Ranking Jackie Lau’s Wong Siblings series

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! If you didn’t know, I’ve officially become a Jackie Lau stan in 2021 and honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t been sooner. I read a few of her books in 2020 but this year, I’ve really ramped up my love and I honestly cannot get enough of her books. In particular, I binged her entire Wong Siblings series which is set around four major holidays.

Since I loved that series so much, I wanted to make a post about it and rank all of the books in order of how much I loved them. In particular, it’s going to be how much I loved each Wong sibling. Might be a little bit superficial but oh well, it’s my blog so I’ll do what I want lmao 😛

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4. Nick Wong

Starting off this list is none other than Nick Wong who is the first Wong sibling we’re introduced to. This book follows Nick who hooks up with Lily and can’t stop thinking about her until they end up in an unfortunate Thanksgiving situation. While I do think that Nick was redeemed in the end, I felt like he was a bit of a douche at times?? I just couldn’t get invested in him and I feel like Lily settled?? Oop, I’m sorry but Nick Wong was just not it for me although I did like this book.

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3. Greg Wong

Moving on, the next Wong sibling in my rankings is Greg Wong. I’m pretty sure that Greg is the oldest of the siblings and honestly, probably the most boring. As much as I enjoyed his romance with Tasha, Greg just wasn’t it for me either. As Louise described Jessica in Bob’s Burgers, “Bland, boring Jessica. If she was a spice, she’d be flour,” which is how I felt about Greg.

Greg was a serious guy and it was clear that Tasha was a great companion for him. I guess I just like sweeter men who don’t take things so seriously? Looking back at my dating history, it does make sense that I’d LOVE a clown lmao. Either way, I absolutely adored all of the tropes in this book but once again, Greg just wasn’t my cup of tea.

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2. Zach Wong

If there is one Wong sibling I would kill to date, it would be Zach. Of all the siblings, Zach was the one I know I would’ve loved if he was a real person. Zach is a high school teacher who loves his job, his family and his food. He’s always taking Jo out to eat and doing such sweet things for her?? The only thing I couldn’t get on board with him was that he was so oblivous about his feelings and Jo’s feelings?? Like dude could you at least pretend you know what’s going on here?

Either way, Zach was just a sweet man and I couldn’t help but want to make him one of my new book boyfriends. I don’t use that term much, but it really does apply to him. As much as I loved him though, he couldn’t hold a candle to my favorite Wong sibling but I did love his book and the romance he had. ❤

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1. Amber Wong

Coming in at the top spot of my list is Amber Wong and she gets her story told during Valentine’s Day and honestly, what a queen. Let me just say that Amber and her love interest meet while they’re both buying condoms. As if that wasn’t enough, Amber is an independent woman who doesn’t give an F what people think of her and she’s such a sweet person. She’s also incredibly up-front and honest plus hard-working and just someone I’d love to be friends with??? Although she had trouble admitting her feelings, it worked out in the end and she was able to let him see her soft side.

Honestly, this book just killed me with how good it was. It featured a lot of great tropes and lots of honest communication especially during sex. I especially enjoyed that the love interest was uh well-endowed and it took Amber a while to get used to him plus they also used lube. It was such an interesting addition and I’m glad romance books are focusing on that aspect. Honestly, this one was my favorite of the series and I’m so sad I don’t have anymore books in this series to read.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

That’s my ranking of the Wong siblings and their books. Honestly, I love Jackie Lau and her books so I’m happy to be making this post. If you haven’t checked out this series and want more holiday romances, then I highly recommend this one. It’s such a great indie series and I hope I convinced someone out there to read these books. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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