating at times, but I really enjoyed this story. 4/5 stars

55948009. sy475

18. Being Merry (Desert Rose Hook-Ups #3)

The next Christmas read I finished was another Christmas grumpy-sunshine story but this time, it was an f/f roommate romance. I honestly couldn’t get enough of this one as it was absolutely delightful. I really did love these two but they also were very frustrating as the one character felt like she just couldn’t get out of her own head and focus on the things in front of her. Either way, I adore this series and I hope she writes more in the future. 4/5 stars

56170909. sy475

19. Santa’s Helper

These next few books are ones I binged on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so get ready for some rapid-fire reviews! This one is a short story featuring a second-chance romance between a divorcee and her old high school flame who is a fire fighter. It was fine but it seemed to be missing something that was in Shae Sanders’ other short stories I’ve read. 3.5/5 stars

49020224. sy475

20. Twelve Dates of Christmas (Love on the Rock #1)

The next Christmas read I went with was Twelve Dates of Christmas by Rilzy Adams which is another second-chance friends-to-lovers romance. It followed the two reconnecting and going on twelve dates to fall in love. For some reason, the writing style and formatting of this one didn’t work for me. I do enjoy Rilzy Adams’ work though so I won’t write off reading the sequel next year. 3/5 stars

49234154. sy475

21. Paddled by Krampus

The next book I read was completely silly and it was Paddled by Krampus which is about a girl who gets punished by Krampus for being bad. It was only 36 pages but it wasn’t horrible. If you’re into some weird holiday shit though, I’d recommend it. 3/5 stars

43324877. sy475

22. A Tale of Two Cities: A Christmas Novella

My next read was the next in the Tale of Two Cities series and this is another one featuring famous characters. This one focuses on Dallas who is a director and the romance he has with a production assistant, Madison. I personally found this one a little bit unbelievable and I felt like it was a bit too rush for my liking. I vastly prefer the first two but I can’t wait to read the rest of this series. 3/5 stars

37616923. sy475

23. Noelle The First (Holliday Sisters #1)

On Christmas, I decided to read one of Nicole Falls’ Christmas romances and it was Noelle the First which is about Noelle who shares a birthday with Christmas and it’s about her childhood best friend trying to cheer her up and it’s basically their relationship. It’s super short but it felt like the writing style wasn’t for me and it ended up not working for me in that regard. 3/5 stars

56260532. sy475

24. Ho! Ho! Ho!: A Christmas Short

This is actually a book I read after Christmas and it’s about a second-chance romance between a girl and a guy she meets again after last Christmas. This one is super sexy and SO short but it was SO good. While it wasn’t a perfect read for me, the smut was top-tier and I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s one I know I’ll want to revisit next year since it’s such a sexy read. 4/5 stars

50170198. sy475

25. New Year, New Boo?

The first New Year’s Eve book I read was New Year, New Boo? by Alexandria House. This book is about two co-workers who attend a NYE party and eventually, decide to hook up. This is incredibly short like under 50 pages and is also super steamy. I can’t wait to read more from this author because this book was SO much fun. 4/5 stars

43449078. sy475

26. A Tale of Two Cities: A New Year Novella

The second NYE book I read was A Tale of Two Cities: A New Year Novella. I’ve been making my way through this series and I’ve loved almost all of these. This one is a romance between a girl and her Uber driver after she gets three-timed by her “boyfriend” at an NYE party. It’s them hooking up and eventually, their romance which was just so fun. This was another short and steamy read that made me love Alexandra Warren’s series all the more. 4/5 stars

56439579. sy475

27. Midnight Stroke: A Sexy Holiday Short

For NYE, I decided to read Midnight Stroke which is a short sequel to Birthday Sex by Te Russ which I absolutely loved. This book follows the same couple and this time, they’re spending new years together on vacation. This is incredibly short but also steamy and a lot of fun. I can’t wait to read more of her backlist in 2021. 5/5 stars

55825250. sy475

28. Party Favors (So Over the Holidays #4)

The final book I read in 2020 was Party Favors by Erin McLellan. This book focuses on two women who are online friends and they decide to spend New Years together and it’s basically them meeting for the first time and having a relationship. It was an adorable friends-to-lovers story and it was SO steamy plus I loved getting to know these characters and seeing the Holiday family once again. Easily one of my new favorite series and I can’t wait to read the V-Day book in the series. 4/5 stars

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Anyways, those are all the books I read in December 2020 and honestly, I’m ready to talk about my January reads already. I’m actually writing this before it’s scheduled to be posted so I’m not as early as usual. Either way, I hope you’re able to find some good recs from this post and that we all have incredible reading years in 2021. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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