#NovellaNovember 2020 TBR

When I was on vacation, I saw this video posted about #NovellaNovember. Since then, I’ve been curious about it and have been wanting to participate. When I’m writing this post, I’ve actually already read 2 novellas so I have a head start. However, I knew I wanted to write a full blog post about the novellas I plan on reading for each of the prompts.

Before I get into the bingo board and my picks, I wanted to shoutout both Dana and Kelly who are hosting it. I’m subscribed to Dana on YT and I plan on following both of them on Instagram after I type this up. You can find all of the info on the post I’m linking below including the bingo board.

Prompt 1: BIPOC Author

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Kicking things off is the next book in the Tale of Two Cities series. This one is centered around Thanksgiving and you’ll notice I also mentioned it in my November TBR. I’m pretty sure this is Black love and I know that the author, Alexandra Warren is Black so it fits for this prompt.

Prompt 2: Group Read

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For Dana’s group read pick, she went with A Match for Thanksgiving by Jackie Lau. I actually bought this book not too long ago on my Kindle since it was free. Since I’ve been in the mood for Thanksgiving romances, this is going to be perfect. Plus it’s only around 100 pages so it should be a pretty quick one.

Prompt 3: Part of an Anthology

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Originally, I had another book picked out for this one but my library decided to surprise me and my hold came off this. I’m in a big holiday mood to boot so this is going to be perfect. I also know it’s focused on holidays that aren’t mainstream and honestly it sounds so good.

Prompt 4: Dana or Kelly Rec

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For this one, I’m going with one of Dana’s recs and that’s My Lady’s Lover by Nicola Davidson. I’ve read Nicola Davidson before and really enjoyed her writing style so I’m excited to read this one. I’m also pretty sure this one is an f/f romance so that’ll be a nice change of pace.

Prompt 5: Holiday Romance

48732871. sy475

If you saw my November TBR, then you’ll know I put this one on there since it’s a Thanksgiving romance. Pretty self-explanatory with this one lmao.

Prompt 6: New-To-You Author

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Once again, this one is another overlap from my November TBR. I’ve never heard of Mahogany SilverRain until I found this book so it’s safe to say she’s new to me. I’m curious to see if this book ends up being as wonderful as the cover.

Prompt 7: Historical Romance

33844738. sy475

Speaking of Nicola Davidson, I have the rest of the Fallen series on my Kindle and I really want to read them. These are such fun, shorty and smutty historical reads so what’s not to love? I have no idea who this book follows or if it’s still set in the same place. Either way, I’m still excited to read it.

Prompt 8: LGBTQ+ Rep

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The novella I’m using for this prompt is Bear With Me by Lucy Eden. If you saw my post on Wednesday, then you’ll know my full thoughts. I’m not sure if I mentioned it in my post or not but the MC Chellie is bisexual. I can count this as one book down already. 🙂

Prompt 9: 2020 Release

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For the 2020 release category, I decided to use My Husband, My Stalker by Jessa Kane. This was one of my vacation reads and I thought it was alright. The title pretty much tells you exactly what it is. It was a smutty and taboo novella which is what Jessa Kane is known for so no surprises there.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Anyways, those are all my Novella November picks. I absolutely love novellas so this challenge was right up my alley. This is also perfect since I’ll be watching a lot of movies this month so I’ll want to be reading shorter books. Honestly, I’m just happy to be doing a reading challenge as I’ve had a lot of fun with them in 2020. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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