My Top 6 Songs from Morgan Wallen’s Dangerous + Books Recs for each Song

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For my Friday post, I knew I wanted to talk about Morgan Wallen’s new album which came out in early January. While I know not everyone loves country music, I’m personally a huge fan of it and I really enjoy Morgan Wallen’s voice. He’s one of the few modern country singers that seems to embody less of the pop country mold and the fact that he released is a double album is just incredible so let’s get into my top 6 songs and see if I can pair books with them.

Before I get into my rankings, I wanted to put a little disclaimer which is that I’m not going to be including any of the singles because I love all of them. Instead, I’m going to be talking about the other songs on the album that I loved and trying to pair up songs with books so let’s go 😀

6. Wonderin’ ’bout the Wind

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One song that I immediately loved upon first listen was Wonderin’ ’bout the Wind which is on Disc 1 of the album. This song is basically about a guy wanting to be a girl and she keeps disappearing. It’s such a beautifully heart-breaking song and I can’t get enough of it. As for the lyrics, my favorite has to be: “I’m always waiting to put my anchor down
But I sure could use a little breeze right now,”

The book I chose to pair up with this one was A Worthy Opponent by Katee Robert. This is Tink and Hook’s book which features her being a brat to him for most of the book. She is so resistant to him for a huge majority of the book. Even though she doesn’t run away, she wants to do things her own way and it really reminds me of this song.

5. Outlaw

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The next song is “Outlaw” which is one of the few collabs Morgan Wallen has on this album and it’s with Ben Burgess. This song is basically about a “bad boy” and him falling in love with someone who is basically his “outlaw” as she stole his heart. This song is pretty unique with its wordplay. As for my favorite lyrics, I’m going with, “Stole this heart, ain’t that the truth. Guess that makes you an outlaw too”

For me, this book pairs up with the Mindfuck series by S.T. Abby. Unlike the song, this one is actually bad girl with a sweet boy and honestly, I can’t stop thinking about this book when I listen to this song. If you’ve read this series, you’ll have to listen to this song and let me know if you feel the way because I want to be justified lmao.

4. Blame It On Me


For the next song, I went with one that’s actually on Disc 2 of this album and that’s “Blame It On Me.” This one is basically about a girl who starts being with a country boy and then she can’t seem to stay away from him or forget how much fun she had with him. This is a pretty up-beat song and I always want to get up and start dancing when I hear it. As for my favorite lyrics, I’m going with, “If them weekend boys get boring, I don’t mean to wreck it for ya. Yeah, it’s my bad girl if you had the time of your life”

The book I chose to pair with this one was Sanctuary by Rebekah Weatherspoon. This book follows Liz who goes to stay with Silas on his farm to get away from a threat and she ends up, falling in love with him and the farm he lives on. No doubt Liz didn’t think she’d fall in love with either but it makes for a beautiful story and this song goes along pretty well with it.

3. Whiskey’d My Way

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Oddly enough, I really struggled with finding a book for this song. With that being said, let’s talk about the song before the book. I don’t know what it is but this song really makes me happy. It’s such a unique way to talk about a breakup and to talk about how hard it can be to get over someone. As for my favorite lyrics, I’m going with, “You saw me out on a Friday downtown, With a smile that came stumblin’ back in. Guess that killed your mood ’cause you did what you do, Turned around and walked out again.”

For the book, I decided to go with Daisy Jones & The Six. In the story, there’s a romance but it ends up not really happening or fizzling out. With that being said, I feel like this song goes really well with it because there’s no clear resolution and the two end up going their separate way and you can’t tell me they didn’t drink/do drugs to get over some of that lol.

2. More Surprised Than Me

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For my next song, I’m going with More Surprised Than Me which is honestly such a bop and another one I can’t stop listening to. This one is basically about a guy being surprised that his girlfriend wants him and him wondering how he got someone like her to be with him. Honestly, this is such a sweet song and it makes me so happy every time I hear it. My favorite lyrics are, “Must of done somethin’ right, somethin’ right
In another life. ‘Cause nobody buys it when we walk in, They say there ain’t no way that she could be with him”

The book I paired with this song is Worship by Jack Harbon. This is a romance between Arden and Spencer in which Arden had a huge crush on Spencer and they eventually come back together and Arden really can’t believe it. He’s so giddy over Spencer and it’s clear he wants her like crazy which is just delightful to read. This one was another easy pick for me.

1. 865

29367958. sy475

Last but not least, my favorite song from Dangerous has to be “865” which is actually another breakup song. This song is about a guy who gets drunk and tries not to call his ex but he can’t help himself when he starts drinking. It’s a pretty sad song in some parts but I really enjoy it. I honestly can’t get enough of this song and I’ve listened to at least 3 times while writing this post lmao.

For the book I’m pairing with it, I’m going with The Wall of Winnipeg and Me which doesn’t actually have a “breakup” scene but this book does feature a lot of pining, groveling and I’m pretty sure there’s also a part with some drinking involved. While everyone might not connect this book to this song, I think it goes pretty well with the subject matter.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Anyways, those are my rankings from Morgan Wallen’s double album. This one was a lot of fun and I really enjoy making these posts. Either way, those are my favorite songs and the books I’d pair with them. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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