‘Everything Everything’ spoiler review and my thoughts

I’m already getting such a huge headstart on my June TBR. It’s only the 5th and yesterday, I wrapped up reading Everything Everything. Even though it’s been out for a while, it was one of the books I was looking forward to most. One of my friends invited me to go see the movie which I have yet to see and I was determined to read the book before then.

Since I’ll be talking about my thoughts and reactions, there will be spoilers and major plot points discussed from this point on. If you haven’t read Everything Everything, then get out now! Just kidding, but this was your warning. 

At first, I wasn’t really sure what to except from the book. I knew it was a YA book and I assumed romance would be a huge part of it. It was, but what really stood out to me was the characteriziation of Maddy. Despite her struggles, Maddy is always so fiercely independent and strong-willed, making me like her immediately. She’s also a character of color, something that is still extremely rare in YA.

Nicola Yoon was amazing at showcasing character development and giving us some insight into character’s thoughts and feelings through Maddy. I was really impressed by how she showed us Maddy’s mom’s struggles and sickness through Maddy. Even though it was such a messed-up thing for her mom to do, seeing it through Maddy’s eyes was refreshing. Plus the fact that she still loved and forgave her mom made my heart so happy.

Now, I’m really going to talk about spoilers. Ok so can we just talk about the twist at the end of the book? Honestly, I was really not expecting for Maddy to get that email and for her to find out her mother had been lying for so long. It felt like a huge gut punch and one I still haven’t gotten over. I actually had to get up and walk away from my computer so I could calm down and process what happened.

The other event that really shocked me was Olly and Maddy’s decision to have sex. I know a lot of YA books talk about sex, but I was surprised it happened so quickly. Even though Maddy knew she might die, I didn’t expect that to happen. It was an interesting choice by Yoon and one I can respect but still feel a little meh about. Other than that, I think their relationship progressed at a reaonable pace and they got to know each other instead of falling in love immediately.

I loved all the characters especially Carla. Carla was the bright spot in the house and I was so upset when she was fired. Her relationship with Maddy was such a key part of the book and I saw Carla as a mother-like figure to Maddy. She needed someone who treated her less like a breakable little doll and that’s exactly what Carla did.

The other relationship I loved was of course, Maddy and Olly. It developed pretty organicly and you could tell they really had feelings for each other. It was heartbreaking to read about Maddy deleting Olly’s emails and when she came back to him at the end, it gave me all the feels. I’d love  if Yoon wrote a book, journal style about Maddy living her life in New York, her relationships and getting a chance to go to school and maybe go to college.

I doubt she’ll write a sequel, but it would be so awesome if she did. The ending perfectly wrapped everything up, but I wanted so much more. I’m planning on reading The Sun Is Also A Star too so I’m hoping it’s as good as this one. Overall as a first time Nicola Yoon reader, I love her writing style, pacing and the realism of her characters. She’s extremely talented and I’m just disappointed I didn’t read her books sooner. I’m crossing my fingers that the movie does the book justice.

I give Everything Everything 4.5 out of 5 stars.