My 2019 Book Buying Ban aka my guidelines and reasons why

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Usually, I’d include a tag post today but I think I’m all caught up on them. 🙂 Instead, I decided to talk about my 2019 book buying ban: why I’m doing it and the guidelines I’m setting for myself. If you read my 2019 goals, then you’ll see that I mentioned it but didn’t go into much detail.

Thus this post was born. Before I get started, I’d love to hear your thoughts on book buying bans, if you’re on one or how it’s going for you. Without further ado, let’s get into why I decided to go on a book buying ban.

Honestly, I never thought I’d be on a book buying ban. However, lately, I’ve been thinking more and more about it. Buying books is one of the few luxuries I allow myself so why would I limit myself? Simply put, I’m bringing in too many books that I don’t like and it’s starting to get annoying.

I end up getting stuck with books I either don’t like or ones I won’t reread. I admit that’s my problem as I used to take recommendations so seriously. While there are booktubers and bloggers I trust, I need to be more mindful. What they like doesn’t always align with my taste and vice versus. Spending that 20ish dollars on a book could be used to save up for something else.

Another reason is that I’m running out of space on my shelf. I don’t have a big shelf by any means, but it’s getting filled up. I also have all my unhaul books thrown in a corner of my room. It’s just becoming a little bit cramped and I’d rather just have books I love on my shelves instead of having them just to have them.

I want to try and utilize my library more. I have a library card through the free library of Philadelphia and it’s become a lifesaver. I might have to wait a little bit, but that wait makes it worth it. My library has both hoopla and Libby so there’s a lot of variety. I’ve also decided to give Scribd another chance. While they might not have everything available at once, it’s a good way to discover new books. Plus it’s pretty cheap in comparison to buying a new book every month.

Lastly, I plan on going vacation this year so I want to save up. I’d rather be able to pay something extra on vacation or do something special rather than buy a book. I know that might sound crazy to some, but that’s how I feel lol.

With my reasons out of the way, let’s talk about the guidelines for my book buying ban. I know everyone has different thoughts about this, but I’ve just really been thinking about these so I’m kind of going off what will work for me. At least, I hope it will! 😛


Guideline 1: Only buying books that are part of a series I own or are written by an author I love

This first one was kind of tricky to word, but hear me out. My first guideline to my ban is only to buy books that are either part of a series I already own or are written by an author I’ve previously read and loved. For example, I preordered Famous In A Small Town by Emma Mills because I love her books and her as an author.

I bought a few debuts in 2018 and it wasn’t worth it. I think I only liked one or two of them. I’d rather know I’m going to enjoy an author’s work or get it from the library. I used to rely so heavily on recommendations but I’m going to try and step back. It’s just not worth having to unhaul said books.


Guideline 2: If I buy a book, I either have to use a coupon or a gift card to pay for it

I’m not saying I won’t ever buy books but I’m sure I will. That being said, I’m going to try to cut costs as much as possible. When I’m going to buy a new book, I need to make sure that I either have a coupon so I’ll get a discount or use a gift card. I’m sick of paying full price for books when I’m sure I can find them for cheaper. It’s a waste of money that I work hard for.


Guideline 3: ONLY buying books if I have no books on my physical TBR

One issue I had in 2018 was buying books and then not reading them. Right now, I have a lot of books on my physical TBR that I’m saving for the Contemporary-A-Thon. However, there are a lot that I won’t read then. Simply put, I shouldn’t be buying books when I have books on my shelf that I haven’t read. I don’t even want to get to a point where I have shelves of unread books.


Guideline 4: I can’t buy any Kindle books until I read what’s already on there

I feel like those of us who have a Kindle get sucked in. There’s always Kindle books and just cheap books at our fingertips. It’s so easy to just throw 5 in a cart without realizing that you’ve spent 20 dollars on said books. That being said, I’m going to make sure all the books on my Kindle are read before I purchase any Kindle books.


Guideline 5: If my library has a book, then I’m not buying it

This one is easier said than done because as readers, we always want more. However, I’m going to try and be better. If my library or Scribd has a book, then why would I buy it? I’d rather be able to read it for free and or a small fee with Scribd. Even though I’m paying for Scribd, I’m still paying less than the cost of a hardcover book so I think it equals out.

Those are all the guidelines I’ve set for my book buying ban. I know it’s going to be tough at times, but I’m going to try and stick to it. The more I think about my vacation, the more excited I get. I’d rather be able to do more there than just add a few books to my shelves.

Are you doing a book buying ban or have you in the past? Any tips and tricks I should know? 

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12 thoughts on “My 2019 Book Buying Ban aka my guidelines and reasons why

  1. I’ve done book buying bans on and off throughout the years. Sometimes, I’m out of work and I don’t have a choice otherwise but to use the library if I have the urge to buy books. In the past, what I usually did was read a certain number of books off my physical TBR then buy other books. I could stick to it for a while, just not long enough.

    50% of what I read I get out of the library. I often end up buying the books anyway because I check out so many library books at a time I can’t read them all. However, there are other times I am uncertain of how I will like a book, so I get it specifically from the library.

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      1. When I’m trying to keep myself from buying books, like now, I check out too many library books at once. Thankfully, my library doesn’t have a limit.

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  2. I stopped buying books almost entirely for a couple of reasons. First of all, I am a fast reader. That means constantly getting new material is expensive. Furthermore, I don’t have a lot of space, I can’t even display my books nicely. Moreover, I hardly ever re-read, so it’s not much use buying a novel that I will spend three days reading on and then have it lying in some corner forevermore. However, the most important reason is my city’s library. When I moved to Vienna to study here, I also discovered the vast amount of books the public library has to offer. You only pay about 30 bucks per year for full access. A bought less than 20 books ever since I got my membership card a couple of years ago. 🙂

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  3. I’m very lucky when it comes to buying books, I rarely buy very many books, this month I think I only bought 3 books maybe, and I know I’ll be buying at least 2 next month, and that’s usually more than I usual.

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  4. I’m doing something similar!
    My main reason is that I’m currently living in another country, and in summer I have to move all those books back, by airplane haha, so that’s a bit hard haha. And just like you I want to save for some vacation plans that i have 🙂
    But if there really is a book I want to own (from a favourite author) I won’t stop myself! For the rest I mainly want to read from the library, or from that lots of ebooks I have haaha


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  5. I think you have very good and reasonable guidelines, which is great! I buy books only a few times a year – like my birthday or a special event -, therefore, I hardly ever have a TBR pile that’s annoying me. I still think about always reading all the books I have before buying more. Last year I failed at it and I realized that having more than three books on my physical TBR can be overwhelming. On one hand, I love it, because the feeling of being able to choose what I’ll read next, as if I’m on a bookstore, it’s very good lol; but on other, I realized that I felt guilty re-reading books when I had so many in my TBR, and I do not appreciate that, as re-reading is one of my favorite things to do.
    Wishing you luck on your book buying ban!

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