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#TheDeliDiaries: How I Became A Part-Time Deli Worker and Writer

For my first post on my blog, I decided to give you some insight into my life and introducing a new series. Entitled “#TheDeliDiaries”, I will be talking about working in a deli along with balancing my writing ambitions and everything else in my life. For my first entry, I’ll be talking about how I got my job there and how I balanced writing when I started.

After college, I had a completely naive attitude. I thought that a sports media company would be looking for me and waiting for me. Unfortunately, I was extremely mistaken and as the months passed, I started to become upset. What was wrong with me? Why didn’t I deserve to have a sports writing job like others I knew or just getting a job in my field? Eventually, I was able to wrap my head around the idea that I just needed to work hard and prove that I could do what everyone else did.

After months of searching, all I could find was either writing for free or freelancing. Then everything changed when I decided to meet my long distance boyfriend. I’d need to have money saved for that so I looked around. I found a few freelance gigs but the one that stuck was for a lifestyle blog.  I hated that place and they didn’t seem to appreciate how hard I worked and continued to cut my pay.

After my vacation in August, I planned to look for more writing jobs. Finally, I gave up and knew I had to find a part-time job at the very least. It might not be in my field but it would help me pay the bills and give me more than freelancing. I applied to a handful of places and heard nothing back so I was discouraged. All I wanted was something to occupy my time and make some cash while I was doing it.

Then like a sign from the gods, a job was posted at my local grocery store. It was a deli position, something I lacked knowledge in and wasn’t too sure about. Plus my brother worked there for years so they knew me by associate plus a family friend had talked me up. All I had to do was make sure I aced the interview and made a good impression on the store manager and deli manager.

When I first went in for the interview, I was extremely nervous. I had no idea what to expect or what they would ask me. Before I could even go back, they were talking about the manager interviewing someone else. All I could think was Oh crap, there goes my chance. First, I met the deli manager who was nice and told me I resembled my brother. She also gave a tour of what I would be dealing with, overwhelming me immediately.

Then I went back to the break room and met with the store manager. I had seen him a few times before, but I was still anxious. I tried not to show my nervousness as I answered their questions, talked about my internship and made conversation. Eventually, I shook both of their hands and left, feeling like I had blown it.

A few days later, I got a call, telling them they were offering me the job. I was ecstatic and obviously accepted. What took so long was actually getting in there. I had to do paperwork, a drug test, and train before I could actually start. Once I started, I felt overwhelmed but it eased as I started to be placed on the schedule regularly.

Now, I feel like I could run the place all my own. Just kidding, but I’m so stuck in my routine and doing what I do. As much as some days might suck, I push forward and make it bearable which is all you can do. Getting my job there might not have been easy, but being there has made a better person in a lot of ways.

Then there was my writing. During my interview, they questioned me about if my writing would interfere with my job here. It wouldn’t and after working there for 6+ months, it still hasn’t. I’m still able to write for 2 sites, part-time and meet their requirements. It might not bring in much, but it’s a huge boost for my future career and a great way to get my name out there.

Well, that about wraps up my first #DeliDiaries post and my first post ever. If you read this, then here’s a gif to make you smile.

Lego Batman
Photo Credit: Lego Batman gif via Giphy

Hopefully, you enjoyed and want to hear about my life as a sports fangirl!

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