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Hello friends and fellow book lovers! I hope you’re having a good start to 2019. As for me, I’ll be at work when this is posted lol. Anyways, I wanted to feature something positive to start off 2019 and this seemed like the perfect fit.

Before I get into the rules, I’d like to thank my friend Ally. She created this tag and tagged me in the original post. I was also tagged by my friend, Ellyn. Both of them are two of my best blogging friends and I love them so dearly! Be sure to check them out ❤


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Following my TBRs

I’m a very goal-orientated person and setting a TBR post each month is one of my favorite things. I think of it as my own personal monthly goals. Since I think about it in that way, I almost always end up following my TBRs. I usually don’t set a super huge goal because I like to give myself some flexibility. There’s only a handful of times where I didn’t manage to finish a book I put on my TBR.

Rarely DNFing books

It’s a rarity for me to ever DNF book. Unless I really hate it, I usually push through and finish the book. Similar to the goals thing, I’d rather see something through until the end and maybe, it’ll get better. If not, then I either know what genre to avoid, an author to avoid or a writing style that bothers me. Even if I’m not happy with the book, then I end up learning something. 🙂

Rarely buying books

One thing I rarely do anymore is buying books. Recently, I’ve been trying to utilize my library more. Even if they don’t have the book I want available, I’ll put a hold on it. In reality, it doesn’t feel like the wait is that long. Even if it’s long, it’s always so satisfying to finally get to read that book. I also don’t go shopping much and if I do, I always try to use coupons.

Those are some of my good reading habits! I had a tough time, coming up with this list and it doesn’t help that it’s only 7 am. I’m on such a set schedule at work so now I’m awake this early lol.

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