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If The Boot Fits: A Spoiler-Free Review

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For my July review, I wanted to talk about a book I was honestly hesitant to read. I feel like it’s always nice to go into a book with slightly lower expectations and then come up feeling good upon finishing it. That’s the case with If The Boot Fits by Rebekah Weatherspoon as I didn’t enjoy the first book in this series. However, you’ll have to finish reading this review to see my thoughts on this one.

This is my spoiler-free review of If The Boot Fits.

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Working as the personal assistant to one of Hollywood’s cruelest divas has left Amanda McQueen more determined than ever to sell her screenplay and gain her independence. In the meantime, she’ll settle for a temporary escape. When her employer is felled by the flu on Hollywood’s biggest night of the year, Amanda gets her glam on, struts out the door, and parties with the glitterati. But she never expects to come face to face—and closer than close—with one of the hottest stars in the game . . .

Following up his first Oscar win with a steamy after-hours romp with an enigmatic woman seems like the perfect way for actor Sam Pleasant to celebrate—until she suddenly disappears. Worse, she’s vanished with the wrong swag bag: the one containing his Oscar statue, leaving Sam even more intrigued about the beauty’s identity—and wondering if a repeat performance of their amazing night is in the stars. And when a second chance encounter happens, only a trip to Sam’s family ranch—and revealing the whole, not-always-glamorous, truth about themselves—will give them a chance to turn one magical night into forever . . .

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What I enjoyed about If The Boot Fits

  • The main characters. The two main characters, Sam and Amanda were hard not to root for as both were so likable. For Amanda, it was clear she was dealt a bad hand but just needed that extra push to make things happen. As for Sam, he was dealing with a sudden rise of fame which was incredibly unique touch to the book.
  • How Rebekah Weatherspoon retold Cinderella. I thought this was such a unique take on Cinderella and looking back at the story, it really makes sense. I also really enjoyed how she didn’t take too much from the source material and still made it her own without staying true to the original.
  • The setting. Obviously, I’d be remiss to not mention Charming, California which is where most of the story is set. I’m pretty sure that’s the town where the ranch is and I LOVED being back there. I only wish this ranch actually existed so I could go there on vacation and relax like Amanda did.
  • The effort Sam put in. What I enjoyed most about the romance was how much effort Sam put in and how much he respect Amanda. It was clear she wasn’t getting that from very many people so it was nice to see Sam not being an asshole. He was charming, sweet and understanding the entire book which was a nice change-of-pace when it comes to love interests.
  • The found family element. This was originally a book I was going to use for my plus-sized rep but decided to use it for “found family” as the Pleasant family does become a found-family for Amanda. She also has her other friends to rely on as well. Overall, the general themes of family, friendship and love in this book was *chef’s kiss.
  • The third-act conflict. As per most romance books, this book featured a third-act conflict and for once, it wasn’t a breakup. I feel like Rebekah Weatherspoon handled this conflict so well and it made me enjoy the story even more. Plus it truly brought Sam and Amanda together rather than push them apart.

What I didn’t enjoy about If the Boot Fits

  • The villain. This one might be obvious but I absolutely despised the villain. She was truly the worst character and I hated how she treated Amanda. I know we were supposed to hate her, but it really felt like she was WAY too over-the-top sometimes.
  • Fast wrap-up. While I thought most of the book was well-paced, the ending felt a bit too rushed for me. I really wanted to see more of Amanda finding her footing after things fell apart. It seemed like everything fell into place way too quickly and then the book was over.
Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Overall, I’m very happy I decided to read this after swearing to my SO I wouldn’t since I hated the first book. Either way, this book was a pleasant surprise and I’m excited to read Jesse’s story. If you’re on the fence about this one like I was, I say just go for it as it was a delightful read. It’s also great for Valentine’s Day as it takes place during that time. I gave If the Boot Fits 4 stars.

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