Last 5: A look at my last 5 KU reads

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For this week’s post, I decided to write up something new and that’s looking back at my last 5 Kindle Unlimited borrows and what I felt about them. Of course, I’m only going to be featuring books I’ve read and not just books I borrowed yet didn’t read.

I might add this as a new feature to my blog as I love Kindle Unlimited and end up using it a ton since it’s basically full of romance books and that’s 99% of what I read so it would only make sense to talk about those books in a different post since my wrap-ups aren’t structured like they were before.

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5. The Unbroken Rose (Roses & Thorns #3)

I’m going to feature these in the order I read them so this is one I borrowed least recently and then the one I borrowed most recently. This is a book I used for the Pop Culture ReadAThon and it’s book 3 in the Roses & Thorns series following Dacia. Of all the books in the series, this one is my least favorite as it features a trope I dislike.

I did enjoy Christina C Jones’ writing style and I’m happy to see these two side characters finally get their own story. You’ll probably see a lot of CCJ in these posts as I’m on a mission to work through her backlist. I ended up giving it a 3 stars so not bad but not a new fave of hers.

58521179. sy475

4. Forbidden Fling (Secret Fantasy #1)

The next book I borrowed is actually a short erotica story written by Kat Taylor which is Katee Robert’s pen-name. This is about a girl who gets with her boyfriend’s dad and it features cheating with no HEA. Honestly, I didn’t really like it as much as I hoped for. It was steamy but nothing I haven’t read from her before so it was a slight disappointment. Only 50ish pages though if you’re looking for a quick and steamy read. Another 3-star read, unfortunately.

58289811. sy475

3. Skin (Fangs With Benefits #2)

The next book I borrowed was Skin by Aveda Vice which is a monster love book and honestly, this featured some of the hottest steamy scenes I’ve ever read. This is a short little blip into a relationship between Flint and Harbringer. Despite it being a relationship between a gargolye and a banshee, this book was surprisingly realistic and just incredibly HOT. Aveda Vice is easily a new favorite author and I’m so glad I found her on KU. Finally, a 4-star read.

53307187. sy475

2. Oops!

The next book I borrowed is one that I borrowed for two reasons. One is because it’s on my 2021 TBR and second, it’s for an upcoming post. Other than that, this book was surprisingly enjoyable and made for a super quick read. This is also my first full-length Alexandra Warren read and I can’t wait to read more of her backlist.

40132776. sy475

1. Deuces Wild (High Stakes #3)

Finally finally finally, I read this book as it was next up on my CCJ list. This one is the third and I believe, final book in the High Stakes series. This is a romance between Ace and Cree who make an appearance in her Roses & Thorns series. While I enjoyed aspects of this book, I felt like some of the plotlines were just a little bit too far-fetched. I especially didn’t understand how Cree and a side character plus Ace were all so cavalier about something so intense. Either way, I’m happy to have finished another one of her series. Sadly, it was another 3-star read, though.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Anyways, those are my last five KU reads as the post I planned on doing fell through but nevertheless, I knew I had to write up something so here we are. If you have KU, I’d love any suggestions for books I should check out. 🙂 Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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