End of The Year TBR (2021)

Hello friends and fellow book lovers. I wanted to come on and write a short little post. This is going to be the books I plan on reading before 2021 ends. In all honesty, I’ve read a lot of books that I’ve had my eye on this year and it’s been a productive reading year for me. However, there are five books I know I want to read before the year ends.


5. Make It Sweet

This is the final book I have on my five-star predictions list. I know that this book features a hockey player and an actress having a romance plus he’s a baker which sounds amazing. I feel like I should have read this one in the summer but I want to read it before the year ends. This is one I just need to sit down and read already.

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4. The Dare

The next book I want to read before 2021 ends is The Dare by Elle Kennedy. This is book 4 in the Briar U series by Elle Kennedy. I buddy-read the rest of the series with Ellyn but have yet to actually pick this one up. It’s Conor’s book and I know this book has some questionable plus-sized rep so I’m not actually sure how much I’ll enjoy it but I want to finally complete this series.


3. Release Me If You Can

The next book I’d like to get to before the end of the year is Release Me If You Can which is the second book in her If You Can series. This romance was hinted at in book 1 so I’m excited to see it happen. I also really want to make an even bigger dent into Christina C Jones’ backlist so this will help. I’m sure I could have sub in any book here but I do plan on reading more from her before 2021 ends.

57558144. sy475

2. With You Forever

The next book is another installment in a series I adore and that’s the Bergman Brothers series by Chloe Liese. This is Rooney and Axel’s story which I’ve been eagerly waiting for. I don’t actually know the rep for this one, but I’m so excited for it. Plus it’s a marriage of convenience so I’m hoping I end up loving it as much as I’ve enjoyed the rest of the series.

59063078. sy475

1. Treble

The final book is another one I’ve been meaning to read and that’s Treble by Rilzy Adams. There’s just something about the way Rilzy Adams writes romance and smut that I adore. Her books are always delightful but this one seems incredibly intriguing. Plus I need to read moer of her backlist, too so it’s a win-win for me.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

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