5 books I’ve #bookedged and ultimately loved

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Welcome to another week of blog posts and this week, I’m doing a post about books that I’ve #bookedged and ended up really loving. This is actually a term I learned on Bookstagram and it was coined by Amanda from Talk_About_Swoon who has an incredible romance bookstagram.

The entire book is that you wait to read a book until you either absolutely have to or you just wait because you know you’re going to love it.

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1. From Lukov With Love

The first book that came to mind for me was From Lukov With Love by Mariana Zapata. Since I saw this book on sale, I knew I wanted to get it since it was cheap. However, it’s been sitting on my Kindle since September 27, 2020 and I finally picked it up almost a year ago. This was such an incredible slow-burn romance but I feel like I had a valid reason for waiting since her books are just SO long. Either way, I loved it so I’m annoyed I waited almost a whole year to read it.


2. Act Your Age, Eve Brown

The next book I’ve #bookedged is Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert. I’m caught up on her entire backlist so I really wanted to wait on this. I actually waited an entire month after its release until I read it. I ended up loving it so much and I’m sad I waited so long to read it. I am annoyed that I have nothing else of hers left to read, though.

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3. If She Says Yes

The next book I did this with was If She Says Yes by Tasha L. Harrison. This book is an age-gap interracial romance I used for #SpringIntoLoveBingo, I think? Either way, I waited to read this as it was my last spot on the bingo board. However, I ended up absolutely adoring it. It’s such a beautiful yet sexy story. Ugh, easily one of my biggest bookish regrets is waiting to read this for so long.

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4. Only When It’s Us

The next book I waited for SO long to read is Only When It’s Us by Chloe Liese. This is a book I waited to read because of the hype and I’m so annoyed with myself. While this isn’t my favorite book of the series, this series quickly became a new favorite. I especially loved how emotional this book was and how adorable the romance was. Definitely more than a little annoyed that I drug my feet so much on this one.

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5. Make A Scene

The final book that I #bookedged was Make A Scene by Mimi Grace. I saw this cover back when it was released and immediately preordered it. When it finally came out in September 2020, I was so excited to pick it up and then didn’t. Rather, I waited until the start of 2021 to finally pick it up. It ended up being a five-star read so I’m mad I decided to wait but I’m also happy I finally gave in and read it.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

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4 thoughts on “5 books I’ve #bookedged and ultimately loved

  1. This post is just so wonderful!! I also saw that Instagram post and thought about it immediately when I saw the title of this post. I am also book edging Mariana Zapata and I can’t wait to read Lukov with Love! Ever Brown is one of my favorite books of the year and I’m so happy you loved it too! 💕

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