My Favorite…Black Non-Fiction Book

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For this week’s “My Favorite” prompt, I wanted to focus on some Black non-fiction books. I know that a lot of people are using this time to educate themselves by reading Black non-fiction books. While it’s a good idea, I don’t think this should be the only time you do it. With that out of the way, let’s get into the book I picked.

BookishlyRebecca is now the host of the “My Favorite” meme, a weekly meme posted on Wednesday. Originally started by Maureen’s Books, she agreed to let me take over.

As Maureen described it, “In this meme, we share every week something we love with each other. Because let’s face it. The world can be a dark place and it’s to share something positive. Each week I will post a new My Favorite.. post about one subject and I’ll tell you all about it. And the best part? Everyone is welcome to join. The only thing you’ll have to do is sign up on my weekly post, link back to this post, and visit others.”

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My favorite Black non-fiction book is easily Things That Make White People Uncomfortable by Michael Bennett. This was my favorite book of 2018 and I wish more people were reading it. This book is basically Michael Bennett’s memoir but it also talks about his activism especially kneeling during the National Anthem. He also touches on politics, family and life as a Black man in American. Honestly, I absolutely love this book and I hope more people decide to give it a chance. Even if you’re not an NFL fan, I think you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

*Before you finish reading my post, please take time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter. Whether it be signing a petition, donating or simply re-sharing this same link, USE YOUR VOICE. If you’re a white person reading this, you have privilege and it is your duty as an ally to educate yourself, amplify Black voices and show that Black Lives Matter.

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The Golden Girls Book Tag

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! With Top 5 Tuesday still on hiatus, I wanted to mix things up a little bit. For this week, I decided to do a tag and found the Golden Girls Book Tag. If you didn’t know, Golden Girls is one of my favorite shows of all time and I’m so excited that there’s a book tag for my favorite ladies.

Before getting started, I wanted to thank Josh for creating this tag. I was looking for a similar tag before he posted his video and thankfully, he made one. Anyways, I just wanted to make sure I gave him a shout-out so without further ado, let’s get into the tag.

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Blanche: A book exploring sexuality and relationships

54271485. sy475

If you read my June wrap-up, then you won’t be surprised to see this book. It’s a “debut” by Brandy Bush who is Katrina Jackson. This book follows a girl who has some sexual adventures with her roommate’s parents. It’s basically just erotica but it also explores relationships as well.

Rose: A book that reminds you of where you grew up

44569978. sy475

The book I chose for this one is A Girl Like Her by Talia Hibbert. The main reason I picked this one was that Ravenswood is set in a small town where everyone knows everyone’s business. I grew up in a small town where everyone is in everyone else’s business. However, I absolutely love this book while my town isn’t as lovable in my mind.

Dorothy: A book that made you feel smarter


As weird as it might sound, I Wish You All The Best made me feel smarter. This is the first book I’ve ever read that featured a non-binary main character. I’ve never met anyone who was non-binary so it was nice to see an #ownvoices account of it and learn more about what being non-binary truly means. While I’m not an “expert” on it, I do think I felt smarter after reading this book.

Sophia: Picture it! A book featuring a character giving their life story

32620332. sy475

Is anyone surprised by this pick? The book I chose was The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo which basically features Evelyn Hugo’s entire life story. While we find out things aren’t what they seem, this book is absolutely delightful. It’s also a hugely popular adult romance book so I don’t want to give too much away. Either way, I enjoyed hearing about Evelyn Hugo’s life.

Stanley: A book you love to hate

41945163. sy475

This is one of those books where I was absolutely supposed to love it. It was supposed to be a new favorite and then it fell apart. I know that some people adore this book but I absolutely hated the ending and everything that happened from 75% on. I might read the second book but I will never attempt to read this book again.

Cheesecake: A book that you love to read over and over


I think I’ve reread this book twice now. It’s basically a yearly tradition for me to reread this book. Foolish Hearts is just my favorite thing and I can’t get enough of it.

Golden: A book exploring aging and the golden years


Of course, I had to feature Betty White’s book on here. I actually read two of her books this year and really enjoyed them both. She does talk a lot about her life when she was younger and now as an old woman. It’s truly incredible to listen to Betty narrate her own stories and see how she feels about aging especially in Hollywood.

Thank you for being a friend: A book featuring a strong friend group

41712479. sy475

If you’ve read anything by Rebekah Weatherspoon, you’ll realize that almost all of her books are set in the same “universe.” All of the main female characters in her books are connected to each other via a group chat because of their mutual friends. It’s such a unique way to intertwine all of her books and I wish more authors would take cues from her. Either way, I knew I needed to give this friendship a shout-out.

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The last thing is to tag someone but I don’t know many Golden Girls fans. If you like that show or this tag, then consider yourself tagged. Either way, I really enjoyed this tag and I hope you guys did too. 🙂

Before you finish reading my post, please take time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter. Whether it be signing a petition, donating or simply re-sharing this same link, USE YOUR VOICE. If you’re a white person reading this, you have privilege and it is your duty as an ally to educate yourself, amplify Black voices and show that Black Lives Matter. 

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5 Romances by Black Authors Recs + 6 on my TBR

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For my Friday post this week, I knew I wanted to do something with Black authors. While I’m sure others have done something similar, I wanted to put a twist on it. The first half of this post is going to be romances by Black authors I’ve read and would recommend. The second half is going to be romances by Black authors I have on my TBR.

I’m going to try to focus on books featuring either a romance between two Black characters or at least, one half of the pairing is Black. I’m also going to try to stay away from the romances I’ve recommended before. However, I might end up having some repeats for those who might not have heard of those authors so let’s get into it.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

1. Get A Life, Chloe Brown

No surprise my list is starting off with Get A Life, Chloe Brown. I have an entire post coming out about this book soon so be on the lookout. As for the book, it follows our MC Chloe who has a near-death experience and uses it to help her “get a life.” Along the way, she meets her handsome superenteindent and sparks fly but this story is mostly about Chloe and how she learns to get out of her comfort zone and “get a life.”

It’s no secret that I love Talia Hibbert so I knew I had to put this book on here. I’d also recommend all of her other series, but this one was the book that made me fall in love with her and her writing. I just think she’s an incredible romance writer plus she writes such incredible character. Talia is also Black and British so if you’re looking for something set in a different country than your own, this could be that. Either way, I love her books and if you haven’t read them before, what are you doing???

40719305. sy475

2. Fumbled

The next book making my list is Fumbled by Alexa Martin. This is another book I talk about constantly but I absolutely adore it. It’s a second-chance romance between a single mom and the football player she fell in love with in high school. It’s so cute and so swoony plus it has such a topical twist. What I mean by that is the book focuses on the rise in concussions in the NFL and how the league basically leaves them out to dry.

Even if you’re not an NFL fan, I still think this book/series would still be something worth checking out. The books do feature some football scenes but the characters and their relationships take center stage. While I recommend her entire Playbook series, this one is easily my favorite. As for the rep, I know the MC Poppy is Black and I think TK is as well but I could be wrong plus Alexa Martin is Black.

45898855. sy475

3. Along For The Ride

I’m pretty sure the last time I talked about this book was when I read it. In coming up with this list, I knew I had to feature it. This book is a hate-to-love road-trip romance between a girl and her brother-in-law’s friend. While it could be a little bit dramatic at times, I really grew to love Jolene and Jason’s relationship. It might not be one of my new absolute favorite but it’s worth checking out.

I think I docked a star since we didn’t get as many road-trip scenes as I wanted. Either way, this book is SUPER underrated and only has 151 ratings on Goodreads. I also think that it’s Mimi Grace’s debut as well. Overall, it was cute and fun so I’d give it a shot if you enjoy hate-to-love romances. As for the rep, I think both Jolene and Jason are Black plus Mimi Grace is also a Black author.


4. From Scratch

The next book is actually the first queer romance on my list. This is an m/f/m romance between a baker, the police chief and the fire chief. The story all starts with Mary who is Black and Plus-Sized moving to Sea Port to open up a bakery. It follows a polyamory relationship between her, Miguel and Billy. While it’s super short, it’s incredibly sexy and features an incredibly healthy relationship. Even though I only rated it a 3, I do plan on continuing the series.

I also have a lot more Katrina Jackson books on my TBR so if you’re looking for sexy Black romances, then you need to check out Katrina Jackson. I know that Mary is Black and I’m pretty both men are POCs but I can’t remember. I’m pretty sure there also might be some gay or bi rep as well. Either way, this book is a fun smutty time so check it out.

5. Meet Cute Club

The last book I’m recommending is another queer release and that’s Meet Cute Club by Jack Harbon. This book follows a guy who started a romance bookclub and the romance he has with the new guy working at his favorite bookstore. I can’t remember how either of them identify in terms of sexuality but I know that Rex is Black but I’m not sure if Jordan is a POC or not.

If you’re a big romance reader, I think you’ll love this book. It talks a lot about what it means to love romance, the shame romance readers sometimes deal with but at its core, it’s an adorable romance. I guess I’d call this one soft enemies-to-lovers as they do have a bit of spat at the beginning of the book but don’t ever really “hate” each other. This is another short but sweet and smutty read. I’m also pretty sure Jack Harbon is Black and has a pretty solid back list full of sexy queer romances if you’re looking for more.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

6. Training My Heart To Love You

The first book on my TBR is actually one I put on my Amazon Wishlist so I wouldn’t forget about it. I know it’s on Kindle Unlimited and I think it follows a plus-sized Black woman who has a romance with a country boy. From reading the synopsis, that’s what I’m picking up. Either way, this book sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun and I absolutely adore the cover.

7. The Changeup

The next book on my TBR is The Changeup by Nicole Falls. As soon as I saw this cover, I knew I had to read it. I’m pretty sure this book follows a romance between a female MLB player and a male sports journalist. Either way, this book sounds like it’s right up my alley. It also gives me major Pitch vibes so if you enjoyed that show, then this could be a suitable replacement. I think I might read this one during my birthday month as it sounds like it’s going to be good.

8. Blind Date with a Book Boyfriend

This next book is another way I added to my Amazon wishlist for later. I actually don’t know much about this book but the cover pulled me in. Thankfully some of Lucy Eden’s books are on Kindle Unlimited so I can check more of her back list out. I’m assuming from the cover that this book features an interracial romance between a Black woman and white man. Either way, the title makes it so enticing plus the cover along with Lucy Eden being Black. This one just sounds like a win.

9. Coffee In The Noon

I actually stumbled upon this book randomly and decided to add it to my Amazon Wishlist for later. Until now, I’d never even heard of this author or her books so I’m excited to give this one a read. I’m not actually sure about the rep of the characters but I’m assume they’re both Black. I could be wrong but this book doesn’t even have a synopsis. It just has a couple sentences on Goodreads plus it’s less than 50 pages so no doubt it’ll be quick and hopefully fun. I know that Harleigh Rae is Black and this book only has like 10 or so ratings on Goodreads so it needs more love.

10. Destiny’s Embrace

I’d be remiss to not include Beverly Jenkins on this list. I’ve never read anything by Beverly Jenkins and that really needs to change. I’ve read a decent amount of historical romances but have yet to pick up her stuff. I’ve heard a lot of good things from Booktubers so I’m curious to see which ones my library has available. I know that Beverly Jenkins is Black and that I’m pretty sure all of her books features Black heroines so I’m excited to finally read this one especially.

25564446. sy475

11. The Air He Breathes

The last book is The Air He Breathes by Brittainy C. Cherry. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about this author but have yet to read her books. I’m pretty sure all of her books are pretty hard-hitting and emotional so they’ll likely be tough reads. Then again, that’s probably why they’re so beloved. Nevertheless, I’m excited to finally say I’ve read a Brittainy C. Cherry book. I’m not sure about the rep of this one but it sounds like it’s going to be an intense read.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Anyways, those are my 5 romances recs by Black authors along with 6 I currently have on my TBR. Hopefully you were able to find some new books to add to your TBR or found your next read. I know this post isn’t exactly what I normally do but I want to get more into doing recommendation posts so let me know if you guys like this or you prefer tags or something else 🙂

Before you finish reading my post, please take time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter. Whether it be signing a petition, donating or simply re-sharing this same link, USE YOUR VOICE. If you’re a white person reading this, you have privilege and it is your duty as an ally to educate yourself, amplify Black voices and show that Black Lives Matter. 

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Contemporary-A-Thon TBR or all the books I plan on reading in September

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! September was originally supposed to be my vacation month but with my boyfriend’s work, we had to postpone it. With it postponed, it leaves me with a pretty open month. I think I only have a few things planned but one is incredibly exciting.

Once again, I’m participating in the Contemporary-A-Thon. I participated in February and was incredibly successful. Since the goal is to read 7 books, I figured I could include it as my monthly TBR and feature a few books I’d like to get to (if I have time!) Let’s get into my Contemporary-A-Thon TBR and some non-read-a-thon books I’d like to read.

For those who don’t know, the Contemporary-A-Thon is a read-a-thon where you read entirely contemporary books for a week. The read-a-thon is hosted by Chelsea, Julie and Natasha from Booktube. With a successful round in February, the ladies are bringing it back for another one. This read-a-thon is going on September 17-23rd 🙂

Let’s get into the challenges and what books I plan on using for them!

Challenge 1: Read a book with orange on the cover


Personally, I think the cover for Heretics Anonymous looks kind of orange to me but the back of the cover has orange on it. Either way, I knew I had to fit this book into one of my prompts and this was the best fit. I’ve heard Emma from Emmmabooks rave about this one so I knew I’d have to read it ASAP.

Challenge 2: Read a dark/spooky contemporary

This is one of the books I bought when I went to that used bookstore. It was only a few dollars and I’ve been wanting to read it forever. I don’t know much about it besides that the MC self-harms and I think it discusses that and possibly her recovery? I’m not really sure but I’m so excited to finally pick it up.

Challenge 3: Read a diverse contemporary


For some reason, this challenge puzzled me and that’s unusual. I’m always down for reading diverse books but I couldn’t find a book to fit the prompt. After looking through some of my old posts, I stumbled upon If You Come Softly. This book is written by Jacqueline Woodson who is black and features an interracial romance between a black boy and a white girl.

Honestly, that’s all I need to know! Sign me up because I’m here for it.

Challenge 4: Read a contemporary in a non-traditional format


For this one, I’m going with the audiobook route. My library has this available on Hoopla so I’ll be able to check it out right before the read-a-thon starts. This is also going to be my last Taylor Jenkins Reid book before Daisy Jones & the Six comes out.

I’m kind of anxious as I know a lot of people don’t enjoy this book as much as her other ones. I’m crossing my fingers it ends up being a pretty decent read 🙂

Challenge 5: Read a contemporary that has your initials somewhere on the cover

I’ve been wanting to reread any Emma Mills book for forever. Well basically since I read them all originally, but that’s beside the point. I thought what better time to reread one than during the Contemporary-A-Thon? Basically, it’s a throwback to when I first read Emma Mills and she became my fave.

If you don’t remember, I read First & Then during the last round of CAT. That being said, this one is perfect for this challenge since we have the same last name! Also my initials RMM are on the cover, too.

Challenge 6: Read a new-to-you author and Challenge 7: Read a predicted 5-star read


Usually, I don’t double up on challenges but I am now. Maybe I’ll end up reading 7 books, who knows? Either way, I’ve been eagerly waiting to read this book and I thought the Contemporary-A-Thon would be a great opportunity.

Personally, I’ve never read anything by Maggie Ann Martin so I’ll be going in with fresh eyes. I’ve also heard really amazing things about this book so I knew I had to pick it up eventually. I’m hoping it ends up being a 5-star read, too and the cover is everything so I’m just sold on it.

Other Books on my September TBR





As for my other books on my TBR, I’ve been looking forward to those two sequels for months now! I’ve also been hearing great things about The Kiss Quotient and I’ll be buddy-reading it with a girl in my fantasy football league. These books should take me well past my Goodreads goal so I’m feeling good.

Maybe not my biggest TBR but I’m really excited for September. Football’s back, fantasy football starts, Bob’s Burgers is back and I’m hopefully going to visit some friends. I can feel myself getting back into my routine and feeling better because of it 🙂

What books are you planning to read in September? Any books you’d recommend? 




Blogging hiatus

Hello friends and fellow book lovers. I’m typing this post on my phone because my WiFi is down and I have no clue when it’ll be fixed.

Sadly, that means I won’t be able to be online unless I’m using data and I don’t want to do that. Basically, I won’t be online unless I’m on a break at work.

Moving onto the next reason for my hiatus, something came up with my boyfriend and our visit is canceled. Right now, I don’t have the energy or motivation to respond to comments, bloghop or do anything related to my blog.

That being said, I’m not sure how long my hiatus will last or when I’ll want to come back. I might pop back in but for now, I’ll be on hiatus.

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I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter spoiler-free review


As one of my most anticipated books of the year, I held off a day before I actually picked up I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika L. Sanchez. After the wait, I couldn’t put it down and I am absolutely in love with this story. If you’re on the fence about reading it, hopefully, my review will convince you otherwise.

Here’s the blurb for the book: “But Julia is not your perfect Mexican daughter. That was Olga’s role.

Then a tragic accident on the busiest street in Chicago leaves Olga dead and Julia left behind to reassemble the shattered pieces of her family. And no one seems to acknowledge that Julia is broken, too. Instead, her mother seems to channel her grief into pointing out every possible way Julia has failed.

But it’s not long before Julia discovers that Olga might not have been as perfect as everyone thought. With the help of her best friend Lorena, and her first kiss, first love, first everything boyfriend Connor, Julia is determined to find out. Was Olga really what she seemed? Or was there more to her sister’s story? And either way, how can Julia even attempt to live up to a seemingly impossible ideal?”

What I liked about I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter 

  • The plot. The plot is basically Julia and her family adjusting to life without her sister, Olga. It’s also partly a coming-of-age story for Julia and the rebuilding of her life after losing someone so close to her. It reminds me a lot of We Are Okay by Nina Lacour.
  • Julia. Our main character, Julia is such a wonderful character. She’s a realistic portrayal of a teenager and she reacts in all the ways I would have a lot of her situation. She’s a flawed but lovable character who I couldn’t help but root for.
  • Julia’s parents. Julia’s parents were at times, difficult to understand. I would scratch my head, wondering why they acted a certain way or why they treated Julia a certain way. Throughout the book, Sanchez told such a wonderful story about them and gave them a great backstory. By the end, you’ll learn to love and appreciate them.
  • Mexican culture. As far as Mexican rep goes, I can’t speak to that. However, I can say Sanchez included a lot of nods to Mexican culture. She paints such a vivid picture of the culture, what they value, their celebrations and the differences between life in Mexico and America. It’s at times saddening, but also hopeful.
  • The romance. Connor was such a well-meaning but at times, embarrassing love interest. Their romance played out naturally and I loved seeing how their relationship progressed throughout the novel. He made some questionable choices, but I think that was one of the most realistic parts.
  • Getting to know Olga. The over-arching mystery is us and Julia finding out Olga’s secrets. It’s such a huge plotline in the story and I couldn’t have been more surprised when I learned more about her. I loved the resolution and how Julia dealt with the secrets she learned about her sister.
  •  Mental illness and grief talkSince a large part of the book focuses on Olga’s death, there’s a lot of talk about grief and mental illness. I loved seeing how the different characters worked out their grief and how mental illness played a role in the story.
  • The cover. It’s gorgeous, beautiful and actually does relate to the story in a way. I could stare at it all day.

What I disliked about I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

  • Julia. You might think this is strange, but hear me out. I liked Julia as a character, but I think sometimes, she was too hard on her parents. She would act bratty and a little bit over-the-top when they were just trying to help and understand her.
  • The endingI know, I know. I always have something to say about the ending, but here I just wanted more. I wanted an epilogue or something to keep Julia’s story going. I wanted to see a glimpse of her future and if she truly was able to achieve her dreams.
  • Julia’s friends. I didn’t understand why Julia was friends with such terrible people. I especially disliked Lorena who put her down and made offhand comments about Olga. It was absolutely uncalled for and childish. I wish Julia had a friend who was supportive and there for her in the novel.

Honestly, there isn’t much for me to complain about. I had sky-high expectations and this book surpassed them all. I could go on and on about how well-written it is and how much I loved almost everything. I can’t wait to see what Erika L. Sanchez writes next because I will absolutely be first in line to pick it up.

I give I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter a 5 out of 5 stars.

Have you read I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter? If not, are you planning on it? If you have read, feel free to hit me on Twitter so we can discuss!


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‘How It Feels To Fly’ spoiler review and my thoughts

To wrap up the end of the month, I decided to play book roulette. I basically went through my folder full of downloaded books and picked 3 random ones. One of the three to come up was How It Feels To Fly. While I didn’t know much about the book after downloading it so long ago, it turned out to exceed all my expectations.

This is your spoiler warning. I will be talking about spoilers from How It Feels To Fly so if you haven’t read, pick it up! Do it already for goodness sakes! 

This was my first time reading a Kathryn Holmes book. Like the rest of the first-time authors I checked out, this was such a great start and I can’t wait to check out more books by her. What I loved most about Homles’ writing style was how authentic and real she made everything seem.

This book follows Samantha, a ballet dancer who struggles with anxiety, body dysmorphia, and panic attacks. While the book mentions Sam is a ballet dancer, ballet takes a backseat to Sam’s issues. She attends a camp called Perform At Your Peak which helps athletes who struggle with anxiety as well as other mental health issues.

I thought the book was going to be a run of the mill story, but it was so much more than that. The description of the book really doesn’t do it justice. Reading about Sam’s struggles especially with anxiety and body image felt so relatable to myself and my own struggles. Her struggles felt real and valid, making her a three-dimensional character.

While Sam is the main character, Holmes also brings to life a cast of colorful and troubled athletes. Their struggles aren’t the same as Sam’s, but all their issues are explored and they all seemed like real characters. My favorite had to be Katie, who was young but showed extreme character growth throughout the book.

Then there was the side plot of Sam and Andrew. That made me extremely uncomfortable because it didn’t seem like it belonged. I think it would have been better without the romance and it would have focused more on Sam learning to cope and trying to make herself better. Then again, I can see why Holmes added that as it made her breakdown all the more real.

The other issue I had was the ending. There were a few things I would have changed including Sam getting kicked out of camp. I was hoping Dr. Lancaster would understand and shockingly, she didn’t. The other thing I would change would be Sam’s mother continuing to be a huge annoyance to her daughter. It did seem like she was trying, but she continued to make Sam feel like garbage. It was so hard to read the ending of the book because her mother didn’t really change. She was still trying to live vicariously through Sam.

I’ve never seen a book cover mental health so openly and realistically. I would highly recommend this book to anyone dealing with those issues or trying to find ways to cope as the book had a lot of helpful tips. I’m pretty sure I’m going to use some of them in my everyday life now.

What I originally expected from this book was way off, but I’m happy I read it. I loved almost everything about it, especially how emotional it made me. I could rant and rave about this book all day and night so be sure to read it! It’s one of my favorites I’ve read so far this year 🙂

I give How It Feels To Fly a 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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The Golden State Warriors don’t deserve to be vilified

Unlike last season, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in 6 games, winning the NBA Championship. Their 2nd in a matter of three years, the Warriors have become the love-or-hate team of the NBA. They’ve been seen as villains since the beginning of the season, something they don’t need or deserve.

Before we start, I don’t see the Warriors as a super team. Yes, I think they have a talented roster and a lot of stars, but they’re not a superteam. They weren’t built to win championships as evidenced by last year. Durant didn’t sign with them so they could become a superteam. Superteams are built specifically for the purpose of winning and I don’t think the Warriors are like that.

I see the Warriors as a team who knows how to compete but have fun. They are a pretty young team who is having fun, on and off the court. They have a lot of talented guys including Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson. Each of the three set records at some point this season but didn’t make a big deal about it. They continued to grind and make plays to help secure their spot in the playoffs.

The other issue I see with vilifying the Warrior is they deserved to win. After a year of constant taunting and blowing 3-1 lead jokes, they wanted revenge. You can only hear a joke so many times before it gets old and it wasn’t always joking. They were constantly being questioned about it, having to talk about it or constantly making jokes about it themselves. That had to be tiring especially for a team who was so focused on achieving that same goal this year.

You don’t see people vilifying the Cavs. They have one of the most impressive players in basketball, Lebron James. James has essentially built a super team around himself and no one bats an eyelash. Since it’s Lebron, he’s allowed to do it and let’s not forget when he went to Miami and built his own superteam. Why is it okay for Lebron to be part of a “superteam” but not for the Warriors? There isn’t any difference and it’s frustrating to see people blasting the Warriors for it.

What I really love about Golden State is they take it all in stride. If they’re portrayed as villains, they play the part, flawlessly. They leave everything on the court and then throw some shade off the court. Most recently, Draymond Green wore his “Quickie” shirt in reference to the Cavs arena, demonstrating how the Warriors uprooted the Cavs out of their own stadium. It was also a callback to James who wore an “Ultimate Warrior” t-shirt last year during their victory parade.

It’s so funny how when the Cavs did it, everyone laughed. Now the Warriors are doing it and we’re getting think pieces about how Green’s an idiot. Either way, the Warriors deserved to win. They outplayed the Cavs, got their revenge and can celebrate their victory as much or as little as they please. Vilifying them is pointless and only helps them in the end.


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‘P.S. I Like You’ spoiler review and my thoughts

I can’t believe it’s only the third week of June and I’m already almost finished with my TBR. For my next to last TBR book, I chose P.S. I Like You by Kasie West. This is my first time reading one of her books and I heard mixed reviews so I was on the fence about this book.

This is your spoiler warning. I’ll be talking about plot points, events, characters and everything from P.S. I Like You so beware, there are spoilers. I’ll try to keep my spoiler warnings as plain and general as possible lol. 

This book was another I didn’t know much about before starting. I hadn’t watched any reviews or heard a lot of talk about. After reading the book description, I was hooked because it seemed like such an adorable concept. As someone who has previously written on desks, it was what I had always hoped.

Anyways, this book was a typical YA romance but still a feel-good and cute read. I’ll talk about what I loved about the book and then a few things I didn’t like as much. The main thing I loved was the letter writing and their way of communicating. They were able to put their feelings on paper and it was so different from the typical email romance.

The other thing I loved was how they fell in love gradually. They were able to connect through their letters but didn’t develop feelings immediately. One of the tropes I really don’t like is insta love where the characters fall in love almost immediately.

Then there was the character development. Cade went from being a complete jerk at first to being a misunderstood, sweet guy. West wrote him flawlessly and I’m so glad she didn’t paint him as a stereotypical bully/jerk. Lily learned to become more self-confident and a better friend to Isabel. Isabel was one of my favorite characters because she was Lily’s voice of reason and called Lily out when she needed it.

I only had two issues with the book, but nothing too major. At some points, the book was extremely predictable especially when we learned Cade was the one who was writing the letters. Hearing Lily go on and on about how much she hated Cade was the biggest indicator. The other moment I thought was extremely predictable was Sasha embarrassing Cade and Lily. As soon as they got together, I knew something or someone would try to ruin it and as soon as Lily said her notebook was missing, Sasha had to be up to something.

The other issue I had was how many tropes there were in this book. I don’t mind a few tropes, actually I love a good trope. There were just one too many in here for me which was distracting. There was the hate-to-love trope, the awkward yet special girl, a love triangle and the “plot twist” that we all were counting on. Even with all the tropes, the book was a fun, cute summer read and I would recommend it to someone looking for something light-hearted.

For my first time reading Kasie West, I’m glad I chose P.S. I Like You and I hope the other books I have of hers are as cute as this one. I love how West writes her characters, the pacing and her writing style was whimsical. I would pick up P.S. I Like You again, especially if I was in a reading slump because it’s sickly sweet and would bring my spirts up for sure.

I give P.S. I Like You 3 out of 5 stars.