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My Favorite…Musical Movie

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! This week, I’m trying out something new for Wednesday. As much as I love Shelf Control, I realized I don’t have enough physical or ebooks to keep making a post. Furthermore, I don’t want to claim that meme if I don’t have anything else to say.

As much as I love Shelf Control, I’m back in limbo with my Wednesday meme. In July, I’m trying out “My Favorite,” a meme created by Maureen’s Books. I’m going to copy and paste what she posts before the master list: “My Favorite.. is a weekly meme hosted by Maureen’s Books that started on Wednesday January 4th 2017. In this meme we share every week something we love with each other. Because let’s face it.. The world can be a dark place and it’s to share something positive.

Each week I will post a new My Favorite.. post about one subject and I’ll tell you all about it. And the best part? Everyone is welcome to join. The only thing you’ll have to do is sign up on my weekly post, link back to this post and visit others. Feel free to use my My Favorite.. image or make your own.”

I don’t post about it much, but I’m a huge fan of movie musicals! Picking just one is tough but I’m going to try. I’m not going to pick a Disney movie, because I love almost all their movie musicals. 🙂

There’s no way I couldn’t pick Rent! I loved this movie so much when I was younger and still listen to the songs. It was incredibly progressive for its time and even though it has a lot of bad tropes, it did a lot of good. Personally, I can’t really identify with any of the characters or what they deal with, but it doesn’t make me love it any less.

I said I’d only mention one, but I need to give some honorable mentions. Once again, I’m not going to mention any Disney movies. Here are some of my other faves: Grease, Hairspray, Les Mis, Into the Woods, The Phantom of the Opera and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. 

What are some of your favorite movie musicals? Also, how do you decide what memes to participate in? Am I the only one who struggles with finding a meme they can truly connect to? 


14 thoughts on “My Favorite…Musical Movie

  1. I absolutely adore the les mis film! I had been in love with this musical for so many years before the film came out and i was so pleased it was so good! I think my favourte movie musical has to be la la land though, something about it just gets to me everytime! 😍😍

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