July 2021 TBR (Pop Culture Readathon Round 3)

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For this month, I’m going to be making my TBR based on the Pop Culture Readathon and this round’s theme is 2000’s movies. Similar to last year, I’m going to be dealing with one bingo board and maybe I’ll try to fill in another bingo board but for now, I’m dealing with the “The Adult Agenda” table/bingo board.

Before getting started, this round is going to happen from July 1st until July 30th. This readathon is being hosted by Whitney and Lorryn. They have more info on the official Twitter if you’re looking for particular rules. Basically, you pick which team you want to be on and try to fill in the bingo board. I really want to get a blackout this time so I’m going to try and find a book for every single prompt so let’s get into the board and the books I have picked out. 🙂

Love & Basketball: Childhood Friends to Lovers

57657680. sy475

The first book on my TBR is Dare to Live, Dare to Love by Nicole C. Moon. This book features best friends-to-strangers-to-lovers which is such a unique trope. However, I’m super excited to read this and see if it’s as good as the cover makes it out to be 😉

Scotty Doesn’t Know: Secret Romance

45315639. sy475

For this one, I decided to go with Grading Curves by Naima Simone. I’m pretty sure this is either a student/teacher romance or a student/professor romance. Either way, I’ve been wanting to read more Naima Simone and this one is on KU so it was an easy pick for me.

Perfect Date: Set In Spring


I’ve had this book on my shelves for months and have yet to pick it up. I absolutely adored Sarah Hogle’s debut novel so this one was another easy pick for me.

Gladiator: Epic Adventure

43688305. sy475

For the next square, I struggled as I don’t read many action/adventure books but then I remembered that Christina C Jones does have this Alice in Wonderland retelling which is bound to feature an epic adventure. Honestly, I’m just excited to read more of her backlist so this worked out nicely for me lmao.

The Devil Wears Prada: Deal with the Devil, Demon or Villain


The next book I plan on reading is Neon Gods by Katee Robert. This book is one I’ve had on my shelves for weeks and have yet to pick it up. I know this is a Hades and Persephone retelling so it obviously involves some kind of deal. Plus it’s Katee Robert so it’s going to be smoking hot.

Deliver Us From Eva: Black Romance

39792079. sy475

Pretty sure I have Katrina Jackson’s whole backlist on my Kindle and I want to finally get caught up on her releases. Judging by the cover and by the rest of her backlist, I assume this one is a Black romance so I knew I had to feature one of her books on here.

Charlie’s Angels: Trio of Main Characters

55680425. sy475

I’m not sure if this one counts, but I know it’s a poly romance so I’m counting it. This is a romance between two women who get played by the same guy and then they all end up in a relationship, I’m pretty sure?? Either way, it sounds spicy and fun.

Remember the Titans: Found Family Trope by AOC

43498882. sy475

This was another prompt I struggled with, but I decided to go with Graham’s Delicacies by Mina Waheed. I read their other book, Soft on Soft and thought it was cute. This one has an especially fun cover and it popped up on some lists so I decided to pick it.

Where The Heart Is: Home or House in the Title

44662244. sy475

The book I chose for this one is one I’ve been meaning to read forever and that’s Playing House by Ruby Lang. I saw these books at my library forever ago and I’ve been meaning to read them for the longest. Now is finally the time and I want to see if they live up to the beauty of their covers lol.

Orange is NOT the new pink: Orange/Pink Cover or Spine

55237206. sy475

I’m not sure what to classify this cover as but it seems the most orange to me so I’m saying it has an orange cover. This is a book I pre-ordered before it came out and I’ve been eager to read it. It seems like the perfect summer read, too.

Phat Girlz: Plus Size MC

53410379. sy475

The book I chose for this one is If The Boot Fits by Rebekah Weatherspoon. I didn’t enjoy the first book in this series, but I want to read Jesse’s book so I’m going to give this one as chance. I know it’s a Cinderella retelling so I should enjoy that. I’m crossing my fingers this one ends up being a winner for me.

Blue Crush: Color In Title

56307045. sy475

For my final read, I decided to pick another Christina C Jones book and that’s The Unbroken Rose. Even though this might be cheating, I considered “rose” a color but I really want to finish this series as I LOVE it lmao. I’m slowly making my way through her backlist and I want to try to get through an extensive amount by the end of the year 🙂

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

That’s my extremely ambitious July TBR. July should be less busy than June so I like my chances plus I have tons of options to pick from. With that being said, I’d love to know what books are on your July TBR. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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