Scoob-A-Thon TBR (2021)

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! This is going to be one of two TBRs you’ll be getting within a week so be sure to look out. However, I decided to try and partcipate in two readathons during one week so we’ll see how it goes. Of course, I had to take part in Scoob-A-Thon because my bookish bff Ellyn is the one hosting it.

You can find out all of the info in her post but I’m going to give a quick summary before getting into the books I have picked out.

This round takes place from Oct 25th until October 31st in your own timezone. It’s basically a free-for-all from that point although she did create some prompts to go along with it. I’m actually going to be doubling up so you’ll see a few books that cover multiple prompts but let’s get into the books I plan on reading. 🙂

Scooby-Doo mysteries give the ultimate ominous vibes: Read something spooky

58919169. sy475

The book I chose for this one is one I’m doubling up for another readathon. This was originally set to be published in that Monster Love anthology before it got canceled. Aveda Vice is THAT bitch when it comes to sexy spooky reads so I had to use this one. I honestly don’t know much about this but I know it’ll be spooky in some way.

The Gang is always solving a new mystery: Read a mystery

58040072. sx318

This is a book I know very little about but I saw it on Hoopla as a new release and it seems like a lot of fun. I know that it’s a mystery novel about a woman who can see a text in which another is trying to kill the man she’s with. Then shenanigans ensue and it goes from there so I’m excited to listen to this one.

Mystery Inc. is friend group goals!: Read a found family story


Keeping with the spookyish theme, I decided to feature Witches of Brooklyn which is a middle-grade graphic novel. However, I saw that this one featured the found family trope so I wanted to read it plus it sounds like a great Halloween read. Plus Ellyn also loves graphics so it’s a clear nod to her. 🙂

Scooby-Doo has been adapted into many different forms since 1969: Read an adaptation

29069374. sx318

The next book I have on my TBR is My Favorite Thing Is Monsters which hasn’t technically been adapted yet. However, the rights for it have been auctioned off so I’m counting it. This book is about a girl living in the 1960s and her obsession with horror, I think?? Either way, it seems like a perfect read for this week.

The Mystery Machine is ICONIC: Read something with green, blue or orange on the cover!

59005617. sy475

The final book I have on my TBR is No Getting Ogre You by Marie Lipscomb. This is a monster romance between an ogre and a woman. I’m just excited to see her pen-name and see how smutty yet strange this book is. Plus this is another double-up for the other readathon I’m doing this week.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

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2 thoughts on “Scoob-A-Thon TBR (2021)

  1. Goodluck with your tbr!!

    Omg.. a horror monster romance?? Erm, im not sure i’m ready for this ahah 😅 though I kinda do wanna read a snippet? Just a little- to see what are we talking here.

    A text before dying however is going onto my list!


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