August 2021 Wrap-Up

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! This week’s post is actually one I’m doing on the fly since I had a lot of days off this week and spent them all with my boyfriend. With that being said, I knew I had to hurry up and write this post up so it could go up like my normal Friday post so it might not be as chatty as usual so let’s get into the books I read.

August 2021 Reading Stats

  • Books Read: 34
  • Star Breakdown: 5-stars (8), 4-stars (21), 3-stars (5)
  • Format Breakdown: Physical (1), Audiobook (14), E-Book (19)
  • Total Page Count: 8,308

3 Disappointing Reads from August 2021

1. Horrorstör

My first disappointing read of August was Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix. This is a book I chose via my co-worker’s suggestion to read a horror. This is about a group of co-workers in an IKEAesque story and the horrors they get sucked into. While it was scary, this had too much buildup for the big reveal and all of the horror elements to happen. 3/5 stars

57600499. sx318
2. Sun of A Beach

I decided to give Audible a try in August so I could read some of the originals and honestly after reading this one, I gave up lmao. This is a short little novella about two co-workers who “dislike” each other and then they hook up while on vacation. This was just entirely too short and I didn’t have time to buy into their romance before it was over. 3/5 stars

54736834. sy475
3. Yes & I Love You

This is a book I saw recommended a few places so I decided to pick it up but I just didn’t like it which made me sad. This is a romance between a girl who is a popular reviewer in New Orleans and a guy who does improv/is her new barista at her office space. Honestly, it just felt entirely too slow for me and it felt like some elements were too predictable. I’m sad because I really wanted to enjoy this. 3/5 stars

My 3 Favorite Reads of August 2021

55817097. sy475
1. Twisted Love

My favorite read of August was easily Twisted Love by Ana Huang. This book is a brother’s best friend romance between Alex and Ava. This also features the grumpy-sunshine trope along with a hero who is “touch her and you die.” Honestly, I adored this book, loved the romance and I especially loved how sexy it was. I know it’s gotten mixed reviews, but it’s a new fave for me. 5/5 stars

48892940. sy475
2. Love, Unsolicited

My next favorite read of August was Love, Unsolicited by Alexandra Warren. This is a Pretty Woman retelling in which Joella tries to rob Keanu but he catches her and they come to an agreement. I really loved how sex-positive this story was and how the romance developed. I do wish the characters had talked more but I loved it either way. 5/5 stars

38326753. sy475
3. From Lukov With Love

Obviously, the one Mariana Zapata I read this month would be on here. This is a figure-skater hate-to-love romance between Jasmine and Ivan. Obviously, it’s a slow-burn but I adored these two. While it took me a few days to read, I think Jasmine and Ivan are definitely going to stay in my mind. 5/5 stars

My Biggest Surprise Reads of August 2021

Usually, I only pick one read but I had a few books that surprised me in a good way in August so I wanted to feature them. 🙂

  • Stripped by Zoey Castile. A male-stripper romance with the sweetest romance and plenty of steam. Plus it was a five-star read for me.
  • Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren. Probably my favorite of the series. Super smutty and excellent brother’s best friend romance.
  • The Professor Next Door by Jackie Lau. Another favorite in a series and such a sex-positive story featuring neighbor who overhears his neighbor having sex.
  • The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite. An excellent f/f historical romance with an age-gap and great start to a series.
  • A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor by Kathryn Moon. A solid reverse harem featuring one human and many monsters. Super sexy albiet a bit long.
  • Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon. Easily my favorite YA book of Rachel Lynn Solomon with an excellent rivals-to-lovers high school romance.
Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

I tried to do this quickly but this is a long post so I’m sorry. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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