Rebecca Recs: 5 romance books focused on food

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! I’m introducing a new series on my blog and that’s “Rebecca Recs” in which I recommend books with a certain theme. For this round, I decided to focus on romance books focused on food. Whether it’s in the title, in the book, or just a general theme, I have read quite a few books focused on that this year so I wanted to write a post so let’s get into it.

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1. Donut Fall In Love

The book that actually inspired this post was Donut Fall in Love by Jackie Lau. This is a book I’ve been highly anticipating since I love Jackie Lau. Her books just make me so happy. Plus her books usually feature food as a major plot point. This one is a romance between a donut shop owner and a celebrity trying to learn how to bake. The food descriptions are delightful but their romance is the real sweet treat.

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2. Sweethand

The next book I have to rec is another baker romance and it’s basically her romance with a celebrity who is her childhood enemy. This one is a super short yet sweet story but it features a lot of angst despite being a short book. Cherisse absolutely despises Keiran while he enjoys her but doesn’t realize why she hates him so. It’s such a delightful combo and it’s hilarious watching the misunderstandings between these two. It’s also super-steamy and set during the backdrop of a wedding which is incredibly fun.

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3. Mangos & Mistletoe

This is the final baker book and this one’s an f/f Christmas baker romance. It features two women competing on a Food Network type baking show and it’s them getting paired up as a team. As you can guess, they fall in love and it’s super short, festive, and steamy. While I do think the conflict was meh, I really did enjoy this one. It’s the perfect book to help you kick off the Christmas season.

55779209. sy475
4. ATE

The next book is not technically a romance but rather erotica but I’m counting it. It’s a story featuring a personal chef and his client hooking up. This one is less than 100 pages and is basically just meeting, eating, and banging. I won’t get into much detail but I enjoyed it. If you want a super short story with little to no plot this one is for you.

56051250. sy475
5. A Feast For the Senses

Keeping with the short theme, this one is actually a Thanksgiving romance and it features a second-chance romance between a girl and her friend’s brother. They end up getting stuck together Thanksgiving week and it’s basically them reconnecting. It’s nothing groundbreaking but it’s really fun and is perfect for this week. With Thanksgiving coming up, I knew I had to include this one.

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