Being a feminist and a sports fan

If there’s one thing I love almost as much as food, it’s sports. I haven’t always been a sports fan, but now I can’t imagine my life without sports. One issue that has always plagued me is stuff players are allowed to get away with. What morally is considered wrong is right in the NFL and it doesn’t sit right with me.

As a feminist, I believe men and women should have equal rights. Women are held to such a different standard than men over multiple different aspects. One of which is domestic violence. It’s tough to watch the NFL talk so casually about such a horrible epidemic. The more I think about it, the more it makes my blood boil especially when names like Greg Hardy are mentioned.

Even though Ray Rice was the first case, I consider Greg Hardy to be an even bigger problem. Rice walked away from the NFL and has since moved on with his life. I do have some hard feelings about Rice and I believe he should have gotten a harsher punishment, but that’s in the past. I don’t feel bad for Rice or his situation, but he is working to spread awareness and make a change.

Greg Hardy is doing nothing but victim-blaming and being a human trash can. He has continued to claim his innocence because charges were never pressed. The issue I have there is Ms. Holder didn’t show up to the trial. Who knows if he threatened her? What if she was too traumatized? What if she simply didn’t want to have to recount the events of that horrifying night?  Even if it wasn’t any of those things, her not showing up to the trial doesn’t mean anything.

It’s the constant trash spewing from Hardy’s mouth. He’s easily one of the most controversial players ever but he isn’t the only one. Almost every single team in the NFL has a player who has been accused of domestic violence, sexual assault or violence against another person. It’s sickening to think about how staggering that number really is.

The more I think bout it, the sicker to my stomach I get. You might be asking yourself, why do I still support the league and watch the games when I could just quit it all cold turkey? Let me tell you, there isn’t one second I haven’t thought about giving up on football and putting my passion somewhere else. It would be hard letting it go, but there’s a huge reason why I don’t.

I write about the NFL because I want to make things right. If I and other sports ladies aren’t trying to make a change, who will? Certainly not the male fans of the sports world so someone has to do it. As frustrated as I am, I’m going to keep fighting for players to be punished accordingly, victims to be treated fairly and women to be taken seriously in the NFL. If we make up 50% of the fanbase, you can damn sure bet we’re not afraid to call out a league who undervalues us.

The NFL needs women like us out there. Women who aren’t afraid to stand up for what’s right, to scream when no one’s listening and to make the league safe, fun and enjoyable for everyone who watches. I’m going to stand on the sidelines and do nothing, I’m going to get in the game and show everyone not to underestimate ladies.

I tip my head to those who were there before and currently fighting and the future fighters. Most importantly, I especially tip my head to Katie Nolan. Without her Garbage Time videos and outspoken personality, I probably wouldn’t be writing this. She’s easily my favorite sports personality and something I aspire to be. If I can even be half as awesome as her, almost all my goals will be accomplished.

The NFL might not welcome me with open arms, but I’m pushing my way through. Girls run the world after all 🙂


4 thoughts on “Being a feminist and a sports fan

  1. What an awesome post, Becca! I’m not usually too involved with the NFL, as I’m more into local college football, but it is really sickening hearing about some of the things these men get away with. Most likely because of their fame and fortune. But they need to understand that they have many female fans that will not support that kind of behavior. We will fight it.


    1. Thanks! I really want to change the culture more than anything especially in terms of male fans. I’ve been harassed time and time again without anyone sticking up for me or saying anything. It’s especially annoying when I have to argue with someone who doesn’t see a players faults or tries to cover up them doing anything. I’m glad you agree with me because it’s such a harmful environment and it needs to be inclusive to any and all fans.

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