Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Bookish Habits

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Once again, Shanah came up with a unique prompt and this one actually took me a while to come up with my answers. Personally, I don’t think about my bookish habits but I’m curious to see what I think of and be able to reflect on what I do as a reader. With that being said, let’s get into it!

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5. Not remembering to finish a series

If there’s one bookish habit that I’ve picked up, it’s starting a new series and then eventually forgetting to finish it. While I did make that one of my goals for 2020, it’s still something that I struggle with. Even if I love the preceding books, I just don’t feel the need to pick the others up urgently or they aren’t available at my library or I don’t feel like buying them. Either way, I always end up dragging my feet and end up waiting until years later to complete the actual series lol.

4. Forgetting about audiobooks

Another habit that I’ve developed is forgetting about audiobooks and not using them when I have the chance. It’s probably because I’m not in the habit of looking for them but they’re never my first choice. Personally, I’d rather read an ebook and be able to physically see the words. However, I’ve enjoyed almost all of the audiobooks I’ve read so I’m not sure. Either way, this is easily a bookish habit that I need to fix lol.

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3. Following my TBRs

Since I talked about two negative things, I figured I’d include something positive. One of my positive bookish habits is that I always follow my TBRs. Even if I don’t read a book that month, I move it to the next month. For some reason, I’ve never really had a problem, following TBRs because I see it as more a monthly goal. I just really like having a set plan for what I’m going to read that month so I try to follow it closely.

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2. Using my library

One bookish habit that I’ve picked up in the last year or so was that I use my library almost exclusively for books. While I do have Kindle Unlimited, a lot of the books I read are from the library. Maybe it’s because I’m cheap or maybe it’s due to the fact that I just really like to read ebooks but honestly, I love using my library. It’s free books so what’s there to complain about? For instance, the last three books I read in January were all from the library which was excellent.


1. Rarely rereading books

One bookish habit that I’m looking to change in 2020 is that I want to start rereading more books. I rarely reread books and I really want to work on changing that. I think last year, I reread like maybe 10 books out of the 157 books I read. That’s barely even a dent in all of the books I read. I know it’s important to focus on new books and books that you’re excited about but I want to get back to some of my old favorites.

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Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Books that Exceeded my Expectations

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Welcome to another Tuesday on bookishlyrebecca and that means it’s Top 5 Tuesday. This week’s prompt is another one that I really enjoy and one that I struggled with as well. I wanted to include a lot of different books but ultimately, I felt like I ended up talking about my favorite books. Either way, let’s get into it.

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5. The Hearts We Sold

The first book to make my list is a book that I read years ago now. When I was looking at Goodreads, I noticed it and realized that I forgot about it. When I read it, I had little to no expectations about The Hearts We Sold. I knew nothing and I was so pleasantly surprised when I started reading. This is a fantasy/paranormal story following a girl who makes a deal with a demon and it unravels from there. Honestly, this book was SO unique and unlike anything I’d read before then. It ended up being surprisingly deep and insightful, considering that demons played such a significant role.

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4. My Lady Jane

Another book that I read a few years ago is My Lady Jane. When I heard this was a Lady Jane Grey retelling, I wasn’t particularly excited but then someone talked about how funny it was. I didn’t realize how addicting it would be when I picked it up but I couldn’t put it down. It was equal parts funny and fantastical but it never felt silly. Rather, it gave Jane a much happier ending and gave me a new auto-boy author(s). It was so much better than I thought it would be and gave Jane the happy ending she deserved.

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3. Ramona Blue

Another book that really exceeded my expectations was Ramona Blue. I had read Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy and didn’t like it. However, when I picked this one up, I immediately fell in love with Ramona and couldn’t help but root for her. Julie Murphy told such a compelling story about Ramona along with her struggles when it came to working, her sexuality and accepting herself. I had zero expectations going into this book and I was so surprised that I ended up loving it. While it was only a 4-star read, it was a vast improvement and allowed me to give Julie Murphy another chance.

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2. The Bromance Book Club

When I first heard about this book, I was excited because it seemed like the perfect book for me. Once reviews started pouring in though, I was a bit skeptical so I opted to get it from the library. The Bromance Book Club far exceeded any and all expectations I had for it by being insightful, focusing on more than just the male character and showing the struggle of married people without it going over my head. Overall, this book ended up being super romantic and sweet while still not sugarcoating their problems. While it was only a 4 star read, I originally thought it was going to be a 3 or lower.


1. Get A Life, Chloe Brown

Will a post goes by that I don’t talk about this book or Talia Hibbert? Unlikely but this book was an absolute surprise to me. I didn’t know much about it and I’m glad because this book was basically my ideal romance book. It featured an adorable relationship, incredible character development and had a happy ending although it took some time to get there. I’m not saying much, because I want others to go in blind because this book absolutely shocked me with how much I loved it. ❤

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Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Books That Weren’t What I Expected

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! This week’s Top 5 Tuesday is one that I’m really excited about. I feel like I say that every week but Shanah keeps coming up with unique prompts so I get excited. Either way, I have a lot of books that I think fit this description and I can’t wait to talk about so let’s get into it.

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5. Caraval

I’m starting off my list with a book I read in January and that’s Caraval. This book was picked for me by Ellyn and honestly, this book was a lot different than I thought. I’m not sure if I had heard the synopsis before and got it wrong, but this book seemed a lot darker than I picked. While I knew it wasn’t going to be all fun and games, this book felt a lot different than I imagined it would. Either way, I still enjoyed it but it was like no other fantasy books I’d read before.

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4. Haven

Maybe I should start looking into the books I put holds on because this one was unlike what I imagined. While the cover plays into it a little bit, this book starts off with a really jarring opening and from there, a romance ensues. If I read the beginning, there is no way that I would think it was a romance. It has an extremely slow start but once the romance comes in, the book goes by a lot faster. However, it’s a super unique romance so be cautious if you’re sensitive to things such as murder and loss of a sibling.

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3. Daisy Jones & The Six

The next book that wasn’t what I expected was Daisy Jones & The Six. In a lot of ways, I feel like this book wasn’t what a lot of people expected. I’m sure most of us thought it would be similar to Evelyn Hugo but it was something entirely different. Rather, this book focused less on one specific character but rather on two main characters and the rest of the band. Plus it was a fake oral history which made for a unique format that not everyone loved.

Personally, I was surprised by how much I liked this and how quickly I devoured the audiobook. While it’s not my favorite of TJR’s, it’s still a book that I’m sure I’ll eventually return to.

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2. Nice Try, Jane Sinner

This is another book that I went somewhat blind to. I knew that it focused on mental health but that was it. What I didn’t realize that this book featured an entire reality show unveiling before our eyes. It was such an intriguing concept and I can’t believe that no one else had done that before. Either way, this book ended up being a lot darker than I anticipated along with featuring a plethora of unique characters. Overall, I think this book is super underrated and more people should give it a chance because it will surprise you in more ways than one.


1. Kill The Boy Band

Alright, so you might be thinking uh why is this one surprising since the plot is basically in the title? While you’re right there, I went into Kill The Boy Band with entirely different expectations. I’m not sure what I thought but this book was a lot darker and more convoluted than I thought. Maybe it’s a metaphor for fandom, but honestly, this book dealt with a lot more than that. It dealt with feeling isolated in a fandom, dealing with people in your life making fun of you, toxic friendships and the importance of being true to yourself. Overall, this book just blew me away with everything it tackled in such a short amount of pages.



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Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Anticipated Books for 2020

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Welcome to another week of Top 5 Tuesday and talk about a topic I struggled with. For some reason, since I’m not buying as many books, I barely look at new releases. I do have a handful of books that I’m excited for, though so I was able to come up with five. Anyways enough chit-chat, let’s get into this. 😀

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5. Lucky Caller

Ok so technically this book is already out, but I don’t own it yet. That being said, I figured it would still count for this list. Last year, I read Famous in A Small Town by Emma Mills and I didn’t enjoy it very much. Understandably, I’m a bit skeptical going into this one but I’m crossing my fingers that it gets back to the Emma Mills I love. Personally, I think the cover’s beautiful so it’s going to go well with my other books even if it doesn’t match lmao.

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4. Take a Hint, Dani Brown

I’ve already talked about this one in my “My Favorite” post so that’s why it’s #4 on my list but I’m so excited about this book. As I mentioned in my post, I know that this book follows Chloe’s sister, Dani and that it features fake dating. At this point, I’m sold and I’ll probably buy anything Talia Hibbert writes.


3. The Worst Best Man

I saw someone mention this on Booktube or in a blog post, but since then, I haven’t stopped thinking about it. If I remember correctly, this book follows a woman who is a wedding planner and after she plans her dream wedding, she gets left at the altar. I think the groom’s brother was one who told him to leave and then he and the former bride have to work together. It sounds like it’s going to be the hate-to-love romance that I’ve been waiting for. Personally, I’ve never read anything by Mia Sosa so I’m excited to see what I think about her as well. 🙂

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2. My Calamity Jane

One book that I forgot was coming out this year is My Calamity Jane which is the third book in The Lady Janies series. The first one followed Lady Jane Grey while the second followed Jane Eyre and this one is following Calamity Jane. Personally, I don’t know anything about Calamity Jane but I’m excited to see how the Lady Janies tackle her story. as their first book together was everything. My Plain Jane was alright but I think they’ll turn it around with this one. 😀


1. Blood

Of course, it’s no surprise that Blood is my #1 anticipated release for 2020. Originally, the book was slated to come out in November 2019 before it was pushed back. Honestly, I’m still a little salty but thankfully, I only have to wait two more months. With that being said, I’m excited to see what the Jonas Brothers have to say. I know this book is almost 500 pages so I’m sure it’s going to be packed full of information and things that most certainly will shock me. I’m crossing my fingers that they decide to narrate it which would be the BEST news ever.

Those are the 5 books I’m most highly anticipating in 2020. It’s somewhat of an oddball list, but I know that I”ll be getting to all of them before 2020 ends. Basically, that’s all that matters, right? 😛

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Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Reasons I Rate a Book 5 Stars

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For the prompt this week, Shanah really had me stumped for a bit. I needed to do a little bit of thinking before I decided to tackle this topic. Thankfully, I had some time and now, I’m ready to get into the reason why I rate a book 5 stars. 😀

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Before I get started, I think I’m going to try to find a 5-star book that matches up with each of my reasons so hopefully, you find a new favorite among my list!


5. Well-developed characters

It’s no surprise that characters play a huge role in the enjoyment of a book. Personally, I enjoy character-driven stories rather than plot-driven. With that being said, one of the main reasons I give a book 5-stars is if the characters are well-developed. Does the character grow and change throughout the story? Do they learn from their mistakes and try to be better? If so, then I’m usually bound to give the book a high rating because of said character.

For my example, I chose If I’m Being Honest. Our main character, Cameron wants to change herself at first but realizes that she’s perfect the way she is. She goes through a lot and comes out better than when she started. This was an easy pick for me when it came to this prompt.

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4. A “meatier” romance book

It’s no secret that I love romance books and of course, I’m going to feature something about it later on this list. As much as I love just straight romance books, I also love romance with a little bit more. Whether it be a plotline with a side character, the main character dealing with something else or a timely subject, I really enjoy when a romance book isn’t just a romance.

The book I chose for this one was The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai. This book focuses on a lot of other things besides romance. It talked about sports, business, and abuse of power all while making me fall in love with these characters. Maybe it’s because football was at the core but this was one of my favorite romances of last year.

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3. Good writing

Once again, this is another no-brainer. As a reader, we all like it when a book has a writing style that we jive with. Everyone has a different style that they enjoy and personally, I think it can be tough to find. However, once you find a writing style that you love and enjoy, you’ll more than likely want to read from that author again.

I’m sure that most of us can agree that the writing in With The Fire on High is beautiful and some of the best in YA. Elizabeth Acevedo is such a talented writer and I’ll never get enough of her writing. She’s easily someone whose books I will always read as she’s so excellent at her craft.


2. How the book makes me feel

As readers, we really get invested in our books and it can impact our mood. Personally, I think that the feeling a book gives me helps with its ratings. Whether a book makes me happy, sad or emotional in any way, I take that into consideration while rating it. If a book makes me feel something, then there’s probably a chance that I’m going to give it a higher rating or more than likely, 5 stars.

No surprise that I picked Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills for this one. When I read this book, I was immediately happy and that continued on until the end. There’s just something about this book that’s magical to me. It will forever be in my heart because of that and I only wish that everyone finds a book that does that to them.

40719305. sy475

1. It features a great romance

As I already mentioned, I will almost always love a book if it has a good romance. All of the romance books I rated 5-stars have a good romance. Usually, they are more on the meatier side but romance is what’s important. Since I’m a pretty big romance reader, it’s no surprise a book having a good romance is a reason why I’d give it 5 stars.

Of course, I had to go with my favorite book of last year which was Fumbled. This is a second-chance romance and it was so incredibly sweet to watch these two come back together. Everything about them gave me the warm fuzzies so there was no way this book wasn’t going to be a 5-star read for me.

Those are 5 reasons why I give a book 5-stars. In recent years, I’ve gotten a little pickier when it comes to giving out 5-stars so I’m proud of myself. However, this list was pretty easy as most of these are my favorite books lol.

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Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Books I Need to Read in 2020

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! I am SO happy that Top 5 Tuesday is back, I really missed writing up these posts. Once again, Shanah is killing it with this week’s topic to kick off the new year. To be totally honest, I was already planning on making a post similar but it saves me the trouble 😉

With that being said, I’m not going to repeat any of the books I featured on books I didn’t get to in 2019. I am linking it if you want to see it as there are a ton of good books there. Either way, let’s get into what Top 5 Tuesday is and my answers. If you’re interested in participating in Top 5 Tuesday, all you have do is write up your post and pingback to one of Shanah’s posts. Make sure you pingback to her posts and not just her blog so she can add you to the list.

Luckily, I have an entire spread in my bullet journal dedicated to this. My list has 20 on it but I’m only going to be including 5.

48748760. sy475

5. His Royal Highness

The first book on my list is a pretty recent release. It was released in November so I have a bit of leeway. I’ve never read anything by R.S. Grey but I want to. I’ve heard this is one of her better books as it focuses on a guy and a girl who works at an amusement park that’s kind of like Disney. I’m pretty sure that they both play face characters and things progress from there?? Either way, I’m excited to get to it.

26032912. sy475

4. Queen of Nothing

The next book on my list is another one that is a pretty recent release. As the concluding part of the Folk of the Air trilogy, I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this. Considering how The Wicked King ended, I’m super excited and nervous to see what’s going to happen. I know that this one isn’t everyone’s favorite but I hope that I at least find it enjoyable. I really want to finish this series before the year ends so this one is a pretty high priority.


3. Matilda

I feel like I’m super late to the party with this one?? Either way, I never read Matilda when I was younger so I want to read it now. I read The Witches last year and really enjoyed it. Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of Roald Dahl but I really do love the movie based on this. I’m not sure how similar it’ll be so this is going to be a fun one.


2. Lucky Caller

No list of mine would be complete without an Emma Mills book. Since I was a little bit disappointed in her 2019 release, I’m feeling a little skeptical going into this one. I haven’t ordered it yet but I plan to. I haven’t looked into it at all so I’m just hoping that it doesn’t end up disappointing me. Of course, I’m still going to own it regardless as she’s an auto-buy author for me.

32309404. sy475

1. No Good Deed

Last year, I read Kill The Boy Band for the Contemporary-A-Thon and LOVED it. Since then, I’ve been eager to pick up another Goldy Moldavsky book. She only has these two out so I was kind of waiting for a while. However, I think 2020 is finally the time as I think she’s coming out with a new book in September. I know this book focuses on a guy who goes to a camp that focuses on activism and helping out a cause but it ends up becoming more of a competition. It sounds like such a unique premise that I feel like it’s going to be right up my alley.

Those are 5 books I know that I NEED to read in 2020. I’m hoping that I’m able to locate most of them and I’m crossing my fingers that I enjoy them too. Lol

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Top 5 Tuesday: Dear Santa, I would like these 3 books

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Merry (Almost) Christmas to those who celebrate and happy holiday to everyone regardless. With this week’s prompt, we’re talking about all the books that we hope Santa brings up. Personally, I didn’t even make a Christmas list so I have no idea if I’ll even end up getting these books lmao. If not, maybe I’ll buy them for myself 😛

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46121280. sy475

3. Blood: A Memoir By The Jonas Brothers

The first book on my list is one that hasn’t actually come out yet. The release date of this one was pushed back for some reason. Regardless, I do plan on pre-ordering it for myself for Christmas. While Santa might not put this under the tree, it will be in my hands eventually. Maybe it doesn’t technically count but I knew that I had to put it on my list because I’m so excited for it lmao.


2. Get a Life, Chloe Brown 

The second book on my list is one that I read recently. At first, I was going to buy this but I decided not to. Thankfully, I put a hold on it at the library and it came off quickly. I read this book in 2 sittings and basically blew through it. I feel like I’ve already talked about this book like crazy so you’re all sick of hearing about it. Either way, this book is going to be one that I heavily suggest to Santa 😛


33259027. sy475

1. The Girl Meets Duke series

The last book/books I want for Christmas is actually a series. In 2019, I read the entirety of the Girl Meets Duke series by Tessa Dare. I loved them so much and I really would like to own physical copies of them. While I haven’t told Santa yet, this might be another one that I either strongly hint about or one that I end up buying myself. Either way, this is a series that I really loved this year so I’d be happy to own copies of my own.

This year, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted but those are all of the books I could think of. I’ve honestly been using my library like crazy so I haven’t really bought books which is good. However, it does cause a problem when it gets to Christmas time lmao.

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