5 authors I’m thankful I discovered in 2020

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! If you didn’t see Monday’s post, I’m going to doing 3 different “Thankful” posts this week. Even though Thanksgiving is over on Thursday, I’m still going to post one on Friday. For today, I’m going to be talking about authors I’m thankful I discovered in 2020. I’m not going to be using debut authors since they only have one book out so let’s get into my picks. 🙂

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5. Jackie Lau

The first author I’m happy I discovered was Jackie Lau. I don’t recall hearing much about her until I saw her holiday series. The first book I actually read by her was Grumpy Fake Boyfriend and I LOVED it. It was a lot of fun and all of her books are normally set in Canada with Asian characters. Her books are so much fun although it did take me a while to get used to her writing style.

Since reading Grumpy Fake Boyfriend, I’m pretty sure I’ve read two more of her books and really enjoyed them. She’s definitely an author I know I’ll come back to and will be diving into her backlist at some point.

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4. Jack Harbon

The next author I’m happy I discovered is Jack Harbon. I think I discovered him via Mina from Mina Reads. When I’m writing this post, I’ve read two books by Jack Harbon which are Meet Cute Club and The Babysitter. I’m hoping I can read his newest release, His Beauty before the end of the year. Jack usually writes m/m romances but he’s also written some m/f romances, too. Basically you’re going to find someone you like no matter what if you check out Jack’s backlist.

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3. Nicole Falls

This is the only author on the list who I’ve read just one book from. However, The Changeup was such a solid read that I know I’ll love the rest of Nicole Falls’ backlist and I already have a ton on my TBR. She writes Black love stories and The Changeup was such a delightful read. I can’t wait to read more of her books and I’m pretty sure I have a Christmas novella saved somewhere for next month.

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2. Lucy Eden

The next author I’m thankful I read is Lucy Eden. I’ve been seeing her covers for years, but didn’t pick it up her books. I finally decided to pick up Blind Date with a Book Boyfriend and it was SO much fun. This is an interracial romance and they actually have a meet-cute in a bookstore which I LOVE. I’ve also read Bear With Me by Lucy Eden which is my first shifter romance and I’m happy to say I enjoyed that one, too. She has a relatively short backlist so I plan on reading these as soon as I acquire them all.

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1. Rilzy Adams

The last author I’m thankful I discovered is Rilzy Adams. She’s another Black love author and her books just make me SO happy. So far, I think I’ve read three of her books and adored all of them. Rilzy Adams does such a great job of writing realistic couples with tons of chemistry. Plus let’s not even talk about how god-tier the smut in these books is because I need a cold shower. I definitely plan on continuing on my journey to read all of her books and she’s easily one of my new favorite authors.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Those are all of the authors I’m thankful I discovered in 2020. I don’t know how I went this long without reading any of these authors and I’m so happy I discovered them this year. They were all some of my biggest bright spots in 2020. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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