5 books I plan on checking out this spring (2021)

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For April, I knew I wanted to feature a post about books I plan on checking out from the library or Hoopla during this season. I know that some people have books they crave during a certain season and I can see that. Personally, I’m in a huge dark romance mood but I feel like that’s just my mood right now. With that being said though, these books are all pretty light-hearted and fun so I feel like they’re going to be perfect for the springtime.

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1. He’s Not My Boyfriend

The first book I plan on checking out from the library this spring is He’s Not My Boyfriend by Jackie Lau. If you haven’t been following me since the beginning of the year, then you won’t know this. However, I have been making my way through Jackie Lau’s backlist. I’m pretty sure that I only have 3 or 4 books left to read with He’s Not My Boyfriend being one of them. I know that this book features a side character from book 1 in this series and I’m just excited to see if it ends up being as solid as her other books.

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2. The Baller

The next book I plan on reading during this spring is The Baller by Vi Keeland. This book features a romance between an NFL player and a journalist, I’m pretty sure?? As someone who is a sports journalist, this sounds like a pipe dream but also a nightmare in some regards. Either way, I’ve been wanting to pick up more football romances and this one seems like a decent one to start with. This is definitely going to be a Hoopla pick as I think Hoopla has both the eBook and the audio so I could go down either route.

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3. The Point of It All

The next book I plan on reading this spring is The Point Of It All by Christina C Jones. I’m pretty sure that I read the first book in this series last summer and enjoyed it. Since then, I’ve been eager to pick up the next book as this one follows a girl who ends up deciding to run a vinery. I’ve never read a book set at vinery or featuring someone who has that job so it sounds pretty summery. I’m sure that this will have a hard-hitting element like the first one did but I’m not mad about it. Once again, this is another Hoopla audio pick as that’s what I did for the first book.


4. Bookish and the Beast

The next book I plan on checking out from the library has to be Bookish and the Beast by Ashley Poston. I know that I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a huge YA reader anymore. With that being said, I’ve been wanting to pick it up as I feel like this series is a lot of fun. I loved book 1, didn’t enjoy book 2 and I want to give this one a chance. All I really know is that it’s a Beauty and the Beast retelling and that I’m buddy-reading it with Lysette. I feel like a broken record here but I’m very excited and I feel like this book is going to be cute.

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5. Playing House

The final book I have on my Spring TBR is Playing House by Ruby Lang. I don’t know anything about this book but I know that my local library has the entire series. I’ve had it on my “tagged” list since I got a library card and have been wanting to read it forever. I’m pretty sure this book follows two people who are neighbors and they agree to fake date? I might be totally wrong but this cover just gives me such fun spring vibes. My library also has the whole series if I end up loving this one. 🙂

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Those are just a few of the books I plan on checking out from the library this spring. I might end up doing a seasonal post as there are a lot of books I know my library has that I want to read. This is mostly just a post to hold myself accountable to finally read these books and end up seeing if I enjoy them. I do have another similarish post coming up with KU so be on the lookout. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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