February 2020 Wrap-Up

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Welcome to my February wrap-up in which I read my entire TBR before Contemporary-A-Thon. I’ll be honest that after CAT, I felt a little bit slumpy but I tried to power through. With that being said, let’s get into the books I read in February 2020. If you want to hear about the books I read during CAT, you can check out my wrap-up 😀


1. The Princess Diaries

The first book I finished this month was Princess Diaries and what a place to start as this book was nothing like I remembered. I’m sure most of you know the story of Mia finding out that she’s a princess and how her life changes. While most of the story is the same, this book is pretty dated with a lot of comments the characters make and Lilly’s entire protest idea. Plus Michael is 18 and Mia is 14 which is pretty gross. Overall, it was nostalgic read and part of a future post but 3/5 stars

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2. The Unrequited

The second book I finished was a dark romance between a student and her college professor. This book reminds me a lot of the TV show, You if you’ve watched that as it features our main character, Layla being a lot like Joe. I don’t want to give away too many details as I think it’s better to go in blind. Personally, I thought this book was good up until about 75% mark in which things took a drastic turn and ended on a note that I didn’t enjoy. The ending completely changed the book for me and I wish the author would have taken a different route with it. 4/5 stars


3. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Similar to Princess Diaries, this is another book for a post. I haven’t read this book since I was young and honestly, I was surprised at how good it was. If you don’t know, this is a book about four friends who share a pair of jeans during the first summer that they’re not all together. Overall, I thought this book was as good although there was another weird age-gap element between Bridget and Eric that I just couldn’t ignore. That was really the only thing that bothered me but everything else is pretty good. 4/5 stars

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4. The Guy on the Right

I heard a lot of buzz about this book in 2019 so I decided to put it on my books to read in 2020 list. This book is a friends-to-lovers romance between the “nice guy” and a girl he meets at a party. While I thought this book has an incredible romance, I thought the two leads could be annoying at times. Lance wasn’t always the “nice guy” and Lainey felt more like she was being difficult to further the plot. It could be annoying but overall didn’t hinder my enjoyment that much. 4/5 stars


5. Matilda

The next book I picked up was Matilda which I hadn’t read before now. I originally started out reading this out loud to my interest (I’ll call him that!). He kept making me stop so I decided to read it all on my own since I was sick of stopping. I thought this book was really fun although some of the adult characters were just horrible. I’m sure that was Roald Dahl’s intention but holy hell, they were monsters. Regardless, this was such a fun read. 4/5 stars

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6. Untouchable

The next book I finished was Untouchable by Talia Hibbert. Last month, I read A Girl Like Her which is the first book in the series and loved it. This one wasn’t a new favorite but I still thought it was good. It follows Ruth’s sister, Hannah and the romance she has with her employer/old friend, Nate. I thought it was cute but at times, needlessly dramatic. I think I might take a bit of a break from reading her backlist as it felt like I was slogging through it. Regardless, I’m happy to say that I read it. 4/5 stars


7. Come Tumbling Down 

After getting done with Contemporary-A-Thon, I was in a bit of a reading slump. To try to combat that, I decided to read something that wasn’t contemporary. I got a library card from my local library and they had this one without a hold. It’s the 5th book in the Wayward Children series and it’s basically a sequel to the 1st book. Honestly, I thought this was great and I loved getting to see these characters again.

The only thing I didn’t like was how it ended. I wish that the event at the end would have been handled differently as Alexis noted in the book. Overall, it was a nice change-of-pace from reading all of that contemporary. While it wasn’t my favorite of the series, I enjoyed it. 4/5 stars


8. If You Ask Me 

For some reason, I’m really not in the mood to read any contemporary. In my upcoming post, you’ll see why I picked this book. Anyways, this is a short memoir by Betty White that I listened to on audio since she narrates it. While I enjoyed getting a look at her life, the advice she has and her adventures, it felt a little bit disjointed. If I had been more cohesive, I probably would have enjoyed it more but it was still good. 4/5 stars

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9. Here We Go Again: My Life In Television

After loving Betty White’s other book, I decided to pick up Here We Go Again: My Life In Television. This was a pretty informative book, both about Betty but also about the television world as a whole. There was a bit of overlap between this one and my previous read but it was still pretty good. Of course, my favorite sections were when she talked about Golden Girls but I thought this book was just delightful. Maybe it’s because Betty narrates it again but I just love it. 4/5 stars

Those are all the additional books I read this month aside from Contemporary-A-Thon. I might have one before the month ends but I’ll probably just include that one in my March wrap-up. Hopefully, March is filled with even more books I enjoy so I’m going to cross my fingers. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “February 2020 Wrap-Up

  1. I personally never liked Mia and Michael’s relationship. But I wasn’t a fan of The Princess Diaries series overall. I could never reread it. Are you reading all the books?

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