Graphics-A-Thon Round 2 Wrap-Up

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! If you’ve been following me for a while, then you’ll know how I write up my read-a-thon posts. No matter which read-a-thon it is, I always do a wrap-up post where I break down my reads by day. This round, I co-hosted Graphics-A-Thon with Destiny and Ellyn and it was a blast. Hopefully, they invitie me back next year. 😉

Either way, I ended up getting a lot of reading done this week and I might get to my secret Goodreads goal before the years end. Let’s talk about that later though as I have a lot of books to talk about. If you want to know more of my in-depth thoughts, you can check out the Twitter thread I did where I talked about all my reads.

Day 1: October 11th

34232048. sx318

My first read for Graphics-A-Thon was My Brother’s Husband Volume 1 by Gengoroh Tagame. This story follows Mike who travels to Japan to meet his deceased husband’s family and it’s basically the bond Mike, his brother-in-law and niece form. This book isn’t all fun and games though as it talks about grief, homophobia and coming out if you’re sensitive to those topics.

Either way, I absolutely LOVED this graphic novel. It was such a delightful read and I especially loved Mike and Kana’s relationship as they were quickly bonded to each other. I can’t wait to read the next volume of this series and I’m so happy I started with this one. 5/5 stars

My Brother’s Husband Volume 1 fulfilled the prompt to Read a book with queer rep.

38452936. sy475

The second book I finished on Day 1 was Superman Smashes The Klan by Gene Luen Yang. This book focused on Superman and the Lee children as they work together to take down the “Clan of the Fiery Cross.” This book was incredibly timely and had some important messages. However, it wasn’t that memorable and I doubt I’ll go back to this one. Either way, it was still solid. 4/5 stars

Superman Smashes the Klan fulfilled the prompt to Read a a genre or story you wouldn’t usually reach for.

Day 2: October 12th

42593023. sy475

On Day 2, I worked 8:30-5 so I didn’t have as much reading time and I didn’t even pick up this book until after 8pm. Nevertheless, The Black Mage was a book I had high hopes for but sadly, slightly disappointed me. I don’t want to rehash too much with this as I wrote a small review on Goodreads. However, my main complaint is that I either want another volume of this story and that the pacing was off. Either way, I’d still recommend it. 3.5/5 stars

The Black Mage fulfilled the prompt to Read a graphic with BIPOC rep.

Day 3: October 13th

33906101. sx318

Tuesday was my day off from work and I ended up having a chill day. It was so chill that I only finished one book. I’m sure most of you know what Wire and Nerve is but it’s the spin-off graphic novel series featuring Iko from The Lunar Chronicles. This book basically picks off directly where the series ends and it follows Iko trying to fix Levana’s mistakes along with some cameos from other TLC characters.

Ultimately, I liked this but didn’t love it. For some reason, I couldn’t get into the style of this one as I felt like blue was an odd choice. Either way, I’m trash for this series so I ended up rating 4/5 stars.

Wires and Nerve Volume 1 fulfilled the prompt to read a graphic that has or will have an adaptation.

Day 4: October 14th


Wednesday, I only worked 8-1 so I pretty much had my afternoon free and decided to pick up two graphic novels. The first was My Boyfriend Is a Bear which is about a girl who gets into a relationship with a bear. It was slightly bonkers at times but I ended up LOVING this. It was funny and sweet especially seeing how the two of them connected due to their language barrier. Easily one of my new favorite graphic novels. 5/5 stars

My Boyfriend is a Bear fulfilled the prompt to read a graphic with pink on the cover.

52278999. sx318 sy475

The second graphic novel I finished on Wednesday was Snug and it was everything the title says. It’s basically like being snuggled up in a blanket with the person you love as that’s what this focuses on. It’s just short little one-page comics about being with the person you love. It had me smiling like crazy and I kept sending pages to my SO since they reminded me of us. 5/5 stars

Snug: A Collection of Comics about Dating Your Best Friend fulfilled the prompt to Read a graphic you predict will be 5 stars (Yes!)

Day 5: October 15th


On Thursday, I was off again and woke up super early. As immediately after I woke up, I picked up The Tea Dragon Festival. This is a companion in the Tea Dragon series and it follows new characters along with some from Book 1. It follows Rinn who discovers a dragon in the woods, their friendship, and finding out why the dragon was absent for so many years. This book also features sign language as a major part of the story and talks a lot about mental health. Overall, it was cute and fun but didn’t surpass my love for the first book. 4/5 stars

The Tea Dragon Festival fulfilled the prompt to read a graphic novel with a disability and/or mental health rep.


On Day 5, I also picked up Behind You: One Shot-Horror Stories by Brian Coldrick and it basically follows a format of an intro to a comic before showing the comic. It’s incredibly creepy and spooky. If you want some spooky Halloween vibes, then I highly recommend this.

Behind You: One Shot-Horror Stories fulfilled the prompt to read a spooky graphic read.

22554204. sy475

Right before I went to sleep on Day 5, I re-read Lumberjanes Volume 1 and I forgot how delightful this series is. It’s all about the Lumberjanes who are a group of best friends at camp together and the shenanigans they get into. The art style is cute, the plot-lines are fun and it even has some spooky moments. Easily one of my favorite graphic novel series. 4/5 stars

Day 6: October 16th

45427760. sx318

This was the first book I read on Day 6 and it was SO much fun. This is a story about two best friends who work at a pumpkin patch and it’s their last night before they go away to college. This is so cute and I absolutely loved the pumpkin patch as it was basically the coolest thing ever. My only complaint is that I wish it didn’t have a romance as it felt forced. 4/5 stars


The second book I read on Day 6 was An Embarrassment of Witches which follows two best friends and it’s just so boring. While the art style was solid, this book was just not for me. The characters wouldn’t stop getting out of their own way and I was just bored the entire time. 2.5/5 stars

Day 7: October 17th

46029443. sy475

The next book I finished was Komi Can’t Communicate Volume 1 by Tomohito Oda and it was alright. This book focuses on Komi who has severe social anxiety and it’s basically her trying to make 100 friends. Honestly, I didn’t feel like this had much of a plot other than Komi being great. However, I enjoyed the art style and I might continue it eventually. 3/5 stars

Day 8: October 18th

I didn’t read anything this day so let’s just skip it and move on to the final day lmao.

Day 9: October 19th

27807019. sy475

I read Lumberjanes Volume 2 and like the first volume, this was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it although I’m curious where the story will go next. I’m just happy to finally be getting back to this series. It’s so much fun and I can’t wait to read more. 4/5 stars

52401352. sx318 sy475

The next book I read was one I discovered on Kindle Unlimited. It’s written by Simon Sweet who I’ve never heard of. Matchmaking Maestros Volume 1 is tough to explain as there are a lot of characters and lots of plotlines developing. I really enjoyed the art style of this and I think it has the potential to be drama-filled. I don’t really have much to say about this but it was a solid read. 3/5 stars

23658839. sy475

The final book I read was another on KU and it was Lick-It Man. It’s basically the origin story of a superhero who gives women earth-shattering orgasms. It’s as weird as it sounds but it was a lot of fun. I don’t really have much else to say about this but if you have KU, I’d give it a read for some fun times. 3/5 stars

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Graphics-A-Thon Stats

Challenges: 8/8 challenges completed

Star Ratings: 5-stars (3), 4-stars (8) and 3-stars/2.5 stars (4)

Average Rating: 3.9

Favorite Read: My Brother’s Husband Volume 1

Least Favorite Read: An Embarrassment of Witches

Those are the 15 books I read for Graphics-A-Thon and honestly, I’m really happy with the number of books I read during this round. I definitely have a new appreciation for graphic novels/comics, too. Overall, I’m just excited for the next round and I can’t wait.

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