How I fell in love with sports

Growing up, I never thought about being an athlete. From a very early age, I knew I wasn’t cut out to be on a field or a mound or anything. As much as my dad tried to assure me I should try out for softball, I didn’t want to. Sports were something I had no interest in trying from constant fails in gym class.

That sentiment echoed into my high school days and later in college. I also wasn’t the biggest fan of watching sports back then, either. Listening to my dad yell at the TV was just something that was part of my life. I didn’t have to understand or even watch but I remember him being passionate about the game. Up until I went to college, it was in blissful ignorance about how great sports could be.

During my freshman year, I didn’t care much about sports. I befriended a girl who liked the Dallas Cowboys too and we talked about the team generally but nothing too serious. I decided to change my major my sophomore year from education to English with a writing concentration. What was I going to write? I wasn’t all that sure, but I wanted to get my voice out there.

Then my junior year, something clicked in my head. I began researching the Cowboys and finding out more info about the players. I started to watch the games and become invested in what was going on. Before I knew it, I was watching the games every single week, downloading ESPN’s app on my phone and posting on my Tumblr about sports.

It was so sudden like a light-switch had gone off in my head. Since that day, I haven’t ever stopped talking or writing about sports. My first article was published on a random website but I wrote with passion and came up with a clever title. Looking back at it now, I made a lot of dumb points and wrote way too much for a feature. Either way, the article was a turning point for me.

I had fallen in love with football and the NFL. I didn’t understand much then but I learned more and more. I grew to appreciate the game, teams and the players each week and it suddenly became a huge part of my life. The NFL will always hold a special place in my heart for being the first sport I fell in love with. I remember where I was for key moments from games to the draft and OTAs.

In addition to the NFL, I started to express interest in other sports. I have written about the MLB, NHL, NBA, NWHL, tennis, rugby, swimming among others throughout my career and I look back on all of them with love. I might not follow all of those sports now, but they all hold a place in my heart. If I had to pick a second fave, I’d either have to go with the MLB or NBA as it has become a huge part of my career.

My love for sports was reinvigorated last season, though. When the Dallas Cowboys drafted Ezekiel Elliott, I was hesitant. He was from Ohio State and seemed like a little bit of a handful. He did end up being a handful last season but for good reason and then there was Dak Prescott.

I started the season, rooting for Romo all the way. I wanted him to avenge last season and finally prove his worth. Sadly, his injury derailed him from getting that but ushered in a new era. The Dak Prescott era started and he became the face for America’s Team and the apple of my eye. Well not really, but you get it. I love that guy, a lot. Prescott and Elliott made football fun again and brought life to a sport marred by scandal, in and out.

Prescott and Elliott made football fun again and brought life to a sport marred by scandal, in and out. They made me fall in love with football all over again and I couldn’t be more thankful that they’re on my team. It’s so hard to imagine them not being on my TV, seeing ESPN tweet about them or writing about them. Their passion for the game was exactly what I needed to invigorate my love for football.

Falling in love with sports was never in my plans, but I’m glad it happened. I can’t imagine my life without sports or not writing about them. Being a sports fan defines me and I wouldn’t want anything else to.


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