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Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 books I’d save from a fire

Hello friends and fellow book lovers! It’s Tuesday and thankfully, it’s a Top 5 Tuesday even though I’ll be working when this posts. Once again, Shanah did not disappoint and came up with a really fun prompt for this week.

The more I thought about this prompt, the more I thought about books that are important to me. That’s why I knew my list had to focus on both new and old books I love.

If you’re interested in participating in Top 5 Tuesday, all you have do is write up your post and pingback to one of Shanah’s posts. Make sure you pingback to her posts and not just her blog so she can add you to the list.


5. Stalking Jack the Ripper series

Hopefully, if my house was on fire, I could grab this series. I read both Stalking Jack the Ripper and Hunting Prince Dracula so I had to include them. This is easily my favorite series, probably ever and I’d hate to lose them. I’m not even a big historical fiction fan, but these books hooked me.


4. The Baby-Sitters Club books

Is this a surprise? I always talk about the Baby-Sitters Club series and it’s one of my favorite ones ever. I’ve gotten books from all different places including library sales, used bookstores, eBay and regular bookstores. I have a pretty hefty collection and I’d hate to lose them.

If my house was on fire, I’d try to grab as many as I could. They hold such a special place in my heart and I’d hate to lose them!


3. The Smell of Other People’s Houses

This one probably comes as no surprise, either. One of my favorite books of last year was The Smell of Other People’s Houses. I bought this book before I went to Alaska and read it while I was there. Like my previous entry, it holds such a special place in my heart.

It will always remind me of Alaska and I never want to lose those memories.


2. The Little Bear Treasury

I believe my uncle got me this book when I was little. I loved this book so much especially when the TV show aired. The stories were adorable, featured some lessons and had lovely drawings.

It didn’t just feature one story, either. Having all those different stories gave me some variety and looking at it now, it’s still an adorable book. Sadly, it’s falling apart since it’s been loved so much by me 😛


1. The Monster at the End of this Book

The last book on my list is The Monster at the End of this Book. This was easily my favorite book when I was younger. This book is so adorable including setting the reader up for a huge surprise. Kids might believe there’s a monster but it’s only Grover.

It also has colorful illustrations and kept my attention. This is another book that’s falling apart from me loving it. If this was the only book I could grab, I’d be happy. I also bought this for my little cousin so I feel like I’m passing the tradition onto him. 🙂


19 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 books I’d save from a fire

    I love that book sm, just look at him????
    Grovs is my second favorite Sesame Street character, right next to Bert. xD


      1. cookie is the most relatable character in this world!!!!!! i wanted to be abby cadabby as a smol child but ended up as Cookie Monster c:

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh, this is such an interesting idea! I ould definitely save SJTR because duh we both know I would. But, I think maybe I would also save some of my recent buys because most of my faves are on my Audible acc and I’m looking for loopholes at this point??? nd like, I know HP like the back of my hand so do I even need to save it??

    I know I keep saying this every time you talk about the book, but I need to read The Smell of Other People’s Houses! You’ve gotta yell at me about it Rebecca!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought so too!! Of course, I thought of you as soon as I wrote my answer down 😛 Hahaha that’s a fair point, I really should invest in a kindle for times like this!

      You have to!!!!! It’s such a wonderful book and a love letter to Alaska, we should do a buddy read of it 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m seriously slacking on the STALKING JACK THE RIPPER SERIES smh *shameful head drop* & OMG If I owned my original copies, I’d totally save my BABY-SITTERS CLUB BOOKS *the memories* haha! great picks 🙂


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