Graphics-A-Thon Round 2 TBR

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! I teased this post earlier this week and it’s finally here. If you didn’t see my announcement post, I’m going to be co-hosting the Graphics-A-Thon with Ellyn and Destiny. This round, we decided to include some prompts along with a bingo board and we also have a Google Doc with recs. All of the info can be found on our Twitter.

If you need recs, you can check the Google Doc, my post, Ellyn or Destiny’s. With that being said, I don’t want to talk too much. This round starts on October 11th (12:00 AM, Your Time) and ends on October 19th (11:59 PM, Your Time.) With that being said, let’s get into my TBR picks for this round. 🙂

1. Read a graphic with BIPOC rep

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For this one, I knew I wanted to feature an #ownvoices graphic novel and I found Black Mage on Hoopla. This one is about Tom, the first Black wizard admitted into a historically white wizard school. I took a look at the cover and immediately loved the art style. Either way, it looks like it’s going to be a very timely and fun read so I’m excited to dive into it.

2. Read a graphic with disability and/or mental health rep


The next graphic novel on my TBR is The Tea Dragon Festival by Katie O’Neill. I read the first book in this series earlier this year and loved it. This series is just so wholesome and it makes my heart so happy. I’ve been excited to finally continue with it and I knew that Graphics-A-Thon was the perfect way to do that. I know this series features both disability rep and mental health rep so it’s a twofer.

3. Read a graphic with queer rep

32337897. sx318

For queer rep, I had a few different options. Thankfully, it looks like my library is going to have My Brother’s Husband Volume 1 available. I’ve heard a lot of hype around this series and I’m excited to give it a try. This will also be my first try with a manga as I don’t think I’ve ever read one before. Either way, it seems like it’s going to be a fun series so I’m both excited and nervous to read this one. If it has too long of a hold, I’m going to use Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me.

4. Read a spooky graphic read


For my spooky read, I’m going with Behind You: One-Shot Horror Stories. This is another one I saw on Hoopla and knew it would be perfect for this prompt. I honestly don’t know much about this. All I’m saying is hopefully, it won’t be too scary so I can actually sleep at night after reading it. If not, then I guess I played myself lmao.

5. Read a graphic you predict will be 5 stars

52278999. sx318 sy475

I’m sure this will come as no surprise. I love romance and this is a graphic novel about being in love with your best friend. I’ve seen some of these comics online and have really enjoyed them. Snug seems like it’s going to be such a cute and lovely read so it was an easy pick for this prompt. This is another one I found on Hoopla and knew I had to add it to my TBR.

As for the bonus prompts, I have books picked out for this as well since I want to finish a book a day for this read-a-thon. I’m really crossing my fingers I can do that lmao.

6. Read a graphic that has or will have an adaptation

33906101. sx318

Ok, this one might be cheating a little bit. However, no other books on my TBR are or will be adapted. Wires and Nerves Volume 1 is part of the Lunar Chronicles series and that’s being adapted. It’s toeing the line but I’m a co-host so I say it’s fine. Lmao either way, this is a double-dip as I’m reading this for Scream-A-Thon, too. It seems like it’s going to be a fun journey back into the series Ellyn and I love so much.

7. Read a graphic with pink on the cover


I’m not sure why I chose this book to read but it seems like it’s going to be equal parts weird and fun. As far as I know, this is a romance between a girl and her bear boyfriend. It also features pink on the cover so it fit perfectly lmao. I’m just happy to find a place for it in this read-a-thon so I’m excited to read it.

8. Read a graphic that’s a genre or story you wouldn’t usually reach for

38452936. sy475

For the last prompt, I’m going with Superman Smashes The Klan. If you couldn’t tell by my TBR, I usually don’t reach for superhero comics or graphic novels. This one is going to be a huge departure from my TBR and what I usually pick up. I also think I’ve only read Wonder Woman comics as far as superheroes go. Either way, this one seems like it has potential to be a new favorite.

With all of the prompts out of the way, let’s get into my last book. I have a few options for this one so I’m going to feature them below. If you have feelings about any of them, feel free to let me know which one is the best of the bunch. 🙂

  • Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell
  • Witchlight by Jessi Zabarsky
  • Aquicorn Cove by Katie O’Neill
  • The Witches: The Graphic Novel by Pénélope Bagieu and Roald Dahl

Anyways, that’s my TBR for this round of the Graphics-A-Thon. I’m super excited to be co-hosting and even more excited start reading. If you’re participating, I’d love to know what you’re reading. I also plan on posting some updates to my Twitter and trying to get bingo on our bingo board. Before you finish reading my post, please take the time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter.

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