Revisiting my 2021 Five-Star Predictions (2)

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For this week’s Monday post, I decided to talk about my five-star predictions and if I ended up giving them five stars. Honestly, I had a lot of fun picking out these books and I’m excited to talk about them. I will probably have a 2022 post coming up at some point but we’ll see when I actually post it so let’s get into it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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1. The Heart Principle โŽ

The first book I predicted would be five stars was The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang. This one was one I was super excited about and it was a Hoemance book club pick. However, I didn’t end up loving it as much as I thought. It had a great romance but it focused a lot on caretaking and emotional topics so I didn’t love it nearly as much. Even so, I enjoyed it so 4/5 stars

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2. From Lukov With Love โœ…

The next book from my five-star predictions was From Lukov With Love by Mariana Zapata. I usually read one of her books a year and this one was of course, incredible. It’s a slow-burn romance between two skaters and it was so angsty but also sweet at times. I absolutely adored it. I can’t wait to read more of her backlist. 5/5 stars

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3. Equivalent Exchange (Night Shift) โŽ 

This is probably not the Christina C Jones book I should’ve picked. However, I did enjoy it but it wasn’t a five-star read. This is a romance between two people who are dealing with messy personal lives and then eventually coming together to help each other. This was an intense yet quiet read which I enjoyed. While not my favorite CCJ book, I did like it. 4/5 stars

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4. Today Tonight Tomorrow โŽ 

The next book I read was Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon. This one is an academic rivals-to-lovers YA romance and it was SO good. The story focused on these two teaming up to have a great big last hurrah before graduation and I LOVED it. It felt a little bit long though so it was only a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

5. Make It Sweet โŽ

The final book I read for this was Make It Sweet by Kristen Callihan. This book is a grumpy-sunshine romance between two people who are really going through it. While this book was fun and had an excellent romance, some of the characters’ actions really bothered me and it took me out of the story. However, this one does feature a hero who bakes which I adored and it made for a quick read on my day off. 4/5 stars

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

I was basically 1 for 5 in this round. However, I did enjoy all of the books I picked out. I feel like this is super fun and I always end up getting excited to see if I know my taste as well as I think I do. I can say that all of these authors are definitely ones Iโ€™ve come to love or have backlists I want to check out so thatโ€™s good. Either way, Iโ€™m excited to get into my 2022 5-stars predictions.

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