5 authors I finally want to read in 2021

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! I’m not sure about all of you but for me, I usually find an author I love and then want to read all of their books. That usually means that I don’t want to try new things or new authors. I’m sure someone else is guilty of that but I want to try to hold myself accountable and rectify some of my tendencies.

With that being said, I’m making this list so I’ll hopefully decide to take a chance and read these authors this year so let’s get into it. 🙂

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5. Rachel Lynn Solomon

The first author is a major high-priority to me this year. Not only have I heard great things about this book but I plan on buddy-reading this with Ellyn. However, I do know that she’s written some YA books that my library has. I’m hoping I end up jiving with her writing style so maybe I’ll find a new favorite. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Rachel Lynn Solomon so I want to try out her books in 2021.

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4. S.K. Ali

The next author is surprisingly a YA author and that’s S.K. Ali. I’ve never read anything by this author but I’ve heard SO much hype about their books. In particular, Love from A to Z is still one that people talk about often. All I know about this author is that she writes stories focusing on Muslim teens as evidenced by the cover. Either way, her books sound great and I can’t wait to finally get to them.

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3. Meghan Quinn

The next author I need to read ASAP is Meghan Quinn. I’ve heard amazing things about this author and I know her books are on KU. These books are so hyped up all over Booktube and the book blogging world, too. I know that she writes sports romance and honestly, I feel like I’m missing out by not reading these. The covers all look SO good and I need to finally pick them up.

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2. Monica Walters

The next author I haven’t read yet that I need to is Monica Walters. I saw this cover on Amazon and it immediately drew me in. I know that she also publishes books in KU and that almost all, if not all of her books feature Black love. She’s another author I see talked about and I just need to buckle down and finally read her books. There’s just something about them that makes me think I’ll love them.


1. Beverly Jenkins

I know that I talked about Beverly Jenkins in my last post but I really need to hold myself accountable and decide to read her books. She’s such an iconic historical romance author and her books seems like they’re going to be great. Plus the covers of her books always seem to catch my eye and draw me in. I’m not sure which book I’ll start with but I need to have read one of her books by the end of 2021.

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9 thoughts on “5 authors I finally want to read in 2021

  1. I need to read books by Beverly Jenkins! I’m just never in the mood for historical romance though so that’s a problem. S. K. Ali is so talented! Hope you get to these authors soon 😊


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