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‘The Sky Is Everywhere’: spoiler review and my thoughts

I’m officially past my June TBR expectations and have wrapped up my second book, taking my grand total for 8 for now. The first book I read was The Voice In The Mountain, following Peggy Ann Bradnick’s telling of her kidnapping and life after. It wasn’t really a mainstream book or one people would be interested in hearing reviews about so I skipped it.

I had just wrapped up True Letters of a Fictional Life before I start Peggy Ann’s book and it was a heavy book. I was used to the lightness of YAs and this wasn’t that so I wanted to pick something a little bit lighter. I closed my eyes and picked something, landing on The Sky Is Everywhere.

This is your spoiler warning. I will be discussing events, plot points, characters…etc from The Sky Is Everywhere. There will be a lot of spoilers from now on! 

The light and fluffiness I was used to were gone now. The Sky Is Everywhere is a flawless blend of light and heavy. There’s the lightness of the notes and poems sprinkled throughout the book or even, the light Joe brings to the story. Then there’s the heaviness of grief throughout all the characters and some of the decisions the characters decide to make.

I’m gonna be totally honest here. The whole Lennie and Toby plotline made me feel dirty in a way. It felt like I was watching Lennie and Toby sneak around while Bailey was there but she wasn’t. It was such an odd feeling and all those sexual moments made me feel uneasy. It’s hard to explain, but that wasn’t something I expected.

That’s pretty much the main thing I didn’t like about the book. There were a few things like the tad bit of instant-love between Joe and Lennie or the way Lennie constantly made herself seem like the lesser sister. Other than those things, I applaud Jandy Nelson for writing such an emotional and heart-warming story.

How Nelson wrote about grief was beautiful. Hearing her talk about how Lennie felt especially her moments of angry and regret felt so palpable and raw. It seemed like I was really watching Lennie break down in front of me. She just knew how to paint a scene and make me breathless.

I loved the family dynamic in the book, too. The relationship between Lennie and Bailey felt authentic as well as Gram and the girl. We didn’t get much about Bailey and Uncle Big, but the moments between him and Lennie felt real. Then there was Lennie and Sarah’s friendship which took a backseat for most of the book but still was important.

Then there’s the relationship between Lennie and Joe. Honestly, I loved these two from the very moment Joe was described. They complimented each other so well, juxtaposing his sunny disposition with her grief was brilliant. When they were able to come together in the end and Joe forgave her, it made my heart so happy.

The resolution of the book was everything I had hoped for. Not all of the loose ends were tied up and that’s alright. I could rant and rave about this book all day, but it touched me in such a way. I feel like I’m rambling, but you seriously need to read this.

As a first-time Jandy Nelson reader, I’m extremely impressed. I only hope when I read I’ll Give You The Sun, it’s just as good. I’ve heard a lot of book tubers talk about it so I can’t wait to finally read it.

I give The Sky Is Everywhere 4.25 out of 5 stars.


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