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Rico Gathers is a glimpse of the Dallas Cowboys future

I hate to admit this as a Cowboys fan, but I didn’t watch the Hall of Fame game. I actually thought it was next week…oops. My dad didn’t watch it either so oh well haha. Either way, I’ve heard a lot of buzz about the game and no one more than Rico Gathers.

Gathers was a 2016 draft pick in the later rounds. A former Baylor basketball player turned TE, Gathers has seemingly become the future of the Dallas Cowboys. Before you start questioning me, I know Dak and Zeke were the future. They’re not anymore, they’re the present Dallas Cowboys and I couldn’t be happier.

Dak and Zeke are set up for success and as leaders of the team. I obviously love them, but they’re not the future anymore. It’s time to look at Gathers. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure if I’d get to see Gathers on the field. He was definitely a longshot, but he has proven himself and could be the heir to Jason Witten. I know it’s a little bit early, but Witten isn’t getting any younger.

If we’re being realistic, Witten probably has no more than 5 years. If he even makes it 5 more years, Witten will be 40 years old and that’s old at least for the NFL. Then again, 30 is old to me haha. Regardless, Witten only has a few more years left of play in him and only a few years left to finally get a ring. If he doesn’t get a ring, I’ll be incredibly upset as will many, many other Cowboys fans.

After Witten’s time is done, it wasn’t clear who the Cowboys would turn to. Now, their choice seems a little bit easier. Fortunately, I’m glad the Cowboys didn’t stick with Gavin Escobar. Escobar was supposed to be the successor to Witten but has failed to live up to expectations. Escobar has since moved onto the Kansas City Chiefs and hopefully will find more success.

It might be a little while until the Cowboys call up Gathers, but he’s showing he’s up to the challenge and is way above his draft stock. Gathers will join the long line of Cowboys who were low draft picks turned studs. This was truly a breakout for Gathers and the media and fans alike are starting to take him seriously.

The future for Gathers is bright. While Witten is consistent, he isn’t the fastest or most explosive player on the field. That’s why Jason Garrett could bring in Gathers for a few plays to pick up some necessary first-downs or maybe give Gold Jacket a few minutes to catch his breath. The future of the Cowboys TE could be in safe hands even if they’re not in Witten’s.

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