October 2021 TBR (let’s get spooky!)

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! I must apologize for completely dropping the ball this week since I didn’t end up, planning ahead. However, I decided I wanted to at least mention my October TBR. Even though it’s October 1st, I already finished a book and have plans to hopefully, finish another.

This month is all about reading books I’ve been saving for spooky season. For me, it’s mostly going to be dark romances, paranormal romances or basically anything dark aside from a few other books I’ve been wanting to read. Aside from three secret books, I can share the rest of my picks. 🙂

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Happy For Now Members Book Club Picks:

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1. Stalked By The Kraken

The first book I have on my October TBR is Stalked By The Kraken by Lillian Lark. I’m a member on Happy For Now’s Youtube channel and each month, we buddy-read a book together. This month, we voted and chose two with the first being Stalked By the Kraken which is a monster romance and that’s all I know.

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2. Headless

The second book we chose was Headless by Aveda Vice which is a polyamorous Sleepy Hollow retelling. Either way, I’m excited for it and I know it’s short but seems like a lot of fun.

Hoemance Book Club Pick:

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3. A Pizza My Heart

For the Hoemance Book Club I co-host with Ellyn, we’re going to be reading A Pizza My Heart by Teagan Hunter. I’m pretty sure this is a brother’s best friend romance and it’s set at a pizza place. Either way, I’m super excited for it and I already have the audiobook on hold.

Kindle Unlimited TBR:

57922246. sy475

4. What Are The Odds?

This is going to be my first R.M. Virtues read and I’m SO excited for it. I’m pretty sure this is a friends-to-lovers romance and I’m here for it. I just want to read one of heir books already so I’m hyped to see if I enjoy it.

52537313. sy475

5. A Good Demon is Hard To Find

The next read is another paranormal romance and I’m pretty sure it follows a girl who summons a demon to curse her ex. Then the two end up having to fake date, I’m pretty sure. Either way, this cover is everything to me and I’ve been saving it for October so I’m ready.

58012415. sy475

6. The Frock Up

This is an Evie Mitchell book I’ve been meaning to read on KU because the next book is a Halloween romance. Almost all of Evie Mitchell’s books are short and smutty little treats so I just need to buckle down and read this already.

59066449. sy475

7. The Enforcer

The final book I have on my October TBR is The Enforcer by Katrina Jackson. This is book 2 in the Family series by Katrina Jackson and I’m so excited for it. These are all dark mafia-esque romances and I’ve enjoyed the previous books in the series. Plus I love Katrina Jackson so I’m just really excited.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Those are all the books I plan on reading in October. I have lots of books saved up so this is just a small sampling of what I want to get read. As for my blog posts, I’m going to try and get myself motivated so I can get back on track in October but I’ve got a lot going on right now so I’m not making any promises.

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