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My Top 5 #HappinessBegins Tour Fan Requests

Hello friends and fellow Jonas Brothers lovers. If you didn’t know, my Jonas Brothers concert is tomorrow and I AM HYPED. Even though I’m writing this post early, I’m still in that mindset. When I started writing up my schedule for this month, I knew that I had to put up a post before the concert. Thankfully, I had a lot of ideas and things I wanted to talk about.

However, for my post before the concert, I wanted to do something unique. If you’re not a Jonas Brothers fan, you might not understand the title. I am here to be your guide if you’re unfamiliar. In the middle of every show, the brothers do a “fan request” which I believe is where fans yell out a song and they decide to sing it. That’s the basic gist but I’ve heard conflicting stories.

Either way, it’s basically where they sing a song that’s not on the setlist. It’s basically their chance to give the fans what they want and make the show more interactive. For my post, I decided to feature the top 5 songs I’d like for them to sing as a fan request. I’d like to give a small disclaimer and say that I’m writing this post early so if they sing them, it’s my bad. Lol but let’s go!

5. Games

Unsurprisingly, I already sent this list to a friend so I already had it planned out. Coming in at #5 is Games, a song from the Jonas Brothers self-titled album. As far as songs go on the album, this one is severely underrated. I know that a lot of fans say that it’s nostalgia glasses, but I really do think that this album is one of their best.

I think Games does a great job of showcasing Joe and Nick’s voices along with doing some different things with the beats and pitches. Hopefully, I know what I’m talking about. Lmao, either way, I’d like to see a 2019 take on this song.

4. 6 Minutes

When I’m posting this, the boys have only sung one song from It’s About Time, their debut album. This album is incredibly rare and is one that fans will hunt for because they want their very own copy. Thankfully, you can now buy the entire album on iTunes so everyone can own it in a way.

One of my favorite songs from the album is 6 Minutes and this is a case of it not being an actual song written by the Jonas Brothers. This song was originally recorded by LFO but I love the Jonas Brothers take on it. It’s a Joe-heavy song as most of the songs on my list are and I’d like to see how the boys would sound, singing this as they haven’t in many years.

3. Much Better

As you can tell, I’m trying to pick a song from each of their albums besides their new one as they’ll be singing a ton of those songs. I’d go as far to say that this entire album is underrated as the Jonas Brothers were coming off 2 majorly successful years. Lines, Vines and Trying Times was their first real “experimental” album and one that I know isn’t everyone’s favorite.

Thankfully, the album has a lot of bops and one that I particularly enjoy is Much Better. If you followed the drama, then you know this song is based on Joe’s relationship with Taylor Swift. By today’s standards, he would be throwing some major shade but I think this is a pretty polite breakup song and one that doesn’t get enough love. I especially love the vocals in this and the lyrics are just everything.

2. BB Good

I distinctly remember listening to this song a lot when the album came out. If I’m remembering right, A Little Bit Longer started out with this song. However, it never seemed to get as much love as it deserved. Rather, the album was known for hits like Burning Up and Lovebug which is great songs.

There was just something about BB Good that felt different. It felt like a more mature song but would be considered tame now. Regardless this song was just unlike anything I’ve heard from them before and I LOVED it. As per the other songs, I’m pretty sure that Joe was the only one who sang on this one and I absolutely die for that. Lmao

1. Hollywood

If I had to pick one song that I’d DIE to hear as a fan request, it’s Hollywood. If you’re sensing a theme, then you’re right. This song is severely underrated and I think it’s one that they haven’t played since their 2007 tour. Honestly, I wish that this song was getting as much hype as their others because it’s just glorious.

I’d love to see if they change the lyrics or keep them the same. A 2019 version could be completely different and I’d like to see that. Since they’re only doing one fan request, I’d love it if they decided to do this song!

Those are my top 5 #HappinessBegins Tour fan requests. Hopefully, by the time my show happens, they haven’t sung these. If they have, then it’s on me. Lol

Would anyone like to see a post about my concert? I’d be happy to do one if you’re planning on going to see them or if you’re looking for tips about the Hershey Park stadium. Either way, I’m just so EXCITED that a post is pretty much inevitable at this point. 😀

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Ranking my top 5 songs from Happiness Begins by the Jonas Brothers

Hello friends and fellow Jonas Brothers lovers! For my Friday post this week, I wanted to do something a little different. In honor of the Jonas Brothers released their first new album in a decade, I wanted to pay homage to it. Additionally, the band has the no. 1 album on the Billboard 200 and I couldn’t be more proud. It’s so odd to think that I’ve loved them for over 10 years of my life.

As much as I love the album, I definitely have some favorite songs. Before I get into this ranking, I’d like to happily say that each song is good on its own. It’s clear they put a lot of time, effort and love into Happiness Begins. I’m just so happy that they’re back so what better way to show my appreciation?

I know a majority of my followers probably aren’t Jonas Brothers fan, but I implore you to check this album out. It has that same feel of a Jonas Brothers album while still being something new for them. It might surprise you 🙂

5. Sucker

I’d be remiss to not include Sucker on this list. This song is what brought the Jonas Brothers back to us. Additionally, it’s one of the standout songs of the album and a clear love letter to all of their wives. One of my friends at work called it the best from the album and I have to agree plus it’s an incredibly successful one to boot. I always get a smile on my face as soon as I can hear the opening notes of it.

4. Don’t Throw It Away

I haven’t really heard anyone talking about this song and that’s fair. In comparison to other songs, this one isn’t that exciting. The entire premise of the song is about a couple possibly breaking up and the guy wanting the girl to think before she acts. I’m sure that’s something that most of us can relate to. With a runtime of just under 3 minutes, it’s just a pretty short song but one that has a nice beat and will have you wanting to dance while you’re listening.

3. Strangers

This is another one that I don’t hear many people talking about. Strangers is a hard song to describe, but I think it’s about meeting someone new and feeling an immediate connection with them. What I love most about this song is that Joe and Nick sing on the chorus together which is basically a recipe for success. Their voices just blend well together and I can’t help but love it.

2. Rollercoaster

Looking at the album as a whole, this is a song that a lot of people love and I completely agree. This song can be interpreted in many different ways as some see it as a reflection of their love for the brothers, a past relationship or just looking back at the past. For me, it’s a mix of all three and that’s why I love it so much. This song makes me feel happy, sad and hopeful all at once.

Whenever I hear it, I just want to scream sing it. Rollercoaster is a song that I loved immediately upon hearing it and I haven’t stopped since.

1. Used To Be

As most of my followers know, I’ve been dealing with a breakup. For the most part, I can say that I’m over it but I do have some moments where it hits me hard. This song, in particular, has been my favorite of the album because of that. This song talks about dealing with a breakup and how you’re not in love with them anymore but you’ll always have that connection. Even though we haven’t talked since it happened, I relate to this song so much.

I don’t know if it’s just the lyrics or what, but I fell in love with this song. I know I won’t be for everyone, but it just spoke to me immediately. Plus Joe sings a lot in this one and everyone knows that Joe is my favorite brother. Guess I’m just predictable in that department lmao.

If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan, I’d like to know your top 5 favorite songs. I think the main reason I love this album is that everyone has different faves. Every time I talk to someone, they have a different favorite song and I LOVE that.

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Storytime: How I got tickets to see the Jonas Brothers!

Hello friends and fellow Jonas Brothers lovers! I just want to apologize if you see me acting crazy on social media. I’m prewriting this post, but today is the day that the Jonas Brothers new album comes out. I’ve been thinking about it since it was announced and it just feels surreal to me. Lmao

That being said, I wanted to do a post in honor of that. Last month, I wrote up a post about my 10 Favorite JB Songs. I wanted to do an album review, but I’ll probably do one of those later. I want to listen to the album fully and be able to formulate a well thought-out review.

Instead, I’m going to talk about how I got Jonas Brothers tickets for their Happiness Begins tour! You’re all in for a wild ride so let’s get into it.

If I’m remembering it correctly, the Jonas Brothers posted their tour announcement on May 1st and I legit screamed. I was so happy and excited that I screamed at work. I had waited for years to go see them again and this time, I was going to be able to buy them myself. It was exciting lmao.

In the following days, they released this “Verified Fan” presale thing on Ticketmaster which I signed up for. I signed up for it, not thinking that I would be picked. The concert gods were looking out for me as I was picked to buy tickets on May 8th as part of that presale. Unfortunately, that meant I was going to have to buy tickets at work.

I worked at 9:30 and the presale started at 10. I did a little bit of work until 10 and then went back to the breakroom. I set up my laptop, got connected to the internet and got in the queue for tickets. Unfortunately for me so did 2,000 other people. I sat back there for about 10 or 15 minutes before I was finally moving up to the line.

Once I got to the front of the line, I immediately started panicking. I needed to enter my code, find the section I wanted and get seats I thought were decent. After a bit of panicking, I was finally able to snag 3 tickets for me and my two oldest friends. They aren’t super close but my friends stressed not getting anything on the floor so I’ll insert a pic below.

As far as buying tickets go, it wasn’t very complicated. I know other people had trouble but it was a breeze for me. I was able to get in, get the 3 tickets and get out within a matter of 30 minutes. If I end up going to see them again, I’ll definitely try to get another Verified Fan presale code. It made my life so much easier.

This is the part of the post where I start using exclamation points. In addition to getting tickets to the concert, I’m also MEETING THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Friends, I have been waiting many years of my life to say that and it’s finally happening. As for the m&g site, that was an absolute mess but I was able to snag them and now, I’ll be meeting them.

Honestly, I feel like the Jonas Brothers getting back together has been my favorite part of 2019. Dealing with my breakup is rough but they make it better. I know that most people would say that they’re just some boyband, but they’re so much more to me. I honestly don’t think I could’ve gotten up in the morning sometimes if it wasn’t for them. That might sound sad, but it’s true.

Regardless, I’m going to see them. I’m going to hug them and tell them how much I love them. That’s been one of my bucket list items and I can’t believe it’s happening. 2019 has been a hard year for me, but just those two things are going to make me so incredibly happy.

Probably not the most exciting storytime, but one I wanted to share 🙂

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My Favorite…Musical Movie

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! This week, I’m trying out something new for Wednesday. As much as I love Shelf Control, I realized I don’t have enough physical or ebooks to keep making a post. Furthermore, I don’t want to claim that meme if I don’t have anything else to say.

As much as I love Shelf Control, I’m back in limbo with my Wednesday meme. In July, I’m trying out “My Favorite,” a meme created by Maureen’s Books. I’m going to copy and paste what she posts before the master list: “My Favorite.. is a weekly meme hosted by Maureen’s Books that started on Wednesday January 4th 2017. In this meme we share every week something we love with each other. Because let’s face it.. The world can be a dark place and it’s to share something positive.

Each week I will post a new My Favorite.. post about one subject and I’ll tell you all about it. And the best part? Everyone is welcome to join. The only thing you’ll have to do is sign up on my weekly post, link back to this post and visit others. Feel free to use my My Favorite.. image or make your own.”

I don’t post about it much, but I’m a huge fan of movie musicals! Picking just one is tough but I’m going to try. I’m not going to pick a Disney movie, because I love almost all their movie musicals. 🙂

There’s no way I couldn’t pick Rent! I loved this movie so much when I was younger and still listen to the songs. It was incredibly progressive for its time and even though it has a lot of bad tropes, it did a lot of good. Personally, I can’t really identify with any of the characters or what they deal with, but it doesn’t make me love it any less.

I said I’d only mention one, but I need to give some honorable mentions. Once again, I’m not going to mention any Disney movies. Here are some of my other faves: Grease, Hairspray, Les Mis, Into the Woods, The Phantom of the Opera and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. 

What are some of your favorite movie musicals? Also, how do you decide what memes to participate in? Am I the only one who struggles with finding a meme they can truly connect to?