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The Babysitters Coven: A Spoiler-Free Review

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! For my review this week, I’m going to be featuring a book I was incredibly excited to read. Considering it follows witches too, it was the perfect pick for my OWLs read-a-thon TBR. With that being said, let’s get into the book and my thoughts on it!

This is my spoiler-free review of The Babysitters Coven


Seventeen-year-old Esme Pearl has a babysitters club. She knows it’s kinda lame, but what else is she supposed to do? Get a job? Gross. Besides, Esme likes babysitting, and she’s good at it. And lately Esme needs all the cash she can get, because it seems like destruction follows her wherever she goes. Let’s just say she owes some people a new tree.

Enter Cassandra Heaven. She’s Instagram-model hot, dresses like she found her clothes in a dumpster, and has a rebellious streak as gnarly as the cafeteria food. So why is Cassandra willing to do anything, even take on a potty-training two-year-old, to join Esme’s babysitters club? The answer lies in a mysterious note Cassandra’s mother left her: “Find the babysitters. Love, Mom.”

Turns out, Esme and Cassandra have more in common than they think, and they’re about to discover what being a babysitter really means: a heroic lineage of superpowers, magic rituals, and saving the innocent from a seriously terrifying evil. And all before the parents get home.

The day I’m writing this is actually the day I finished the book so a lot of my thoughts are fresh in my mind. With that being said, I’m going to keep this intro pretty short so let’s get into my spoiler-free thoughts about The Babysitters Coven.

What I enjoyed about The Babysitters Coven

  • The characters. In a lot of ways, this book is more about the characters than the plot as a lot of the action didn’t happen until later. I thought Esme was a strong character who experienced a lot of character development throughout the novel along with  Cassandra. Those two were easily the most fleshed out aside from Janis.
  • The concept. As someone who just recently re-read The Babysitters Club, I was super excited about this concept. A babysitters club but with witches? Sign me up! There were even a few mentions of the series and the girls having their own BSC which was really cool.
  • The plot twist with the side character. I don’t want to give too much away, but there was a plot twist we found out about one of the side characters. I thought it was really interesting and made for a more well-rounded character. While I think it’ll be discussed deeper in the second book, this was a good intro to them. Even though it felt a little underdeveloped at times, this was a debut so I can forgive it.
  • All of the descriptions. I think that Kate Williams did a great job of describing everything in the story. It really felt like I could picture their outfits, the houses, and their surroundings. I especially loved hearing about their outfits as we got to see Janis and Esme describe their outfits in such a unique way. Some might call it distracting but I think it was a fun addition.

What I didn’t enjoy about The Babysitters Coven

  • Slow start. This book had an incredibly slow start as things felt a little bit stagnant at first and then after the halfway point, the action finally started. Maybe it was just me, but I thought we’d get more witchy stuff throughout. Rather, this book did a lot of setting up for the witchy stuff to eventually happen.
  • Cringey dialogue. Unfortunately, I think this book suffered from an adult trying to write a teenage character and failing. A lot of what Janis, Esme, and Cassandra said felt super ~hip~ and ~trendy~ rather than being how teenagers talked. For some reason, the use of “AF” in here really annoyed as the author used it a ton.
  • Not enough of either selling point. Personally, I think this book struggled a lot with what it was trying to do. In a lot of ways, it didn’t have enough witchy stuff but not enough babysitting. Maybe I’m just nit-picking, but the title felt a little bit misleading. I thought I was going to get a coven of bad-ass witchy babysitters and that just didn’t happen. Maybe my expectations were just too high but this didn’t really work.

Overall, it was clear that this book was a debut and hopefully, the author will iron those wrinkles out in the second book. While I didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped, I thought it was still a cute story. Maybe with the second book, Kate Williams will be able to tell a more complete story with all the groundwork already laid. Sadly though, this book was a little bit of a disappointment considering I read it for my OWLs.

I gave The Babysitters Coven 3 out of 5 stars!

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