Reading 3 Halloween romances by Black authors: An Experiment

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For my reading experiment this month, I decided to focus on Halloween romances specifically written by Black authors. I feel like last year, I read SO many good Halloween romances written by Black authors. This year, I wanted to keep up my traditions and honestly, I originally planned on this being Black love but one of these was interracial so I ended up changing the original title.

With that being said, I decided to read 3 books for this experiment which were Hexes and Oh’s by Koko Brown and Taige Crenshaw, The Tenant by Katrina Jackson and Janine: His True Alpha by Chencia C. Higgins. Each of these actually focuses on a different Halloween topic if you will so let’s break down my thoughts and if I think they’re worth your time.

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Book #1: Hexes and Oh’s

The first book I read for this experiment was Hexes and Oh’s which is by two authors. This one is a witch romance between a wedding cake baker and the local playboy in town. It’s clear the two have some kind of connection and it’s basically them figuring things out. Eventually, her powers get her in trouble and it goes from there. Of all the books I read, this one was defintiely my least favorite of the group.

While it had potential to be a new favorite, something about the pacing of the story, the romance and the descriptions especially during steamy scenes didn’t work for me. Maybe it’s just me, but this book didn’t given me nearly as many Halloween vibes as I wanted and it just didn’t make me happy. I actually skimmed through some of it which made sad. Ultimately, it ended up being a 2 star read for me so I wouldn’t recommend.

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Book #2: The Tenant

The second book I read for this experiment was The Tenant by Katrina Jackson. This one is a paranormal romance between a nephew who inherits his aunt’s old house and the ghost who lives there. You might not think a ghost romance can be sexy, but Katrina Jackson pulls it off. However, this was another one that seemed to miss the mark for me somewhere. This book felt like it didn’t focus enough on the romance and rather featured too many flashbacks to the past and less about the present.

Nevertheless, it was still a fun and sexy read if you can look past the lacking romance at times. Amanda from Talk About Swoon on Instagram compared this to Casper and that’s surprisingly accurate. This one was a 3.5 for me so I’d recommend it but make sure to have the right expectations.

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Book #3: Janine: His True Alpha

The final book I read for this experiment was Janine: His True Alpha by Chencia C. Higgins. This is a shifter romance between two werewolves: one of which is an alpha and one who is new to his pack. We eventually find out more about her and see their relationship blossom. This is also a fated mates story if you’re into that trope. I was immediately sucked into this and read it on the way to my boyfriend’s.

This one also lived up to the sentiment of saving the best for last. This one was short, steamy and packed a punch when necessary. Definitely a new favorite for spooky season and I immediately want to pick up the rest of the series ASAP. This one was a solid 4-star read for me and definitely the one I’d highly recommend you check out from this experiment.

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Sadly, most of these books didn’t work for me but I’m happy to say I found a gem with Janine: His True Alpha. Overall, I’m happy to be able to at least share my thoughts and prove that not every experiment is so successful. Plus these posts are just fun for me to do so if you enjoy them, let me know so I know if I should do more as I have a few ideas for the rest of the year. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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5 Halloween romance recommendations

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For this month’s “5+5” post, I decided to feature 5 Halloween romance recs. I’ll have a TBR with some Halloween romance books on it so I didn’t want to spoil that post. This is going to be a short intro because I have a lot to say about these books and I absolutely love Halloween so let’s get into it.

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1. Her Soul To Take

The first book I have to recommend is one I just read earlier this month and that’s Her Soul To Take by Harley Laroux. This book doesn’t feature Halloween as the major time of the story but things do happen on Halloween. However, this book is a paranormal romance between a girl and a demon. This book was actually a lot deeper than I thought yet still featured plenty of spice. It does feature a lot of blood, gore and horror elements if that bothers you.

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2. The Boos and Booze series

This is a book series that a bunch of Black authors released last year on Kindle Unlimited for Halloween. Each series follows a different couple but they’re all set in the same town and they all center around this big Halloween party. While they were all relatively short, the books were incredibly satisfying and sexy so if you’re looking for some steamy yet short Halloween reads, this is a good place to start.


3. Her Halloween Treat

I know that I’ve recommended this one before, but it’s a delightful brother’s best friend romance set during Halloween. I’m pretty sure that almost all of this book takes place at a secluded cabin which is just delightful. It’s the perfect fall read and I think it’s probably my favorite Halloween romance.

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4. A Tale of Two Cities: A Halloween Novella

The next Halloween romance rec is part of a series and that’s A Tale Of Two Cities. The series is basically following couples who meet and then live in two different cities so for this one, these two connect during a bachelor-bachelorette weekend trip for Halloween. It’s another super short but incredibly steamy read that really hits the spot.

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5. Trick/Treat

This is actually a collection of two Halloween stories by Shea Sanders. One is named Trick while the other is named Treat. Both are incredibly short like less than 50 pages but they’re super fun and steamy. This first one is about a disaster blind date turned sexy while the second follows a long-term couple trying to spice things up for each other. I read these super quickly but I adored them and they’re still my favorite Shae Sanders reads.


October 2021 TBR (let’s get spooky!)

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! I must apologize for completely dropping the ball this week since I didn’t end up, planning ahead. However, I decided I wanted to at least mention my October TBR. Even though it’s October 1st, I already finished a book and have plans to hopefully, finish another.

This month is all about reading books I’ve been saving for spooky season. For me, it’s mostly going to be dark romances, paranormal romances or basically anything dark aside from a few other books I’ve been wanting to read. Aside from three secret books, I can share the rest of my picks. 🙂

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Happy For Now Members Book Club Picks:

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1. Stalked By The Kraken

The first book I have on my October TBR is Stalked By The Kraken by Lillian Lark. I’m a member on Happy For Now’s Youtube channel and each month, we buddy-read a book together. This month, we voted and chose two with the first being Stalked By the Kraken which is a monster romance and that’s all I know.

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2. Headless

The second book we chose was Headless by Aveda Vice which is a polyamorous Sleepy Hollow retelling. Either way, I’m excited for it and I know it’s short but seems like a lot of fun.

Hoemance Book Club Pick:

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3. A Pizza My Heart

For the Hoemance Book Club I co-host with Ellyn, we’re going to be reading A Pizza My Heart by Teagan Hunter. I’m pretty sure this is a brother’s best friend romance and it’s set at a pizza place. Either way, I’m super excited for it and I already have the audiobook on hold.

Kindle Unlimited TBR:

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4. What Are The Odds?

This is going to be my first R.M. Virtues read and I’m SO excited for it. I’m pretty sure this is a friends-to-lovers romance and I’m here for it. I just want to read one of heir books already so I’m hyped to see if I enjoy it.

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5. A Good Demon is Hard To Find

The next read is another paranormal romance and I’m pretty sure it follows a girl who summons a demon to curse her ex. Then the two end up having to fake date, I’m pretty sure. Either way, this cover is everything to me and I’ve been saving it for October so I’m ready.

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6. The Frock Up

This is an Evie Mitchell book I’ve been meaning to read on KU because the next book is a Halloween romance. Almost all of Evie Mitchell’s books are short and smutty little treats so I just need to buckle down and read this already.

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7. The Enforcer

The final book I have on my October TBR is The Enforcer by Katrina Jackson. This is book 2 in the Family series by Katrina Jackson and I’m so excited for it. These are all dark mafia-esque romances and I’ve enjoyed the previous books in the series. Plus I love Katrina Jackson so I’m just really excited.

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Those are all the books I plan on reading in October. I have lots of books saved up so this is just a small sampling of what I want to get read. As for my blog posts, I’m going to try and get myself motivated so I can get back on track in October but I’ve got a lot going on right now so I’m not making any promises.


5 Halloween Romances to add to your TBR

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Halloween is a little over a week away and I wanted to make a post about my favorite Halloween romances. I’m by no means an expert in this topic. However, I’ve read a decent amount of Halloween romances and I have at least 5 I can recommend. I know most people don’t think of Halloween as a traditionally romantic holiday but these books challenged that notion so let’s get into them.


1. Her Halloween Treat

The first Halloween romance I’m recommending is one I read last year. Entitled Her Halloween Treat, this is the first book in Tiffany Reisz’s Men at Work series. This one features a romance between Joey and Chris. Joey is Chris’s best friend’s little sister and they reconnect while she’s visiting for her brother’s wedding.

If you’ve read anything by Tiffany Reisz, then you’ll know this book is bound to be incredibly steamy. Tiffany Reisz just writes god-tier smut and this book is no expectation. It’s also a little over 200 pages so it’s a pretty quick read if you want to cuddle up with your blanket and a pumpkin spice latte or your hot drink of choice.

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2. True Love and Candy Corn

The next book is one I read early in October and it’s True Love and Candy Corn. It’s a short story that’s only about 20 pages. However, it’s such an adorable read as it follows two different timelines. It starts with Rebecca when she’s 13 who has a crush on her college-age neighbor and then it fast-forwards to 9 years later. Even though it’s short, it was pretty sweet and was the perfect read when I was taking a bath. If you want something super quick but with some Halloween vibes, I recommend this one.

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3. Mating the Huntress (Monsters and Mates #1)

The next book is one I read earlier this year and I LOVED it. Talia Hibbert is one of my new favorite authors and this book is the perfect Halloween treat. It follows a romance between a werewolf and a werewolf hunter. It’s also a fated mates story if you couldn’t tell by the series. These two have the sweetest romance and I especially loved what happened when Charity went over to Luke’s the first time. If you’re looking for a steamier Halloween read like Her Halloween Treat, then this one should be up your alley.

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4. Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish (Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish #1)

This was actually a book I read in September and I’m excited to continue the series. This one follows a second-chance romance between Nora and Brendan. These two have an odd connection to each other and I commend G.G. Andrew for being able to write a romance about this. It gives some spooky Halloween vibes as most of it is set at a haunted house attraction Nora works at and Brendan is a HUGE horror buff.

I’ve only read the first book in this series but I’m excited to continue it. It seems like it’s going to be a solid Halloween romance series.

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5. The Mindfuck Series

The final series I have to recommend is the Mindfuck series by S.T. Abby. This isn’t technically a Halloween romance but it’s close enough. This follows a romance between a serial killer and the FBI agent she falls in love with. This book is incredibly intense yet has a great love story. However, it might be too much for some to handle as this book features a lot of disturbing scenes including rape, murder, pedophilia, tortue and SO much more.

The subject matter won’t be for everyone but if you can, I’d read it. I binged the entire 5-book series in just a few days. Once you start reading them, you really can’t stop. If anything, it makes me want to read more serial-killer romances lmao.

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Those are 5 Halloween romance books I’m recommending for 2020. I know Halloween isn’t traditionally a romantic holiday but maybe you’ll find something you like. There aren’t many lists focused on Halloween romances, either. Hopefully, you’ll find some new Halloween reads before the holiday actually gets here. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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