Recommending romance books based on your favorite Powerpuff Girl

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For this month’s recommending books based on a popular media, I decided to go with the Powerpuff Girls. As someone who loved the series as a kid and still really enjoys it to this day, I figured why not use our favorite superheroes? Plus with the live-action series being canned, we have to have something to look forward to so let’s get into my recs for them.

Blossom: The Intimacy Experiment

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For Blossom, I decided to pair her up with THe Intimacy Experiment by Rosie Danan. While I didn’t love this book, I feel like Naomi is most similar to Blossom. Not only is she incredibly smart, independent and a natural-leader but she’s also the face of the company. While this book doesn’t have tons of simlarites to the show, I feel like if you like Blossom, then you’ll really enjoy Naomi as a character.

I don’t personally think Blossom would grow up to have the same job as Naomi but I could see her working to help educate people on lesser-known topics. Blossom also wouldn’t be afraid to speak her mind like Naomi does so this one was easy.

Bubbles: Ice Cream Lover

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For Bubbles, I decided to go with Ice Cream Lover by Jackie Lau. This is a romance between a girl who owns an ice cream shop and a guy who absolutely hates ice cream. The main character, Chloe is so sugary sweet and cute so I feel like she matches up with Bubbles. Plus she’s super into glitter, unicorns and being girly like Bubbles is. However, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and stick up for the people she loves like Bubbles. Honestly, I could actually see Bubbles doing this job and I feel like this book just screamed her name to me.

Buttercup: Written in the Stars

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For the final Powerpuff girl, I decided to pair her up with Written in the Stars. This book follows a horrible blind date turned fake dating situation and it’s so delightful. It’s also an f/f romance and the one character, Darcy reminds me so much of Buttercup. Darcy is pretty hardened, stubborn and grumpy as Buttercup is. However once you peel back the layers, you start to understand Darcy and that’s how I feel about Buttercup.

Maybe it’s just me but Buttercup seemed queer to me. I could be wrong, but I feel like this book pairs up so well with her. Overall, this book is just delightful and if you like Buttercup, I feel like this book could work for you.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

This is a short rec post, but I didn’t want to have a huge undertaking for my first recs post back so hopefully, you guys enjoy this or found a new book to check out. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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