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Bear With Me: A Spoiler-Free Review

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! I decided that this week I’m going to write a review for Wednesday but have yet to decide what I want to do for Friday. Even though I’m typing this while I’m on vacation, my boyfriend had to work so I was able to squeeze in some reading time. I only ended up reading 2 novellas during my vacation but I’m not complaining because I was so happy to be spending time with him. Either way, let’s get into the book I’m going to be reviewing.

This is my spoiler-free review of Bear With Me.

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Hi, I’m Celestine Woods, most people call me Chellie. If you are one of my 850K followers, you might know me as the super successful Instagram influencer, but more than likely you probably know me as the woman who got dumped by her former rockstar boyfriend, who then publicly professed his love for his new girlfriend in a song on Spotify before getting engaged a week later. While I think I had a perfectly rational response to this news but my sponsors didn’t agree. Apparently no one wants to buy expensive skin cream from the woman who had an alcohol-fueled meltdown at the biggest New Year’s Eve party in the world.

Now, I’m at Black Bear Mountain Lodges, a cabin resort in the Catskill Mountains, to relax, recharge, and rehab my image and— tossing in a couple sponsored posts. The only hitch in my plan for R&R is the sexy, yet grumpy, lumberjack who runs the resort. His people skills leave a lot to be desired and it’s no wonder I’m the only guest at this place. I know nothing about living in the mountains and he knows nothing about marketing and publicity. His resort and my image could both use a little TLC, so we formed a truce and teamed up to help each other.

Between my social media know-how, my smartphone, a gorgeous grumpy mountain man and a strangely friendly bear that keeps coming to my window every night, we can get this all turned around right?

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Let’s start things off by saying that this book is a shifter romance. I don’t recall ever reading one of these before so I was nervous to actually dive into it. I’ve also only read one book by Lucy Eden before now and enjoyed it. With that being said, let’s get into the things I enjoyed about Bear With Me.

What I enjoyed about Bear With Me

  • The start of the story. If you couldn’t tell by the synopsis above, the book starts with Chellie getting broken up with and her dealing with the aftermath of it. Honestly, I thought it was such a refreshing place to start this book at. Romance books rarely deal with the after-effects of a breakup and I think Lucy Eden handled this perfectly.
  • The love interest. From the first time we meet the love interest, it’s clear he has an interest in our heroine and honestly, I loved him so much. Even though he shared a name with my co-worker, I was able to look past it as he was just so sweet, loving and pretty much obsessed with Chellie. Once again, something super refreshing that I couldn’t get enough of.
  • It was short and sweet. Lucy Eden pretty much only writes novella length works and this one was no expectation. It was short and sweet while still delving into their relationship. Given the trope she used in here, it makes sense and I think that trope was another reason why I really enjoyed my time reading this book.
  • The playlist. If you caught my last review, then you’d know I included 5 Ariana Grande songs I’d pair with The Roommate and I had a lot of fun, doing it. This time, Lucy Eden did the work for me and included a playlist for this book. There’s also Jonas Brothers on said playlist so there’s no reason why I wasn’t going to love it.

What I didn’t enjoy about Bear With Me

  • Unnecessary family drama. During a majority of the book, Lucy had problems with her mother and it was such a downer. I don’t think it added anything to the story other than to give us some information. However, I think the book would have been fine being a light and fluffy read.
  • Quick turn-around. The only issue I had with this book was how quickly Chellie was able to get over her ex. With how much it focused on her being broken up over it, she moved on SO quick. Even though it had that particular trope, it made sense but other than that, it was a bit jarring.
Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Overall, I don’t really have much else to say about this one. It was a short and sweet shifter novella that I’d highly recommend if you’re new to shifter stories like me. It did make me want to pick up more, though. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun, reading it and it might be the start of my #NovellaNovember bingo board. We’ll see if I even decide to participate but either way, I hope you guys enjoyed this short review. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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