The I Spy A Bookshelf Tag in which Shanah wants to see my shelves

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! Hopefully, by this point, I am all caught up on my book tags. When I’m writing this post, I am so that’s awesome. Also, today is my mom’s birthday! She’s not reading this but if she was, happy birthday mom!

This time, I’m doing one of my favorite things and combining tags. This time, I’m combining the “I Spy” book tag with the “Bookshelf” book tag. I was tagged for both by Shanah of @Bionicbookwormblog. I’m sure some of you found me through Shanah but if you don’t know her, please check her out! She’s an amazing blogger 🙂

The I Spy Book Tag:


  • Find a book that contains (either on the cover or in the title) an example for each category.
  • You must have a separate book for all 20, get as creative as you want and do it within five minutes! I won’t be sticking to the 5-minute timeline – only because I’m making it harder on myself. (Shanah added the last part in but I couldn’t do it either!)

Winter Destinations (1)

  • Food: The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book
  • Transportation: Mary-Anne Saves the Day
  • Animal: The Unexpected Everything
  • Number: Seven Ways We Lie

*Accidentally did this out of order….oops!

Winter Destinations (2)

  • Weapon: Dread Nation
  • Something You Read: The Hate U Give
  • A Body of Water: Alex Approximately
  • A Product of Fire: Flame in the Mist

Winter Destinations (3)

  • Royalty: The Cruel Prince
  • Architecture: Anger Is A Gift
  • Clothing Item: The Prince and the Dressmaker
  • Family Member: I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

Winter Destinations (4)

  • Time of Day: Almost Midnight
  • Music: Royals
  • Paranormal Being: Hunting Prince Dracula
  • Occupation: Princess Leia

Winter Destinations (5)

  • Season: Snowbound
  • Color: Black Boy, White School
  • Celestial Body: Half of a Yellow Sun
  • Something that Grows: Bingo Love

I had such a hard time with this and no way could I do it in 5 minutes. Anyways, I’m only going to tag 3 people since I’ll be doing another tag, too.

Tag! You’re It:

Bookshelf Book Tag

1. How many bookshelves do you have?

2. How many books are on your bookshelves?

Right now, I have 36 books on my shelf. I have books around my room and a lot of my books from childhood in my closet. I probably have more than that, but I cleaned out my shelves and plan on doing an unhaul/donating them.

I’m also only including my full-size bookshelf. I have a smaller stand near it and it holds all of my Babysitters Club books but I don’t really count that as a shelf.

3. How do you organize your books?

Right now, I have all my series together and some authors together. Other than that, I don’t really have a solid organization system. My books are sort of all over the place when it comes to their order.

4. What is the oldest book on your shelf?

The oldest book on my shelf has to be Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I don’t have any of my classics on my shelf but I used to read passages of it to my boyfriend. He had never read it before and I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes.

5. What is the newest book on your shelf?


6. What is the longest book on your shelf?


Right now, the longest book on my shelf is My Lady Jane. It’s over 500 pages and easily the longest book I have on my shelf.

7. What is the shortest book you own?


The shortest book on my shelf is The Shy Little Kitten. It’s 32 pages and my dad got it for me. I love it because it looks like my cat and that’s why it’s on my shelf 🙂

8. What is the predominant genre on your shelf?

Definitely contemporary! I have almost a full shelf of contemporary books and I plan to fill it up even more.

9. Have you done a bookshelf tour?


10. Go on a random number generator and talk about the book that corresponds to that number.


The book I ended up counting to was I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter. I think this book is severely underhyped and deserves so much more praise than it gets. It’s an #ownvoices book about family, finding yourself and in a way, a love letter to Mexican culture. I just wish more people would read it!

11. Do you have fan merchandise or any other decorations on your bookshelf?

Yes, I do! I have a Belle funko pop, some Beauty and the Beast tsum tsum figures and a lot of miscellaneous Disney merch on my shelves. I  like having a “Belle” themed shelf as I really enjoy the movie and relate to her as a character.

12. Show us your bookshelf!



Probably not the most exciting shelves, but I love them 😀

Tag! You’re It:

Hopefully, you enjoyed this double dose of tags! At this point, I’m happy to be caught up and I’m crossing my fingers I’ll still be caught up when this post goes live!


11 thoughts on “The I Spy A Bookshelf Tag in which Shanah wants to see my shelves

  1. OH GOSH, I’M SO EXCITED TO DO THIS TAGGG!!! I just picked up My Plain Jane and I’m so excited bc you love it sm, + it’s JANE EYRE my first book character crush skdfjlskjdfs

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