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Hello friends and fellow book lovers! This week’s tag is one that I’m particularly excited about as it features one of my favorite genres. Since I was young, I always loved romance and that trend has continued into adulthood. Right now, some of my favorite romances are contemporaries and historicals if you couldn’t tell by the library books I have on hold post. 🙂

Before I get started, I just wanted to thank Siobhan for tagging me. Siobhan has a lovely blog and always does fun discussions and tags. I’m pretty sure I’ve done a few of her tags in the past so I’m sure you’ll know who she is. If not, then please check her out and show her some love! ❤

1. What age did you start reading romance novels?

I’m going to go with Siobhan’s answer and say 13. For me, it was probably either 12 or 13 and likely a book I picked up from the library or found at a yard sale. I used to really love finding hidden gems there as I only had to pay a few dollars for a book. 🙂

2. If You Could Pick One Hero to Meet from Your Favourite Romance Novels, Who Would It Be and Why?


As if I would pick anyone by Grip from the Grip series by Kennedy Ryan. Grip just sounds so attractive and he’s such a sweet and loving person. I’d love to meet him and fall deep into his eyes. Then his arms and so on 😉

3. Who Are Your Favourite Romance Authors and Why?

I have a lot of favorite romances authors but I’m going to go with my top 5 for now. I’m also strictly going to talk about romance authors and not YA authors.

  • Christina Lauren. They are such a staple in the romance book world so there’s no way they wouldn’t make my list of faves.
  • Alexa Martin. I love Alexa’s writing style and that she’s making more mainstream NFL romance as they’re a sub-genre that I love. I’m excited to see how she follows up her debut.
  • Kennedy Ryan. I’ve already mentioned Kennedy Ryan once in this post, but I just love her. She writes such swoon-worthy romances but isn’t afraid to tackle the dark parts of a relationship either.
  • Tessa Dare. Dare is the queen of historical romances and right now, I’m making my way through her backlist. She has a ton of books out but she writes such wonderful historical romances.
  • Helen Hoang. The last author I’m featuring is another debut author but one that blew me away completely. The Kiss Quotient was sexy, funny and just overall a great romance. I can’t wait to see what Hoang does with The Bride Test.

4. What Is a Favorite Romance Novel to Reread?


I can’t think of any romance novels I’ve reread. However, I am thinking about rereading Intercepted before Fumbled comes out. This time, I might go the audiobook route though. 🙂

5. What Book Would You Recommend to a Non-Romance Reader?


For this answer, I’m going with A Princess In Theory by Alyssa Cole. Yes, this book is a swoon-worthy romance but it isn’t just a romance. It deals a lot with Ledi’s life, the prince’s life and it deals with a pretty fun trope. For a non-romance reader, I think this would be the perfect balance between a romance and character-driven story.

6. Which Is Your Favorite: Contemporary, Suspense, or Historical and Why?

Not sure if you can tell but I love contemporary books! More specifically, I love contemporary romance as it’s set in our world and feels more grounded in reality. I know that might sound weird, but it illustrates how much beauty and love is in the world. To me, that’s what romance is all about. 🙂

Sorry to get a little cheesy at the end, but I really like talking about romance books. Let’s get into who I’m tagging aka the people who give the best romance recommendations. 🙂

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11 thoughts on “The Romance Reader Tag

  1. This is my perfect tag. I will definitely need to do this at some point. You had some incredible answers. I hadn’t heard of the Grip Series, but since that’s your top man pick I will be checking it out! Great post ❤


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