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The Point of It All: A Spoiler-Free Review

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For this week’s review, I decided to go with a book I listened to on audio. I’m not a huge audio reader, but when I do listen to them, I never usually write up reviews. This time, I decided that I wanted to talk about The Point Of It All by Christina C Jones which is the second book in her Sugar Valley series and I have a lot of thoughts so let’s get into it.

This is my spoiler-free review of The Point Of It All.

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There’s always a reason to try… if you look hard enough.

(The Point of it All contains themes of grief, illness, and death that could be triggering for some readers.)

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Despite the beautiful and somewhat light cover, I knew this book was going to be a tough read as the first book is incredibly hard-hitting. If you couldn’t tell by the trigger warnings above, this book isn’t afraid to touch on some difficult topics. However, I ended up loving it and knew I wanted to write a review of it. Before getting started, I did listen to this one on audio so I’m not sure if the Kindle version has a warning in the beginning or not.

What I enjoyed about The Point Of It All

  • Eva’s determination. I feel like this isn’t a spoiler, but this book follows Eva who decides to purchase a winery and try to restore it to its former glory. I loved seeing Eva’s journey from basically not know anything to learning so much in a short time and becoming such a well-rounded business owner.
  • Eva’s relationship with her ex. As weird as it might sound, I thought it was nice to see that Eva was close to her ex and that he played a role in the story. We find out more about him and their past relationship which was interesting. I know that exes can sometimes be a touchy subject in romance books, but I thought it worked well here.
  • The love interest, Luke. I’ll admit that I used to be a sucker for guys named Luke until I got that taken care of by most Lukes being jerks. However, the Luke in this book was just so damn lovable. I couldn’t get enough of how sweet, attentive and loving he was with Eva. I especially loved the small things he did to take care of her.
  • The writing style. As per usual, Christina C Jones doesn’t miss when it comes to the writing style. The writing in this was beautiful and I especially loved how in-depth she was when it come to the wine-making process. CCJ is such an excellent writer and I applaud her ability to write this story with such grace as it could have been terrible fallen into the wrong hands.

What I didn’t enjoyed about The Point Of It All

  • Eva’s determination. Moving to the flip-side, I really didn’t like Eva’s determination when it came to something she was dealing with. She really just acted like it was such a noble and brave choice which was fine but it didn’t make sense to me. I especially hated how quickly she changed her mind when she realized the gravity of everything. Ugh, that part really frustrated me.
  • The sudden change in the last few chapters. The other thing I didn’t enjoy was how quickly everything seemed to change within the last few chapters. I won’t give anything away but that sudden change was jarring and felt like everything wrapped up WAY too quickly.
Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Ultimately, I really loved The Point Of It All by Christina C Jones. I really do feel like she can basically write any genre of romance she sets her sights on. This one was such an emotional and hard-hitting read but it still made me laugh and smile. Plus the audiobook is great so I don’t have much to complain about. I ended up giving this a 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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