My Rating Scale + How I Rate Books

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For this week’s Friday post, I was originally going to write a review but I’m going to be honest. Thus far in September, I don’t have a book I’m extremely excited to talk about. It’s sad, but sometimes that happens. Instead, I wanted to talk about my rating scale and how I decide to rate books what I do.

I know that everyone’s rating scale is slightly different so I wanted to write up a key if anyone was ever curious about my feelings and wondering why I rated a book in such a way without explaining myself so let’s get into the first part where I discuss how my rating scale goes.

Let’s start off by saying that I’m not a person who DNFs books usually nor do I give out 1-star reviews unless the book is absolute utter garbage to me so I don’t really have much to say about 1-star books so let’s get right into my 2-star rating.

2-Star Ratings

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For me, giving a book 2-stars is another rarity but it’s something I’ve become more comfortable with doing. The major reason why I give a book two-stars is that it was marketed as something and it wasn’t. As evidenced by the book above, it was marketed as a romance and focused nothing on the trauma around the 75% mark so I felt like I was purposely tricked into thinking this book was one thing and it wasn’t.

If it wasn’t a bad pitch, it might have been something like a writing style I didn’t jive with, a plot I didn’t like or it just wasn’t a book for me. Either way, the book had at least one thing going for it but I still hated it lmao.

3-Star Ratings

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Next up are 3-star reads which for me are reads that were average. They weren’t bad but they weren’t great either. They did what the book told me they were supposed to but nothing more in some cases. Another reason I might give a book a 3-star is because I didn’t love the writing, didn’t love the romance or didn’t enjoy a major aspect of the book. For me, this one is tough because a 3-star can mean a lot of different things but generally, I mostly liked the book but didn’t love it and I would recommend it but not very often.

As for my 3.5 star reads, they were slightly better than being a 3 as something tipped them over the edge. However, they definitely aren’t going to be new favorites. Rather, they were more enjoyable than a 3 but weren’t as good as a 4-star.

4-Star Ratings

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Moving onto four-star reads, this one is another tough one to explain. Usually, my four-star reads are books I loved but don’t see them as a new favorite or something held them back from being a five-star read. Right now, I feel like I’m giving out a lot of four stars since I have a pretty good handle on my reading tastes. A lot of my four-star reads are actually based upon my experience reading as the experience can really make-or-break how I’m going to rate a book.

As for A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor, I thought this book was hot and started off great but it fell a little flat towards the end and the conflict felt incredibly intense. However, I still really enjoyed it so it ended up being a 4-star read instead of a 5.

Then there are my 4.5 star reads which are just slightly better than a 4 but have something holding them back from being a five. Recently, I read Battle Royal by Lucy Parker which I loved but the long chapters and sometimes drawn-out plot made it a 4.5 for me rather than a five.

5-Star Ratings


Last but certainly not least are my five-star reads. For me, five-stars can mean multiple things as it can be the perfect book for me, a book that I had an enjoyable time reading or a book that made me feel something. Looking back at all my five-stars in 2021, I can say that all of them had great romances and generally made me happy inside. For me, five stars is the ultimate compliments and it might end up being a new favorite of all-time.

Obviously, I had to use a Talia Hibbert book for this and Act Your Age, Eve Brown is the perfect example for me.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

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5 thoughts on “My Rating Scale + How I Rate Books

  1. Interesting post! I liked that you said you were getting more comfortable with giving low ratings. That’s something I struggle with too but I’m getting better at 🙂

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