July 2020 TBR (Pop Culture Readathon)

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Originally, I was stumped on what to read this month and then the Pop Culture Readathon showed up on my Twitter feed. If you didn’t know, it’s a month-long readathon with different sections featuring book prompts for classic 90’s movies. The graphics are amazing and they immediately made me want to join. Thankfully, I have a lot of books on my Kindle to read and some library reads I still want to get to.

This readathon is being hosted by Whitney and Lorryn. They have more info on the official Twitter if you’re looking for particular rules. Basically, you pick which team you want to be on and try to fill in the bingo board. I don’t normally do a full blackout with bingo so I’m going to try to get two bingo with my reads. πŸ™‚

The board I chose to go with is “The Adult Table” which features adult 90’s movies. I’ve watched most of them so this was perfect for me. I also might try to get a bingo on the “Teen Dream” one but I’m not sure yet so here’s the bingo board and the books I plan on reading for it.

Poetic Justice: Read a book written in verse

35398627. sy475

The book I chose for this prompt is Other Words For Home by Jasmine Warga. I’ve read one of Jasmine Warga’s other books and didn’t really enjoy it. However, I want to give her work another try. This fits perfectly with the prompt and is a relatively short audiobook to boot. Hopefully, it ends up being the book to make me a Warga fan.

The First Wives Club: Read a book from your fave genre


I feel as though I’ve been waiting my entire life for this book. I preordered it from Barnes & Noble and have yet to receive yet. It’s basically been in the mail for over a week and still has yet to get to my door. There is no way I couldn’t include it on this TBR and tbh I’m just ready to read it. I have a HUGE post coming out this month focused on this book and it’s just annoying that I don’t have it yet. Either way, this was the first book that came to mind when seeing this prompt.

Pretty Woman: Read a book with a gorgeous cover

52701779. sy475

This originally wasn’t the book I chose but I read my pick at the end of June. Either way, I decided to use Professional Pleasure by Tia Love. I’ve never read anything by Tia Love before and I absolutely adore this cover. This sounds like it’s going to be fun and smutty with a gorgeous love interest as pictured on the cover lmao.

Black American Princess: Read a book with royalty

32871331. sy475

I’m not sure if this book actually counts, but it follows a lord and a lady so I’m pretty sure that means royalty or close to it. Either way, I bought this book for 99 cents on Kindle and I’ve been eager to pick it up. It’s a historical romance and I’m pretty sure it’s set in a sex club. Nevertheless, I’m excited to finally pick it up and see if it’s a series I’d like to give a chance.

As for my next bingo, I’m just going to try for the line right under my first bingo as I really enjoy those prompts so let’s get into the other 4 books I plan on reading. πŸ™‚

It’s Friday, Craig: Read a book with 150 pages or less

33140405. sy475

Next up is another freebie from Kindle. I’m pretty sure this book is told through emails between an employee and her boss. It’s another short novella length read but I want to try to get most of the books on there read. I’ve never read anything from Whitney G before but I know she’s a Black author. Not sure about the race of any of the characters, though. Either way, it should be a quick and fun read.

Death Becomes Her: Read a backlist book


I’m pretty sure I read the first book in this series either last month or the month before but I knew I wanted to continue it. This book was published in 2014 so it’s definitely a backlist title. This book follows the same characters from the first book but I think it’s a time jump and we see their relationship now versus then. Either way, I’m excited to see what happens with these two.

Titanic: Read a historical fiction novel

53405694. sy475

Ever since I read Lara Kinsey’s other books last month, I’ve been itching to pick up more and this book seems perfect. I’m pretty sure it’s a historical romance set in the 1920’s and it features bisexual characters. Honestly, I’ve liked everything I’ve read from Lara Kinsey so I’m excited to pick this up. I only hope that she decides to publish more in the future.

Sister Act: Read the first book in a series

44568731. sy475

The next book is one I bought on Kindle and haven’t read yet. I’m pretty sure this book follows two people who meet when they’re seatmates on an airplane and they have a romance. All I know is that it was free and I absolutely loved the cover. This was an easy pick for this one and hopefully, I’ll want to continue the series after I read this.

Credit to Pure Imagination Blog

Alright, those are my picks for the Pop Culture Readathon. I might try to squeeze in some other books and try to get bingo on other boards. For now though, I want to try to clear out my Kindle and read some library books. My Kindle is seriously getting full and I have to stop lmao. Hopefully I have another solid reading month and considering I’m excited for all these books, I should πŸ˜›

Before I wrap things up, I’m also planning to do the “PSU” readalong which is hosted by Jess, Mina and Melissa. I’ve never read the Palm South University series by Kandi Steiner but it sounds like it’s going to be the perfect summer binge read. If you want to know more, be sure to check out Jess’ Instagram post about it.

Before you finish reading my post, please take time to look over these attached links to help with Black Lives Matter. Whether it be signing a petition, donating or simply re-sharing this same link, USE YOUR VOICE. If you’re a white person reading this, you have privilege and it is your duty as an ally to educate yourself, amplify Black voices and show that Black Lives Matter. 

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5 thoughts on “July 2020 TBR (Pop Culture Readathon)

  1. I’m also participating in this readathon! I’m in the Thrill Ride team and it seems like so much fun. I might try to watch the movies (or at least some of them). Take a hint, Dani Brown is a book I really want to read, maybe I’ll read this month if I have the time to do so. Good luck with the readathon!

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