Smutathon Winter 2020 TBR

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! In December, Riley and Lainey announced that there was going to be another round of Smutathon. This round is going from January 4-11 and it includes a mini bingo board with prompts on it. Personally, I’m going to try for a blackout even though I’m not sure if that’s going to happen. Either way, I’m going to try so let’s get into it!

I’m going to try to find a book for each challenge and hopefully, I end up reading all of them. 🙂

Enemies to Lovers

This is actually the only one I wasn’t able to come up with a book for. I might end up finding something later but we’ll see lmao.

New-To-You Author


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For the first book I plan on reading, I’m going with Desperate Measures by Katee Robert. I haven’t read anything by Katee Robert before so I honestly have no idea what to expect from it. I know that it’s Jasmine x Jafar smut so I’m anxious to see what I think of it. I know that a lot of people read it in the last round of Smutathon so I’m excited.

Recommended to You


36197404. sy475

The book I chose for this prompt is Let’s Get Textual which was recommended to me by Ellyn. I haven’t read anything by Teagan Hunter before and I’m excited to see if I like it as much as Ellyn did. I have a post coming up later in the week

2019 Release

47327358. sy475

This is another book that I’ve heard talked about a lot and that’s Whipped by Jenika Snow. This is a SUPER short novella that follows a romance between a business owner and a plus-sized woman I think. I don’t know much more about it but since it’s 160 pages, it’ll be a quick read.

Forbidden Romance

39555142. sy475

For this one, I’m going with Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas. I’ve never read anything by Penelope Douglas but this book sounds so interesting. It’s a romance between a girl and her boyfriend’s dad so I’d say that it’s forbidden or at least, unconventional. I’ve been hearing about this book for years so I’m excited to finally give it a chance.

Fake Dating/Marriage

48667576. sy475

At first, this was going to be another blank prompt. Since I joined Kindle Unlimited, I decided to do some digging and I found The Loner’s Lady by Jessa Kane. While the main couple doesn’t fake date, it is featured in the story. I think that’s close enough as it still features the trope. Either way, it’s super short so I figured why not?


44528370. sy475

I had a lot of options for this one but eventually, I figured out what I wanted to read. I’ve heard good things about Chelsea M. Cameron’s f/f romances so I’m going to finally give one a try. I have the audiobook of this one so I’ll probably try to knock it out on one of my days off. I haven’t heard much about it so I’m curious to see if I like it. I think it’s an enemies-to-lovers romance so technically it could double up 😛

Workplace Romance

31304760. sy475

Going along with authors I haven’t read, I’m going to be reading Penny Wylder’s book Filthy Boss as this is another one I found on KU. Honestly, this wasn’t my first pick but I want short books so this is going to have to do. Regardless, I have a feeling that it’s going to be equal parts sweet yet steamy which I enjoy.

Out of Comfort Zone

25128811. sx318

The last book on my list is Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon. I know that almost everyone in the romance booktube/book blogging world has read this so I knew I had to feature it. I know that it’s alien smut and some minor plot details but that’s all I want to know.

Those are the 8 books I have on my TBR for SmutAThon. I’m crossing my fingers that I get to all of them but we’ll see what happens. Honestly, I’d be happy to get to half of them lmao as it’s a new year. Regardless, these are my tentative plans for SmutAThon 😀

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