Reading 3 books in a new-to-me sub-genre: An Experiment

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Last month, I decided to branch out to find out if I could find an accidental pregnancy romance I enjoyed. This month, I knew I wanted to do something similar but I decided to read 3 books in a sub-genre I’ve never read before and if I have, I don’t recall.

With that being said, I decided to venture into the “rock star romance” realm and it’s incredibly appropriate as I’ll be at the Jonas Brothers concert when this is posted. For me, I’ve just never seen the appeal in rock star romance as it felt out of my element. I also rarely find rock star romances written by Black authors or featuring Black love but I finally decided to change that.

However, I was a huge fanfiction reader and writer when it came to Jonas Brothers so this should be in my wheelhouse. I wasn’t even thinking about my concert when I did this but here we are, let’s get into the books and my thoughts!

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Book #1: Lick

The first book I started with was Lick by Kylie Scott. This is a rock star romance between David Ferris and Evelyn Thomas who get married in Vegas. It basically follows the fallout of their decision as it was Evelyn’s 21st and she doesn’t really remember anything. This book immediately sucked me in and I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved how sweet their relationship was and slowly watching them fall for each other was so delightful. Plus this one was SUPER steamy and it featured her being a normal person and him being a rock star which was nice.

As for my enjoyment of the trope, I liked this take on it. He was pretty much the typical rock star asshole when we first met him but he eventually opened up and we saw his personality. I especially loved how protective he was of Evelyn like I couldn’t get enough of these two. My only complaint was that I wish it wouldn’t have taken him SO long to warm up to her. 4.5/5 stars

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Book #2: Idol

Next up is Idol by Kristen Callihan and I can say I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is about Libby and Killian who meet when he passes out on her lawn. They form a friendship while he’s on vacation since he’s staying near her home. Eventually, he convinces her to go on tour with them and it goes from there. This one had a slow start for me, but it did pick up and I ended up really enjoying it.

As for the rock star element, I feel like it was another one he started off as a jerk until we learned more about him and saw what he’d been through. However, I didn’t enjoy how she ended up becoming famous alongside him. Maybe it was just a nitpick but it wasn’t my favorite. I much prefer the non-famous person-rock star pairing but this one was a lot of fun and super steamy. 4/5 stars

57886605. sy475

Book #3: Rhythm

The final book I read during this experiment was Rhythm by Marie Lipscomb. She’s known for writing plus-sized romances so I was excited to see a plus-sized hero who is a rock star. Of all the books, this one felt least like a rock star romance but it did feature him performing in the end which made sense. This is a romance between Beth and Finn who end up staying in a cabin together and it goes from there.

As I said, Finn’s “rock star” status isn’t as in your face as the other son this list but I still enjoyed him. My major complaint about this story was the conflict as it could have been avoided so easily. However, it was super steamy, pretty low-angst and was a fun take on the rock star romance compared to the other two. 4/5 stars

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

If you couldn’t tell by my ratings, I absolutely adored this sub-genre. I do plan on reading more rock star romances although I want to find some written by non-white authors. Either way, this was a lot of fun and I’m so happy I decided to read these when I did. Hopefully, I have as much fun at my concert as I did reading these. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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